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  1. Make this happen please. I for one would be there filming it and getting excited like those saddos at King's Cross.
  2. Can't grumble at an away point. We're at the 'stop the rot' stage of our imminent turnaround. #optimism
  3. The Democrats are stepping up their trolling game. MAGA heads will be exploding.
  4. Whose idea was this backdrop for Joe's big speech yesterday? Not at all sinister.
  5. One positive to come out of this energy crisis is that my Mrs' decade-long lobbying campaign to have a tumble dryer fitted in my garage/workshop has fizzled out.
  6. A large part of it, other than coins mined via proof of work like bitcoin. Even then, some of these had a 'pre-mined' supply which was pocketed by the team.
  7. XRP has a cult following who believe it will be used by financial institutions for international payments, and will one day be worth hundreds or thousands of times its current value. It will no doubt get a boost if they eventually win the SEC case, but that's not guaranteed. I've always seen it as exactly as the SEC claim - Ripple have used it to fund their development after creating it out of thin air (they're far from the only crypto company to do so of course).
  8. Where did all that added time come from? No wonder Newcastle are raging.
  9. Still untested on your wet Tuesday nights in Wolverhampton.
  10. The algorithms which decide what you see on twitter seem to be set to random, and something definitely changed recently as sometimes now I can be looking at a tweet which suddenly disappears and is replaced by something else. It can be useful for following specific things or people, but the experience is ruined by all the 'suggested topics' and viral tweets completely unrelated to any of your interests which pollute your feed.
  11. You beat me to it, just been laughing at this. "Taking this large quantity of cocaine is the least they can do to help"
  12. I had an idea about battery storage hooked up to exercise equipment at home. Then I remembered the last time I used an exercise bike, when according to the calorie counter I'd pretty much need to do the Tour de France to boil the kettle.
  13. Ooft that is some goal from Saint Maximin.
  14. In most jobs there would be grounds to sack half the team after putting in a performance like that. Special mentions to Edwards and McMann who were quite obviously not even trying to defend and played like they were hungover.
  15. Presumably the remaining Utd fans in the ground are only waiting to boo at full time.
  16. As said earlier, unless a friend was openly being racist or homophobic etc I couldn't care less about their politics or beliefs, in fact I'd probably enjoy a good political chat among friends of all persuasions as long as everyone else was as laid back about it. Very unlikely though as too many people are absolutely convinced theirs are the only acceptable beliefs, thanks in part to social media echo chambers. We have some good 'couple' friends who we go out with and have gone away for short breaks with etc, who I know for a fact would strongly disagree with some of my political leanings, so in that case I just make sure it doesn't come up or certain things get moved swiftly on from.
  17. Mine has a built-in weekly program taking it up to 55, as many modern systems do out of the box. The requirement is to have a temperature at the outlets (taps & showers) of 50+. I believe most immersion heaters have a minimum setting above that for this reason.
  18. We've been experimenting with the hot water tank temperature to see how low we can go before it's not enough for hot showers etc. For years we heated it to 50C, then recently I reduced it to 45 which was still fine, but I've been strongly advised by Mrs Z that 40 is too low. We've settled for 42 for now. I've worked out that not heating the extra 8 degrees between 42-50, twice daily & assuming an electric price of 40p/kWh, would save about 160 quid a year. This is with an air source heat pump - heating with an immersion heater only would be about £400 difference for those 8 degrees. So definitely something to look at for those with hot water tanks, as many people probably still heat to 65 degrees or so without thinking about it.
  19. Code for a dual nationality Scottish-Italian midfielder imo. Pierluigi McSporran incoming.
  20. I've always thought there was something extremely creepy about him. Possibly an alien imo.
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