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  1. Toilet Graffitti (the best of)

    Im taking a shit while rwading this. This is like shitting in a public toilet in the confort of my own home.
  2. Livi v Aberdeen

    That is absolutly mental
  3. Aberdeen v Hearts

    Cosgrove rightly getting all the plaudits however i thought stevie may was excellent today again aswell. Especially in the first halh hour or so. Couple of lovely dummys and a power of work. Hopfully he can get a goal and go on a bit of a scoring run.
  4. Hero in England, Zero in Scotland

    Not complete pish. technique wise he was excellenr, but was quite lightweight. If i remember correctly he was always Identified as a threat by oppositions and a plan seemed to be in place to deal with him.
  5. The Big 4

    Natural order restored
  6. The Big 4

    A good evening of football with all #TB4 unbeaten and the #W38 off the top.
  7. Free-scoring Rangers vs Joe Lewis. 5th December

    Anybody know of any coverage of this
  8. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Hopefully not
  9. Aberdeen vs Hibs

    Ill give it 10 min max before ball comes on for may
  10. Aberdeen vs Hibs

  11. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    I very much suspect wilson is pish.
  12. The Barbecue thread

    Any recipies. I usually g9 to you tube and how to bbq right for recipies but they talk mostly about meat and just assume that vinigar sauce is easy ti come by
  13. The Barbecue thread

    Pulled pork, brisket, smoked macaroni, sweet potato casserole corn on the cob and bacon wraped asparagus. Proberly/definatly the most ambitious cooking ive done yet. The big downers were i over cooked the corn and the brisket was a bit dry. I think the brisket was becouse it didnt have enough of a fat cap.
  14. MMA Thread

    Wrong? Wright? f**k knows. Definatly fucking box office!!!
  15. MMA Thread

    Well the opening fights of the main card have woken me up. Thought i was going to cave and go to bed