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  1. As well as saving Scotland from a sleaze bag FM and bankruptcy, as a fan of Rovers Gordon Brown was useful in being a broker between potential investors. Sorted it for you.
  2. What’s happening with your stadium?
  3. Well done Hibs! Loved Porteous comment at the end [emoji1]
  4. I know we had a bad day today, but the delusion among the dabs is mind boggling. John Collins or Craig Levein coming for peanuts to manage in front of a few hundred diehards. FFS. Over 4000 home fans at Killie today.
  5. When someone reads “loose”, can’t they just tell by instinct it’s “lose?”
  6. Much though were outplayed in the first game, I fancy us for this one. Our home record has to improve at some point and we have solved some of the issues we have had. Looking forward to it. Should be interesting to compare it with the last game.
  7. Hope a good number of you coming to Killie for the game. Although we were rotten at your place, thoroughly enjoyed the trip, pre match meal and first visit to Arbroath and Gayfield. Great town and club.
  8. We really are looking at the delicious prospect of Killie going up as champions and the dabs going down. Forever in our shadow.
  9. I would bet that Sevco are the club most hated by Killie fans, although the Hello, hello doesn’t do us any favours.
  10. Why do all the opposition supporters think we will win the league when we play so poorly against them. I wish I had their confidence.
  11. Did anyone hear what the crowd was as it looked pretty sparse. How many Thistle fans? We appear to be attracting virtually no walk ups.
  12. Must be really hard watching Killie moving up a gear to go straight back up to the top league, while you look forward to your 46th season of mediocrity [emoji4]
  13. How many fans do Queens expect to bring? The away supports have been dismal so far this year at RP.
  14. See if you’re only going to shift 3k tickets, including season tickets, give us a bigger allocation next time. A really wee club.
  15. Where can the blue army park? Are Tesco likely to issue the fine invoice you don’t have to pay if we park there? Heard the normal car park is occupied by the shows.
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