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  1. I can assure you,as a Killie fan, this year has been the shitiest standard of football I’ve seen in 29 years, since we were there the last time. Awful, awful league. Thought it might be refreshing for a season, but it was the opposite.
  2. Do Glenafton not still go down, even if they overtake Glencairn?
  3. With a population twice the size of Arbroath, Kilmarnock took six times as many to a meaningless match at Kirkcaldy that was on the telly.
  4. Thanks, a very informative answer. You deserve better than you’re getting. All the best, though [emoji106]
  5. Don’t worry, you’ll be back in your wee mediocre comfort zone next season. We will resume our residence in the top league.
  6. I wouldn’t say we are. Just hard to understand how a place that size can only produce a support that size. Why would a town of 45k, next door to the Old Scum have a bigger support than a small city with 60k and little competition nearby? I think it’s an interesting discussion point. Certainly one that ICT should be wondering about if they are to build a decent sized club. If think it’s a shame, actually.
  7. Are the covid restrictions back in Inverness? That’s an absolutely embarrassing home support. A bigger place than Kilmarnock and geographically isolated. These teams bring nothing to the top league. Give me a Pars or Thistle any day.
  8. Bye bye Talbot [emoji112][emoji112][emoji112]
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