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  1. IMO we still need a striker… if I was Murray I would be going for melkersen on loan from hibs. He was banging them in for hibs at the start of the season (mostly friendlies and league cup) but after hibs recent signings and with Nesbit on his way back I can’t see melkersen playing much… he’s somebody who can actually put the ball in the net
  2. Big John looks terrible… slow, cumbersome, positionally all over the place, poor touch…generally looks pish!
  3. We also talked about other things but I think I’ll keep that to myself now after your cheek
  4. Not revealing my source but If there was any doubt, it is indeed big John who is the striker coming in
  5. Maybe we didn’t get anyone in last week because we are potentially getting a couple of players or player on loan from Aberdeen… heard a rumour Bates on loan
  6. My son is a hibs fan so I’ve been to a few of their games recently… If true this would be a great signing…. Good player, big, strong, very composed on the ball
  7. They have missed a trick here…. If the away kit was simply the exact same as the new home kit but all white with navy pinstripe then they woulda sold a hell of a lot more
  8. With regards to a striker, Jack Hamilton would be a good shout
  9. Not the impression I got from speaking to him… sounded very positive
  10. Spoke to a Dylan Easton the other Day (Friday)… he told me Murray was told the raith job was his if he wanted it. He also said that Falkirk, pars and Raith have declared an interest in signing him… but hinted that he will be following Murray to Raith.
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