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  1. Eurovision

    Who'd have thought yet another utterly unimaginative, generic pop song which sounded like it was created instantaneously by a random song generator would be a complete flop for the UK.
  2. Eurovision

    Public votes just being finalised...
  3. Eurovision

    So you're saying... there's a chance for the UK.
  4. Eurovision

    Beginning to think the voting isn't entirely about the music tbh.
  5. Eurovision

    The sound guy has put out the fire by adding every possible effect to her mic simultaneously.
  6. Eurovision

    It'd be best for all involved tbf.
  7. General Politics Thread

    Whatever else you may think of George Galloway, dishing out the telts to the US senate is enjoyable viewing.
  8. Run out of town by the 'progressive', 'tolerant' liberals IMO.
  9. The penalty was harsh and very unlucky, but I can see why it was given. With the deflection it was clearly unintentional but nearly every handball decision is, despite the laws of the game saying it has to be deliberate. If the ball had hit the defender's hand directly without a deflection, it would still be just as accidental but I suspect many would say a penalty was fair, if unlucky.
  10. Funny how people see things different - I think he has been absolutely awful. It seems literally every touch he has given It away.
  11. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    Speaking of booze, she has been on the phone to the company to ask how big the fridge is for this reason Should be a good laugh. I fancy a boat myself at some point so if she enjoys it it'll improve my chances. It's true. The Mrs insisted that to make up for the disappointment we have to go to the Florida Keys at Christmas. Oh well. Marriage is all about compromises.
  12. 2019 travel/holiday plans

    My wife told me last year she'd been saving to take me away for my 40th this year, said we could go anywhere in the world, wherever I want. So naturally I said Inverness. We've booked a Caledonian canal cruiser for next week which is something I've always wanted to do after many childhood holidays up there. The Mrs is not an outdoorsy type in the slightest and has never been on a boat. What could go wrong?
  13. The Official President Trump thread

    You can never rule out someone going rogue of course but as usual with the US meddling around the world, these designated enemy states have a terrible habit of doing precisely the worst possible thing for themselves and the best possible thing for the US war narrative.
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    Mossad claims Iran is preparing to strike US interests, it's splashed across every western newspaper, the US says any such actions would have grave consequences... so Iran says f**k it, YOLO and does it anyway. Sounds legit.
  15. P&B Bird Watch

    A bit of movement at the feeder hanging outside the patio doors caught my eye just as the sun was going down this evening. One of the regular finches I thought, but no, it was this cheeky wee chap. Never seen this before, he sat there stuffing his chops for a good 15 mins. The Mrs is convinced we're going to find various parts of him in our slippers in the morning thanks to our resident moggy.