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  1. The last few pages of this thread have revealed so many people I never knew were dead had died.
  2. Does anyone know if aberdeen are going to be offering any incentives for season tickets this year?
  3. Takes the plastic lid halfway off ketchup milk butter etc then puts it back like that.
  4. The season we were top at Christmas and the season we came 2nd in everything (both great teams) he was easily The best right back in the country.
  5. It's a fundamental risk yes. But soldiers take this risk being told they shall be cared for adequately should the worst happen.
  6. Looks like Glass is in for a director of football model. Unfortunately I think dave sees himself as the director of football.
  7. I've had two. One from Maderia casks that was quite nice if I remember correctly. But one that came in a red box was not good at all.
  8. Might be tight glutes? Maby a bit of flexibility couple of times a week could help?
  9. It's strange as when McInnes first came in it was the on pitch leadership that was the first thing he sorted by signing Robson, Flood, Rae.
  10. There's not a person in their sad story that I believe is not an incredible and tremendous arsehole
  11. Anecdotaly at least there seems to me to be big crossover between people who think Cosgrove is great but demand eye pleasing football. Thats a combo that's never happening.
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