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  1. McBookie's Odds 13th April

    ^ WTF do I know [emoji55]
  2. McBookie's Odds 13th April

    Largs seem best bet today. Decent team playing well. Artificial home surface. Beith struggling for a team
  3. Todays scores 30/3

    Mr Gentles is one of the very worst I have witnessed over many years
  4. McBookie Odds 30th March

    Please keep your heelan assessments to yourself in future Superbigal. I’ve never taken a teuchter team in a bet before but looked at your view of Stonehaven and stuck them into a treble with Darvel & Talbot who I fancied 🤢 Bookie wins again!
  5. Todays scores 30/3

    Is that the whole 15 o them?
  6. McBookie Odds 30th March

    How’s Giro been performing in goals at Dunterlie?
  7. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Plastic pitch clubs would all have had the money pouring in when the grass parks were off with the weather
  8. Transfer List

    Same ones that one were encountered at Darvel. Ok - the crowds are now flocking in since Abramovich pitched up
  9. McBookie's Odds 23rd March

    Largs look worth a couple o quid
  10. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    It is Scotland we live in and through the winter games will continue to fall to the weather. Don’t see Kennie or Marvo the Magician being able to prevent sides who played more games being idle late in the season. It will be frustrating when your club has no fixture for a couple of weeks when cup ties having to be played further complicates the situation. Kennie doing well for me and has shown flexibility and a real desire to arrange / rearrange fixtures the best he can. Great that he is also willing to offer an explanation
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Aw man I’ve had more than enough o this thread. Goin to leave these pyramids to the anoraks and egyptologists
  12. Beith v Cumnock

    Cant disagree with above. Beith stale. Cumnock stuck to the task and showed good effort
  13. Todays scores 23/2

    My view of game at Hurlford was a draw was probably about right although I didn’t see it coming at that stage as Bankies defence had looked pretty solid throughout plus that big roaster Robertson had been sent off as he always looked likely to. Nothing in it first half and both sides put in plenty of effort throughout with Bankies going ahead on the break in the second after Hurlford had opened strongly. Equaliser did seem to catch keeper out a bit Quite a disappointing attendance. Bankies will prob be slight favourites now but I wouldn’t bet on outcome.
  14. McBookie's Odds 23rd February

    IMHO prices seem about right. If you fancy Largs lump on
  15. Quarter Final Predictions

    Buffs Lochee Clydebank Talbot