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  1. May as well put colville's name on the cup then ? Possil have nuffin to lose bcos no 1 is expecting them to win could be interesting . Possil v leven final the year of the underdog or colville 100% record still intact can't fucking wait till Monday !!!!
  2. will the game between colville n possil be 1 sided u think ?
  3. cp are the team to beat no doubt about it clean sweep is there for the taking
  4. aye I think they do sure I herd he signed way them
  5. I've watched colville they have all the who's who of ammy football never seen Oban or leven play watched possil v hares both games think colville v possil will be a cracker and I'm going to say it will be a close encounter who ever comes out on top will win the cup
  6. So every 1 think its a walk in the park for colville then ? Or is possil really the dark horses that's put the holders to the sword. Or isit going to be Oban or leven does these 2 games play to a finish ?
  7. oban v leven on a Thursday nyt possil v colville on a Monday nyt both at new Douglas park not sure of the dates but they have been released
  8. Oban saints v leven Possil ym v colville
  9. Possil ym 3 v 2 harestanes possil for me absolutely destroyed them then lost 2 goals at the end never in any danger of losing the tie for me
  10. watched the harestanes v possil game harestanes were lucky not to go out after throwing away a 2 goal lead then sum 1 on the possil sideline said they had 4 boys out but would be back for replay so I think it will be colville v possil
  11. i think possil could win it very tidy fast team
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