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  1. Andrew Yang gets it. Good interview with him here. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/andrew-yang-freedom-dividend-matt-taibbi-katie-halper-useful-idiots-920375/
  2. Next time the police are called to her address -
  3. There would be entire floors of the NYT & WaPo buildings dedicated to trawling through his past to find examples of this.
  4. No doubt. The polls show all leading candidates beating Trump comfortably, which seems unlikely, as does Biden's continuing lead in most polls. Early days though. You're clearly no Tulsi fan but not so long ago she was a bit of a golden girl for the Dems, and obviously she was vice chair of the DNC before rebelling. If she had stayed onside she could have been a dream candidate for them - woman of colour, veteran, lots of experience and (shock horror) cross-party appeal. Deciding to lob the truth bombs around meant she was always going to be a fringe no-hoper though sadly.
  5. Biden is dreadful. Trump would have a field day with him in the debates and I can't imagine voters being inspired to get out and vote for him. It'd be the complete opposite of Obama's 'hope & change' platform. Surely the Dems are scrambling behind the scenes to find a better alternative. Eta - anyone who isn't Bernie is literally Hitler anyway imo.
  6. I'd be up for a groundshare at Camperdown if it's based on this model.
  7. They've had some cracking kits. This from 2001 gave me about 15 years of faithful service at 5 a sides.
  8. Always loved the design of this stadium. Hopefully the randomness of the stormtroopers has set the scene for some ridiculous goings on here. Mon the River, only because I used to have one of their tops for playing fives.
  9. The plan was no doubt for the BBC to appear to be asking tough questions and for him to come across as convincing in response. It laughably backfired. Prince Philip to be announced as Andrew's new personal driver imo.
  10. The results are in from the checkup. The president has the body of a 37 year old, an IQ of eleventy hundred and has grown 8 inches in height since taking office.
  11. An utterly dreadful human being. That interview literally could not have gone any worse for him. This is relevant from earlier this month, appropriately via the Daily Beast. https://www.thedailybeast.com/amy-robach-abc-anchor-caught-on-mic-saying-network-quashed-jeffrey-epstein-story-fretted-access-to-royals?ref=home
  12. Just saw an ad on TV for this and had to check it wasn't a pisstake. He'll be taking a hammering for this on Soccer Saturday.
  13. I really hope this is accurate. Some tremendous insults here.
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