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  1. If he received a receipt for the original sale then I doubt trading standards are going to bother with this one. At least it wasn't all for nothing. The research strongly suggests Alzheimer's patients cannot after all survive being strapped to a chair and blown up with 200lbs of TNT.
  2. Those hours on the training ground paying off with Eriksen marking Haaland at corners.
  3. Outrageous first goal from Almiron yesterday. It'll take something special to beat that for goal of the season.
  4. Here's Vicky "f**k the EU" Nuland also making it pretty clear what would happen. USA: One way or another (nudge nudge wink wink) Nordstream will not move forward. Nordstream *sabotaged*. Everyone: I wonder who did it?
  5. Not sure, he's not one of the ones I have an effigy of on a dartboard anyway. Ref's generally seem to be letting more things go these days but surely that shouldn't extend to some carthorse punting someone in the shin after being hilariously megged.
  6. Amazing that wasn't given at the time. Horrific stuff from Maguire.
  7. It seems to be a common opinion among pundits of an Irish persuasion that there's not much between the teams in quality, but looking at the level the squads play at there's really quite a gulf on paper.
  8. Aye one or two fair enough, but as a team not the quality to match the workrate.
  9. Personally I thought Ireland looked like a bunch of hammer throwers. No doubting their 100% commitment and good organisation, which goes a long way toward making up for a technically average side. A bit like Israel, who always struck me as an incredibly hard working bunch of jobbers and a nightmare to play against in the 73 times we've played them recently.
  10. I made an 11's comeback at 35 after not playing since the under 18s. My lasting memory from my first match is feigning injury in order to be subbed after making a lung-bursting run down the wing from defending a corner.
  11. Bonus proper points for the 'Mr West Ham' moniker.
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