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  1. My sister's friends are looking to take in another rescue kitten and have been to see these little lads. The darker one looks like trouble but if it was me I'd have to take both.
  2. I'm confident JR will shun the Saudi dollar for a last big paycheck at Tannadice.
  3. I don't follow twitter gossip etc - are there any 'big names' suddenly being linked with Newcastle? I can't decide if I think they'll go baws oot for a Benzema or trawl the MLS for someone we all thought retired years ago.
  4. Good to see we're concentrating on giving away as many free kicks in dangerous positions as possible, given how well that worked out for us last time.
  5. Aye, probably not. I definitely feel like 'simulation' should be extended to this type of shite behaviour though. The other boy rolling around in agony for a few minutes shortly after their first goal too.
  6. The defender should've been booked for simulation once VAR made it clear there was no contact with his head. Literally attempting to con the ref into making an incorrect decision, should be treated the same as diving.
  7. Some 2nd half. I was seething at Dykes taking the pen even before he missed it. Would've put the house on him missing. Good goal for him though and the way it happened got everyone so fired up. I'd also been seething at the standard of our delivery into the box for the entire game until that glorious cross and flick for the winner. Israel are a limited bunch, but in the many games recently I always think they're one of the hardest working teams we've played against. Certainly no mugs and this was a huge result.
  8. As many have said, a joke that Dykes was elected for that after his jammy one last time. I said to the Mrs as soon as we won it that hopefully it's given to someone else.
  9. Some absolute gold in there. Chairman Mao-style bicycle ffs Up there with Russiagate as one of the largest coordinated propaganda campaigns against an individual in our lifetimes, unbelievably swallowed whole by a large number of people.
  10. Speaking of bants, I threw a few hundred into $TIME for the banterrific 43,000% APY. If I get to Christmas without being rugged it'll pay for my holiday.
  11. I've used the Avalanche network a few times recently and it really reminded me what a joke Ethereum is. I had kinda got used to paying Eth gas fees recently for all my dealings with Strongblock, maybe $30 if I was lucky on a Sunday morning but usually $60-70. AVAX tends to be about 10-20 cents.
  12. Hoping for a Security Council resolution to rename him Jeando. How's the older one taking to him? Seething I presume.
  13. Coming up for 2 years old and this has been her favourite game since we brought her home at 8 weeks, charging around batting foil biscuit wrappers about the place. When she brings it down the stairs like this she wants chased up to hide somewhere, usually before jumping out to attack my leg. Nutter.
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