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  1. Watched this last night ( Interstellar ) and have to say I was pretty disappointed with it.... I think a lot of it felt forced and the story didn't run very smoothly - I wouldn't recommend it - 5/10 It's probably been mentioned earlier in this big thread but I wen't to see Judge about a week or two ago - conversely - I wasn't that excited by the prospect but it was actually very good..... 8/10
  2. Arsenal seems incredibly expensive compared to the rest ! OK - None of them are cheap but some are cheaper than I thought... Man City for example cheapest dearest Man City £299.00 £860.00 £37.00 £58.00 £45.80 £3.00 £4.00 £1.80 £55.00 I can't remember off the top of my head how much my Celtic season ticket is ( £450 ish ? ) which seems expensive by comparison considering the sh1te you have to sit through....
  3. Thanks very much weirdcal We'll give it a go...
  4. Does anybody know how to download / save texts from a nokia lumia 920 onto another medium ( ie a pc or something ) ? ( and without just forwarding each text one at a time to another phone ) ? I am asking on behalf of my brother.... The problem is his phone is pretty much fubar and there are threads of texts he needs to save.... Both Nokia and Microsoft have said no can do ( blaming each other ) but it's hard to imagine in this day and age that they can't be saved ? Any ideas greatly appreciated...
  5. I always thought the law was 10% +1mph ( close enough ) couple of other things which may be urban myths..... There has to be a speed warning sign if there's a camera ( there can be a sign but no camera but not a camera without a sign ) You have to get the ticket within two weeks - if it's more than that, you can challenge it and you'll be let off ( that's not to say you can say you were on holiday though and never seen it.... ) And the classic.... keep filling the form in incorrectly and sending it back - keep it going for as long as you can and eventually the DVLA give up ( wouldn't recommend it though )
  6. Tazza - There is a saying that applies to the likes of you ( yes, the likes of you Tazza ) - There is no point in getting into a discussion with an idiot - You may find yourself getting dragged down to their level, where they will beat you with experience.... Another one is that " There is no point wrestling with a pig.... You'll both get dirty but the pig might enjoy it " And with that my wee keyboard warrior, I will bid you good evening.....
  7. If I knew it was the famous Mozzamozza - I would have asked for an autograph Anyway, it couldn't have been.... the real Mozzamozza is 10 feet tall surely ?
  8. What about the Yes campaign " Scottish people deciding what's best for Scotland " etc etc then as soon as Scottish people do decide, they don't accept it ? ( or at least have trouble accepting it ? Already calls for future referendum ?.... As I have mentioned before ages ago, I wasn't that bothered if Scotland voted YES although I believed we should remain part of the UK ( and I voted NO ) but either way, I would accept the result - What is the problem with ( some ) yes voters ? ( I actually stopped reading / posting on P+B as it became a " but he said / she said " soap opera during the referendum... Yes voters, suck it up and move on..... The Scottish people have spoken...
  9. Yep, withdrawn in 1945... http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/Pages/denom_guide/nonflash/500.aspx
  10. Good shout - haven't seen those for years I voted for polo's - I am a fan of extra ice mints ( Spearmint or peppermint flavor ) but they get a bit annoying rattling around in the little tin they come in ( which seems cool at first but the novelty wares off ) Polo mints are great though - they never go off - no matter what trials and tribulations they go through, a quick wipe and Bob's your uncle....
  11. Good Question placidcasual It might in fact have been a lot of the names above.... But judging by the amount of screaming wee french lassies I ( perhaps wrongly ) assumed it was a boyband....
  12. Most "pop" stars / musicians. Case in point being I was in Paris CDG Airport last year and there was a load of people waiting for some ( I assume ) boy band to arrive.... They did arrive ( with a wee bluff - a limo turned up at one entrance where a load of screaming fans ran towards and then the band sneaked in at the other entrance ) they all walked right past me and I never had a clue who any of them were....
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hearts win - Celtic are terrible just now. Offering nothing at all up front. If a defeat in a meaningless cup game quickens the departure of Delia then bring it on I say..... I'm stuck with my season ticket but I won't be handing over another penny to the BoD whilst Delia is in charge. ( Anyway I never know where I'm going to be for work so it can be a pain to get to midweek games and not worth taking a half day off work for )
  14. The Celtic pen was clear cut from where I was sitting - although there was no need to make the challenge as the keeper would have got it... Motherwell were denied a stone waller in the first half when Denayer handled... Motherwell never did much but Celtic are pish at the moment - Deila surely can't last long.
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