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  1. It’s not like Dundee is a metropolis, if 15 mins Of someone’s time is too much they could’ve bought them over the phone. It’s not been the hassle people want to be. Some mental opinions on this thread such as “I hope we lose so the manager gets sacked.” Imagine wanting your own team to lose...ever. Bizarre.
  2. It’s not exactly a hardship is it, they have a club shop open most of the time for the distribution of tickets so it’s a shite excuse really, I can understand our fans a little frustrated by the odd hour each day but that’s where we are at, the fact volunteers help us should be commended really.
  3. It might be how Dundee’s away support work. Can’t say wether or not I think my team will win would have any bearing at all on if I choose to attend a game.
  4. So basically some Dundee fans won’t be going because they are shite at the moment?
  5. I don’t understand why they can’t have a cash gate like normal and hand you a ticket at the turnstile, loads of clubs do this and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I’m sure there would be a few people wake up on the Saturday and fancy it.
  6. Aye this is how I remember it, the extra space during those sell outs is ludicrous.
  7. Both crowds for the fairly recent Rangers league games were below 4,000 so that a decent barometer of the crowd I’d reckon.
  8. We had a crowd of 5,900 for a cup game against Rangers in 2012 apparently
  9. Gayfield doesn’t hold anything like the 6,600 quoted in loads of places, in positive when we have had old firm cup games that’s been cut to around 5,500 for some reason
  10. Let be honest, Wallace left because he was a mainly little w****r, and we have done well without him. Doris’ condition is an absolute disgrace.
  11. Some random bloke gave us comps at the turnstile, decent.
  12. I’d take any win whatsoever, Dick will cover himself by picking a woefully under strength team though.
  13. The hospitality will still easily sell out for this game. Easy to get the train back to Dundee even at night so shouldn’t really have an effect on attendance either I would imagine.
  14. Incoherent nonsense = meltdown [emoji23]
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