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  1. It's a bit of a confusing one really. The NYAG literally said Tether lied about the coins being fully backed, then Tether's lawyers said there was no finding that they weren't fully backed. The general takeaway from it seems to be they haven't been open & honest but got away with a slap on the wrist. I expected the markets to shrug it off but they've been spooked.
  2. To add to the above - CAKE is down 33% since yesterday, after going up about 40x this year so far. Would need nads of steel to invest any decent amount in this market.
  3. I've never looked into the whole DeFi staking/farming scene as my interest in crypto has always been more of a buy & hold approach. I watched that video above and I'm pretty sure it would be quicker and less complicated explaining how to fly the space shuttle. He's very good at explaining things simply tbf. The thing that makes me hesitate getting involved in this stuff is that while the APY available looks like a no brainer, the returns are in tokens that have no fundamental value themselves. Eg, a yield of 25, 50 or 100% looks great but the token you earn could easily be worth 75% less in a few months time if it goes out of fashion. It's probably better suited to guys like Iron Mike who have made gains elsewhere and want to put a portion of it to use earning some interest. I don't think I could sleep very soundly if I had thousands invested in 'Cake' and 'Syrup'
  4. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, Asus B450 motherboard, 2x 8GB XPG 3200MHz RAM (and a cheap GPU as Ryzen CPUs don't have onboard graphics). This does a little under 7kH/s at 120W power consumption. If I was to do it again now I'd go for the Ryzen 9 3900 but it was a bit too pricey back in 2019. Can pick one up now for under £400 and will do 12-13kH/s. The whole rig cost me about that when I bought it. If you fancy looking into it I found this company the cheapest in the UK for hardware, and they assemble & test the components before sending it out pre-built. https://www.awd-it.co.uk/amd-ryzen-9-3900-4.3ghz-twelve-core-msi-x470-gaming-pro-max-motherboard-cpu-bundle.html
  5. Pigeon spotted sitting on the skylight.
  6. Yeah it's great, and lets many more people get involved without specialised equipment. I had no knowledge of building computers but learned how to build a GPU mining rig before they changed to a CPU friendly algo. I sold my GPU rig on Ebay which more than paid for the new one which has been spinning away since November 2019. I'm impressed that these CPUs can keep going full pelt for so long without burning out.
  7. His only involvement was tweeting about it a couple of years ago like he did with many other coins. He did let them use his name on a mining app, but I doubt that was for free.
  8. Well my recent decision to buy into Haven (XHV) appears well timed, up 90% in a week. I would actually be quite happy to see if pull back and let me add another load as it has huge potential imo. My main crypto interest Safex is about to launch the first version of their main product after 5 years in the making. I've been waiting for this since first buying in 2018, while also mining it at home since then too. Been a long slog with no price action to get excited about, being such a small unknown project with no budget for marketing or big exchange listings (they built their own in-house exchange). Basically it's an ecommerce protocol built into the blockchain. Their new wallet will have extra functions for setting up a vendor account and viewing other accounts and items for sale on the marketplace. Like a crypto Ebay inside your wallet. From an investment point of view, the best thing about the project is that the 5% selling fees on every sale get distributed to those who stake their Safex tokens (SFT). If the platform is adopted and does a decent volume of sales, the returns are potentially pretty comical tbh with the tokens so cheap just now. There has been talk of an initial target of $500m of sales volume, which sounds a lot but there are plenty of ecommerce sites around doing multi-billions that nobody has heard of, particularly in Asia. With this amount of sales a $5k investment now would earn you a full time salary annually, then there's the increase in token value that would come with such returns. Ecommerce seems like a natural fit for crypto (especially with privacy coins) so again the potential here is huge. I'm looking forward to seeing some vendors setting up shop on the platform and I'll no doubt contribute to it myself too.
  9. Decent covering in NE Fife.
  10. The biggest thing would be to not leave your coins on exchanges. As the saying goes, "not your keys, not your coins". Although the likes of Binance should be safe enough, there have been plenty of exchange hacks over the years and I've been burned myself. After this, just general safe keeping of your private keys etc, with multiple backups including on paper. I think most lost coins are as a result of people losing passwords and keys rather than from hacking.
  11. Japp's Eye Clinic would likely get a few customers in with some very different issues.
  12. An interesting project I've been reading up on lately is Haven Protocol (XHV). They're Monero-based and created the first private stablecoin in xUSD. They describe themselves as a private offshore bank and will soon be adding xEUR, xCNY and other currencies, so people can cash out their crypto gains in stable currencies that are private and don't rely on third party backing such as USDT. Interestingly they will also add other assets like xGOLD, xSILVER etc and there's even talk of including stocks. So if you make money elsewhere in crypto (or simply buy their XHV gateway coin) you will have a selection of real-world assets to invest in privately, or you can just 'offshore' your money in one of the currencies for safe keeping. It tempted me enough to put some money in last week as there are some news catalysts coming up soon like adding more assets and DEX integration. It's the first new project I've put money into for about 2 years as I don't often find an idea I like so much.
  13. I lost about $600 worth of coins when the Cryptopia exchange got hacked a couple of years ago. It's the only time I've left coins on an exchange for any length of time, but I was lazy and got punished. I also bought XRP years ago at $0.22, held all the way up to $3.50, then watched it come all the way down again before selling at about $0.50. A lot of crypto lessons were learned the hard way in 2017-18
  14. Crypto gonna crypto. The risks of regulation.
  15. On the bitcoin vs gold debate, they really aren't comparable for a multitude of reasons and the debate really only exists as there's a large overlap in the types of people who look at them as alternative forms of money. 100% of gold's 'proof of work' is done to bring it into existence and after that it's pretty much indestructible and will exist forever. Bitcoin's proof of work is a commitment to infinite and increasing energy consumption, without which every existing bitcoin would be unrecoverable. For the two to be comparable, gold would have to be an element that evaporated above zero degrees and therefore required a massive consumption of energy to cool its storage environment and maintain its existence. Bitcoin is a high risk, high reward speculation. Gold's price correlates almost perfectly with real interest rates, that is (usually 10-year) bond yields minus the inflation rate, so by definition it is an inflation hedge. Two very different assets, both of which should probably be in most diversified portfolios weighted for your own risk tolerance.
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