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  1. Aye that first one sounds like ours too, very affectionate with us but turns into a killing machine when she goes outside. We've had about 5 birds brought in over the past week.
  2. The one on the left is very similar to ours who is now 10 months. Have you had yours since kittens? Our Coco was light grey and cream as a kitten but has turned black & ginger over the months.
  3. This beastie has been unmoving, daring me to drop the blinds for nearly 48hrs now. I'm thinking of selling the house.
  4. Must admit I never attempted a back 2. Hope the groundsmen took the lines in a bit for your formation SM
  5. Any interesting favourite formations? Back in the day we only ever went with the trusty 4-1-3-2. Messing around with this more recently, I find that no matter how strong my team is and the standard of the opposition, anything other than 4 at the back and I get murdered by crosses coming from the vacant fullback positions. I often played 3-5-2 with Wolves when I was winning everything but I still conceded headers to postmen and traffic wardens in Europe and preseason friendlies, no matter how good the back 3 were.
  6. The Mrs called and asked for a lift home from work as she'd bought me something too heavy to carry home. She's a good lass. Hopefully find a few gems n this lot.
  7. I did this and my top job was yacht designer, despite there being no mention of boats in the questions. In hindsight, it seemed to go on forever, so maybe there were questions about absolutely everything else except boats and I displayed no interest in any of it.
  8. I recently discovered this YouTube channel and it's pretty much all I've been listening to the past few weeks. An almost unlimited supply of little-known rock from the late 60's and 70's. Currently up -
  9. Aye, we just ran out of fat balls. It's getting moved anyway as the birds haven't been coming near it since getting wise to the cat.
  10. Since getting her op and being allowed outside last month, Coco is proving to be a natural hunter with a gift generously left for us on each of the last 2 Saturday nights. She brought us a mouse last weekend which was alive and well, and caught & released after a comical chase around the house, and the weekend before a blackbird which had ceased to be. Going for the hattrick today, but I think she'll have to hone her strategy a bit from her current unsubtle efforts.
  11. Biden saying Trump is the USA's first racist president. A bold claim.
  12. We finally got Coco spayed after Covid delays. She's nearly 7 months old and was getting a bit destructive trying to get outside, chewing & climbing the blinds and escaping at every opportunity when the front door was opened.
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