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  1. Where are all the regular posters . Give us your best QP Team preferably from players you have seen . Let’s keep this forum going over the next few months .lets see names we have forgotten and bring back memories of their performances . [emoji460]️[emoji460]️
  2. Back line of Wilson -McGeever. McGregor -Douglas
  3. In my supporting years ....David Crawford
  4. All time queens team starting with goal keeper anyone?
  5. I think we do not take advantage of Maclean we cannot seem to get the ball to his feet often enough. When he has the ball he can beat men and can get in on goal . Right back also seems to be a problem.
  6. The Stranger ..... very good
  7. Who was man of the match on the supporters bus on Saturday
  8. Don’t know if Muir has said he is leaving if he has then fair enough in getting an experienced keeper. Seems very strange at the games seeing six new players will take a bit of time to get used to it . I was 100% behind going professional but it does feel different already. Looking for a good win on Saturday
  9. Thought Jamison was great today alongside Grant. First 45 excellent. All the new players played well . Fantastic save at end by Muir .
  10. Heard a lot of rumours that we are going full time next year .... anyone want to confirm.
  11. Delighted with appointment. Exciting January ahead .
  12. I would not like to think the decision to get rid of our manager would have been done without someone else ready to take his place . January is huge for our club .
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