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  1. Aye one or two fair enough, but as a team not the quality to match the workrate.
  2. Personally I thought Ireland looked like a bunch of hammer throwers. No doubting their 100% commitment and good organisation, which goes a long way toward making up for a technically average side. A bit like Israel, who always struck me as an incredibly hard working bunch of jobbers and a nightmare to play against in the 73 times we've played them recently.
  3. I made an 11's comeback at 35 after not playing since the under 18s. My lasting memory from my first match is feigning injury in order to be subbed after making a lung-bursting run down the wing from defending a corner.
  4. Bonus proper points for the 'Mr West Ham' moniker.
  5. I think this can be filed under 'normal' given the general insanity levels on show at the moment.
  6. As I posted in random 80s videos, I'd never heard of these guys until last week but it's right up my street.
  7. I wish I could say that might be the case, but I've been randomly naming things/animals Steve for many years
  8. Amusingly, we also have a large house spider who makes a regular evening appearance, and who we have also called Steve. He's a bit of a unit - even the cat leaves him alone.
  9. I was working on my own today and trying to find a radio station that was even slightly listenable. Everything was playing a revised playlist of sombre music punctuated by very serious presenters reminding us that we're all very sad. Someone actually texted in to a radio show saying they had to turn it off as it was getting too emotional. In the real world, nobody I know is bothered in the slightest and most are pissed off about the football being cancelled, among other things.
  10. Never heard of these guys before this popped up on the radio the other night. Decent singalong chorus tbf.
  11. I got into 70s prog some years back purely by accident, a result of the Amazon/Youtube 'if you like this you may like that' algorithms. Discovered the likes of Yes, Gentle Giant, Genesis etc. Was totally obsessed with early Yes for ages and bought lots of vinyl which I still revisit from time to time. Close to the Edge blew me away when I first heard it, going from 'wtf is this' to 'this is incredible' by the end of the first listen. From a bit later on, this was another favourite due to the uniqueness of a main riff performed on a church organ. How very Rick Wakeman.
  12. Trent has churned out some woeful defensive performances this season. Whenever I watch Liverpool I can't help noticing how often he just stops playing and walks around when the ball isn't near him.
  13. Keown's commentary sounds like it's off the original ISS Pro games from the late 90s. He has a pre-programmed list of soundbites which he reels off, sometimes seemingly at random. Something something keep their heads. Something something right back in this.
  14. The suspect was spotted fleeing the scene on a Chairman Mao-style bicycle.
  15. Make this happen please. I for one would be there filming it and getting excited like those saddos at King's Cross.
  16. Can't grumble at an away point. We're at the 'stop the rot' stage of our imminent turnaround. #optimism
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