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  1. Yes they are, Wembley ticket holders received emails yesterday.
  2. Personally I think anyone with a SSC membership should have the opportunity to see Scotland play tournament football, points could be used as a “first access “ to pick the game you want in the first instance, therefore rewarding the loyalty somewhat. Just my opinion like.
  3. There’s a difference to away tickets and tournament tickets, I would agree it should be done so as many Scotland fans can experience the tournament as possible. Highest points could be used to guarantee the most desirable game at Wembley for example. The tartan army have an element obsessed with badge collecting and boring you with how many away days they have done, they are likely to agree with this of course, as they believe they are entitled to every game and f**k everyone else.
  4. There’s every chance Innes Cameron could play for his parent club in this league next year.
  5. Where is the rush of fans coming from? The colt teams have been in the cup for a while now and nobody turns up.
  6. Hopefully the SPFL just close the door on the Lowland league if they are to persist with this nonsense
  7. An intriguing summer awaits, I think the financial reality of a covid hit season will come home to roost for a few clubs, I’d assume given we must have a lower cost base than any other club in this league, we might come out of this ok, with some money in the bank ready to add to the squad.
  8. I was made aware the Communty trust coaches were last week given a Macron sizing guide for new kit. Given they operate under the same umbrella as the club I’d take this as a hint of changing kit supplier. Of course I am putting 2+2 together and maybe getting 5.
  9. Is it normal for the stream to cut off? Worse than our defence this.
  10. We would be a good shape whatever league we start in with the core group of players we have as you mention. I really hope we do stay up as like many others I’m sure, I feel totally robbed of a season’s worth of decent Championship away days. It’s massive for the profile of the club to stay in the championship so younger fans remain motivated to see us play as high a level as possible. If we stay up, I reckon that would be Campbell’s biggest achievement with us given how we started the season, it must be said how difficult it must’ve been for us as a club plan for this season with so much unknowns right up to the last minute, I’d imagine it was difficult for us to recruit when we didn’t have much clarity with finances etc.
  11. Would absolutely sign him up if possible
  12. What a time to pull that out of the bag, great result and puts us in a great position now. What a difference a win and being able to have a drink with mates when the sun is shining makes. Cheers Lichties. [emoji482]
  13. Hopefully he put a few quid on himself, decent return.
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