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  1. Remember though, Fox was the outstanding candidate for the job out of how many applicants and after how many interviews? No, seriously, how many?
  2. <whispers> because the writers of the show are pish and just need stuff to happen then "move along". <whispers> Remember the Harfoots didn't leave anyone behind then spend the next few episodes trying to leave some folk behind?
  3. Nothing better than a fresh, ripe tomato.
  4. The main difference between Mellonball and Courts was that people were at the games under Courts and that in itself was an improvement from watching rubbish on the TV at home. The football itself was practically just as bad imo.
  5. Ach in all honesty, as long as its not Jackie McNamara, Csaba Laszlo, any of the generic manager merry-go-rounders or Tony Asghar (or relations of) I'm kind of not giving a flying f**k anymore*. Its Ogrens money and if he wants to pish more up the wall then thats OK with me. 1. Fox could be good but will end up being pinched in about a year. 2. He'll be shite and be gone before May. 3. Or, perhaps Fox will be a bang average manager who steadies the ship and we plod around in 6th, 7th or 8th for a few years with a semi final appearance here and there. Actually that last option sounds fucking great right now but I'm anticipating one of the other outcomes. I'll let you guess which one. *I reserve the right to be a hypocritical p***k and moan like f**k when it suits me.
  6. To be fair, we conducted a worldwide search for several outstanding candidates and after a rigorous interview process carried out by experienced and competent directors the most suitable man for the job was actually here already, and was here before the last manager too! How lucky is that!?
  7. Your posts are usually very balanced and reasonable but Joe, ffs, what's this utter nonsense? New managers...100%? Maybe till the first interview which is picked apart. From then he's a fucking idiot and needs punted. That's why nobody should listen to you. Nowt to do with the UAE or oil rubbish. You're just a nutter! Ps remember, Stevie Crawford has already been a failure at United and Fox was part of the failed Jack Ross era...err...well...month...this appointment has failure is written all over it.
  8. We've all know it'll be Fox for ages, no announcement needed. Maybe Tony should skip the announcement in the press and just go straight into defending his appointment, Fox isn't a cheap option, was the outstanding candidate, will have his own say on transfers, knows the players and his number 2 definitely won't be manager this time next season.
  9. Not being able to keep your mouth shut for 60 seconds, even for what was sung, is far less of an issue compared to the slurs used in the same sentence. Clearly one to be ignored.
  10. I'm not saying she should come over differently than Tolkien wrote them, they are indeed aloof and uninterested with the wider world unless it benefits them. But I don't think they needed to write her like a huffy, aggressive toddler. It would have been, imo, better had they written her more thoughtful than she is, she seems to be too rash for an immortal being thats been around for 3500 years. f**k, even the mortal Halbrand is telling her to chill a bit. I'm not saying she can't get pissed off or start chopping folk up but she generally seems to charge in head first most of the time.
  11. And she dosent need to be. Shes fucking GALADRIEL, one of the most powerful and important Elves. She could quite easily not be a complete bell end.
  12. Nothing has changed. They are still fucking shite and always will be. Long may it continue. Thank you.
  13. Im not a chocolate connoisseur by any means but I used to love a Toblerone. A double decker is also a good stodgy chocolate bar. Question though - is a Cream Egg a chocolate or a sweetie? Or some sort of hybrid? Less chocolate than whatever the stuff inside is so not sure what to class it as.
  14. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to agree with any appointment by the club. They're all gambles and I'm not the gambling type. I'll give any appointment my full backing for a few days, then decide if I like them or not based on a maximum of 2 games and if we're not top of the league by end of November then he's a useless c**t and I want him gone.
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