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  1. I would go four at the back and play someone alongside Salim to get the best from him . We deserved our point today and in my opinion should of had three .
  2. Do you want to wake up and see a Queens Park under 18 against civil service strollers in front of 100 fans or a team being allowed to compete in the spfl and everyone looking forward to Saturday. We have one go at this !
  3. Queens have put a tweet out about a £2 charge for car parking tomorrow night . Still to hear about increase in gate price for season ahead or the fact we were not told about them getting their advertising wrong about prices re students at the Hamilton game .
  4. I thought today was great everyone was comfortable on the ball .Really looking forward to this season the two centre backs from Largs were outstanding Purdue is a find cannot find any fault in anyone’s performance.Galt again fantastic.
  5. . The people at the turnstiles are not allowing students in for concession price any ideas why not when it was advertised?
  6. I see on our fixtures on our website we will be charging £15 to get in this season . The most expensive in the league.
  7. Got tickets to see Annie Lennox can’t wait
  8. I thought we played well as a team and from what I saw last night I’m looking forward to the season ahead
  9. Is today not supposed to be when we let the fans know what new players we have signed.
  10. On 6th of June Queens Park Twitter said Mark Roberts has great news on players signing for Queens next day we were told about Galt . Since then nothing when will we hear the rest of the great news .
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