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  1. Does this mean Cumnock v Glenafton cancelled?
  2. This diddy cup line is hilarious, given the fact you’ve never won a proper cup [emoji3]
  3. How can we lose a thousand fans from ICT to Morton game? 3700 seasons, couple of hundred Morton fans and free tickets from “roon the toon” eligible. Weird.
  4. What can you really expect with your level of support? The Manager must be working with a junior budget,
  5. We do keep trying to tell you lads.......Won fck all and never will [emoji106]
  6. Surely you haven’t got uncovered terracing in this day and age?
  7. Looking to get to hospitality asap for a good day out with our group.
  8. Under the new rules, are these back after 9th August? I don’t understand them anymore.
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