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  1. Got the share certificates emailed through today. I’m hindsight something I should’ve done a long time ago. Louise in the office made it very easy through email to do.
  2. Will be buying shares when my Cyprus refund drops in
  3. I think if the club themselves did this, this could sent out a message that the club is struggling financially. Any fan could it of their own back however. The club could put season tickets on sale for next year as a priority, it’s reasonable to think we will be playing in the Championship next year regardless of most outcomes.
  4. Aye delay the Euros for a year then European leagues can be extended well into June
  5. I just hope we win, obviously first and foremost for 3 points but the meltdown “aye but we’ve won a Scottish cup” patter from the ICT fans again would be an added bonus.
  6. Couldn’t give a f**k what Campbell chooses to sing to be honest, most of our fans will have come away with far worse at the football themselves over the years.
  7. Nobody said seething, you’ve taken offence at something absolutely no one was saying [emoji16]
  8. Would be delighted if Nisbet missed this game, one of only a few players in this league I genuinely fear.
  9. Absolutely delighted to have a new match thread to get away from that monstrosity the Dundee thread became
  10. You love your pitch and think it’s class, as do many professionals apparently. And I don’t, basically regard Dens as average in every regard, pretty much like most fans, it’s that simple. I reckon I’d be in the majority but it’s fine, the PFA make me silly which is ok because I don’t give a shit what they say. It’s that simple, we will probably both sleep soundly tonight.
  11. 2 years ago the players voted it 3rd best? I’ll give you that, the trophy will surely be as impressive as the accolade itself.
  12. In the last 30 odd years? I think we will have to agree to disagree then, it’s not widely though of, in my opinion of course.
  13. Have you seariously searched that and come up with Gordon Smith? [emoji23] I mean when was this, he played on this 30 years ago? Probably more. The PFA one is a fairly decent barometer of what players think but I would completely discard a former Dundee player saying it’s any good, I mean it’s just that usual shite sound bite a player will use from time to time to appease moron fans. When was the PFA vote?
  14. Nah it’s shite because it’s never been said.
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