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  1. This sad walloper has getting off on replies all day after casting his line and airing his personal beef with the club’s or managers [emoji37]
  2. Or give plenty of scope to make something up 🤣
  3. A wee browse occasionally will do me thanks [emoji106]
  4. Aw man just please leave in any direction - up - doon - any reckn where
  5. Interesting post on a footie forum Nicola!! Your wonderful leadership will no doubt stem from your ‘good handling’ of the Nike Conference non-action & fantastic Care Home strategy
  6. Kris Doolan is 33 so probably a bit of mileage left in him. Good player
  7. In case anyone had forgotten John Millar ‘retired’ at Beith 5 months ago
  8. Really interesting first post ‘Beithman’ - not 🤣
  9. Big Shez undoubtedly has earned legend status at Beith but reality is time catches up with every player. Most players at that kind of level will tend to bow out mid 30’s. He might well manage another season down a level if play is mainly route 1 but he will struggle increasingly to cope with quick forwards who keep the ball on the deck. Good luck to the big man for the remained of his footie career.
  10. If the new Darvel story is correct spending a few £ on the park might not be a bad idea
  11. Great to see the Tartan bunnit back to give us a laugh [emoji106]
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