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  1. that is the worst Stranraer defence i have seen in many years,aye we need goalscorers But we need a defence more , they have lost us the most points
  2. Just heard a Stranraer fan arrived at the game at 3.20 was told at the turnstile he would have to go to the office for a ticket, went to the office ,No one was there, waited around for 15 mins gave up and went home
  3. going by this whole thread It is a waste of time us even turning up
  4. We had the same complaints from the old moaners , so we moved them to the other side of the park ,We all have to invest in future supporters
  5. What a difference 2 ball playing centre backs have made to the team ,no hoofball missing out the midfield
  6. Very confident Raith supporters ,That is what i like to see
  7. Shite off his shoe ,What happened did he stand on YOU
  8. First of all ,well done to the loyal band of supporters who managed to get the pitch playable,And to the stenny manager who did not talk bullshit like many managers do. As for the game ,could have went either way , I still think the dogfight is not over ,i think stenny has some fight in them yet ,i for one would like them to stay up with us
  9. Stenny are on a good run we are not ,Very lucky if we get a draw
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