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  1. The Official President Trump thread

    You have to feel for the interpreters, trying to turn that word salad into Russian sentences.
  2. Team of the Tournament

    I thought he was solid enough but nothing spectacular. I think when it comes to England keepers, not making a glaring, hilarious howler puts you in the top 1%.
  3. The Official President Trump thread

    I'd be more on board with these protests if they were directed at a state visit from the US generally and not just at the current president who happens to be a very unpleasant person. The foreign policy of the USA and the west is inherently racist. Black & brown people are literally expendable in the pursuit of hegemony and profit. Madeleine Albright and her book have been pimped around the media recently, despite her saying the death of half a million Iraqi kids was worth it. Who on earth could think that's reasonable? The media is incredibly powerful when it comes to deciding who is and isn't acceptable. I'm personally more triggered by the invasion & destruction of entire countries and the drone bombing of wedding parties than by the behaviour of a TV celebrity whose election into office is only a symptom of a seriously fucked up society and political system. Trump is awful but temporary, and the media circus around him is 90% ratings and 10% virtue signalling. There are a lot of worse things going on, which have been for a long time.
  4. Croatia v England - semi final

    One I think? Alli vs Sweden. They have zero creativity.
  5. Croatia v England - semi final

    A lot of talk about Croatia having one of the best midfields In the world. They're lucky if they've strung 3 passes together so far.
  6. Dundee United 2018/2019

    An unfortunate sequence of events for poor Willo, but probably for the best. Adjusting to a new culture and strange language etc in some footballing backwater isn't the ideal way to wind down a career. Bali might not have been easy either.
  7. Potential second poisoning incident?

    Who'd have thought raking around in skips for used syringes could be bad for your health. RIP.
  8. The Official President Trump thread

    Who's left after all that's ruled out?
  9. Russia v Croatia

    Put the bearskin hat away and get the tablecloth out.
  10. Russia v Croatia

    Mon Vlad's lads.
  11. Russia v Croatia

    Not getting the hate for the game. It's not pretty, but it's tense and has potential for scenes in this atmosphere.
  12. Russia v Croatia