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  1. Some 7-minute spell at the end of the first half.
  2. He hasn't started any new wars, yet. Other than a couple of idiotic escalations to pump his own ego, he's basically Gandhi after the last few decades of US presidents. For what it's worth I think the current pandemic situation and its economic consequences may force his hand to get involved in Iran or Venezuela. His beloved stock markets are making him look bad, so a nice demonstration of American power against some terrorists in the run up to the election isn't unlikely.
  3. Bit of a curve ball but I'm liking gold miners. The current financial climate is positive for gold (see post-2008) and energy prices have plummeted. The big boys like Barrick and Newmont were performing well before the crash and have come back strongly. Of course, much depends on their ability to continue production as usual in the immediate future.
  4. Local scoundrel denies all knowledge of missing pussy.
  5. This one is now allowed upstairs. The stair carpet is on borrowed time.
  6. Standard luck in the Champions League final
  7. Stefan Selakovic is the main man. Just behind the strikers Aye, already punted him on to Newcastle after he got me promoted.
  8. He was always one I looked for back in the day too. His stats are pretty average in my game at the moment, 3 seasons in. Another favourite, Kim Kallstrom, is my star player with 20 goals in the EPL last season. Mogens Laursen also very decent.
  9. This game is throwing up occasional reminders of why I often contemplated chucking my monitor out the window back in the day. Got promoted to the Premiership and finished a very respectable 8th in my first season up . The improved funds allowed me to do some decent business over the summer and I prepared for the Intertoto cup. Captain Pep Guardiola led the team out for the assault on Europe, built on a rock-solid foundation of Marvin Andrews and Phillipe Mexes at the back with Daniel Amokachi and big Dunc Ferguson reunited up front. Papped out at the first hurdle by a gang of Norwegian bus drivers.
  10. The bassa moved to Besiktas early doors so no chance I'm getting my hands on him. I'm now reliving the excitement of waiting for the Swedish season to end so I can poach all the decent relegated players for their £200k release clause fees.
  11. I downloaded this last week after reading a Twitter thread about it. Straight from the box, 2001 players and all. Currently almost finished my first season with Wolves, sitting 3rd in the First Division/Championship after adding a few old favourites like Marvin Andrews, Johan Andersson, Stefan Selakovic and Abel Xavier. The Belgian lad Rousel up front is a beast. Glorious times.
  12. I must have missed his tweets celebrating the markets repeatedly hitting the circuit breakers on the way down. Also, this goes without saying but reading replies from his supporters on Twitter is absolutely frightening.
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