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  1. Absolutely spot on. If anything the fight id like to see for khabibs last one would be Tony ferguson. Even more so than GSP. But I think it might only be the GSP one that gets Khabib back in the cage. If he does do one more fight then fighting McGregor just seems a waste.
  2. I dont think there is central midfielder in the league as passive as Ojo is.
  3. Crossfit is what you get when you add Burpees to scientology.
  4. I would eat most types of Fungi but when I do I've not got mushroom for anything else.
  5. Good luck. I've also been pretty bad since lockdown. Managed to put on about 2 stone on weight and my fitness has deteriorated. I'm going to try to be completely dry for November. Hopefully thats a kick start to living properly again.
  6. I know he's just back from injury but he was pish on Sunday. Als comments about strolling around like a superstar were bang on.
  7. If I remember correctly at the end of last season Cosgrove was out and the team started playing much better football whilst getting as good of if not better results.
  8. Silva definitely sounds like a man on his way to fight for an organisation with a less "robust" testing system in that post fight interview.
  9. Ally mccoist? What the f**k does rangers formation of about 10 years ago have to fo with anything?
  10. Like drinking s dark chocolate bounty. Two thumbs up.
  11. I like the two hours, but I've got f**k all better to do and often have multiple 6 - 8hr drives a week with no one in the passenger seat.
  12. Not at all. 5 mins before is on time. I'd be raging too if I'd just reminded my lads and he said hold on im going to cut my fucking nails.
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