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  1. Just saw the goals , couldn’t see the first properly, he didn’t look that bad at the other 3 though he was left totally exposed
  2. He certainly wiznae happy when the reporter mentioned Shankland , who the FXxk is Shankland away ?
  3. Along the motor mile maybe , I believe john “pele” Broon to know what he’s talking about ,
  4. Doris late winner , got my coupon up thank you for £237
  5. Ludo , I was in hospitality with him at an Aberdeen game at pittodrie about 3 seasons ago , a nicer guy you couldn’t meet , never once did he mention what he does , he just introduced himself as Sam it wasn’t until we left the ground and on our way home that my nephew told me who he was maybe you’re just pissed off with him because he was the best looking Robertson at the Harris ha
  6. Correct ludo, been twice the food is far to mild , shit first time but thought I’d give it another go , but sadly second time spice less no kick whatsoever , tayview is the place for a decent curry ,
  7. I agree the goalie made a decent recover , he’s back on his line well before the goal, there was a good few chances to get the ball clear again before it got to that thug
  8. I thought he had a brilliant first half , ran himself into ground , easily the best he’s looked , but looked really tired in the second half and I was not surprised when he had to go off totally knackered and not really able to offer anything , looking forward to more performances like this from him ,
  9. I remember in the 60s singing a song at Dens. And the last line was we are the dens park dynamos
  10. I thought Ralph had a good game today , maybe left back not so urgent , rather 2 strikers
  11. When do we move to the big teams board?? And Nade what a fecken star .. Laughed at by Hibs fans . But we are going up while their going down pity he's no coming with us
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