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  1. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Hes been caught on camera drink driving and has now been photographed being a racist arsehole. He represents the club. Hes a professional. Christ, hes supposed to be a role model. The club should be suspending him at least imo.
  2. Morton v Dundee United

    f**k PETA. As a horticulturalist i take offence to those rabbit shagging b*****ds using language to degrade plants. Bunch of bunny boilers. And Curran isnt very good but hes going to be even less effective if hes wandering about. Stop gap material i reckon.
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Dixon would be a good signing under a manager that dosent hang him out to dry. Yes from me.
  4. Dundee United 2018/2019

    f**k sake. Brainless tosser.
  5. Morton v Dundee United

    While i agree Neilson may not be the best manager in the world, what we have player wise is similar to arming a squad of marines with a balloon and asking them to take down Vladimir Putin. If your keeper is flailing about and your attacking options from the bench are are Billy King and Matty Smith its difficult to change anything to be more positive. Or even maintain the current level of mediocrity. Was it 4231 or 442 yesterday by the way? Just curious as i didnt catch any commentary etc.
  6. Morton v Dundee United

    Ive been saying for ages that our keepers are rubbish. Thats a howler from Rankovan having seen it just now. Both keepers really are shite. I really hope Laszlo isnt getting his full whack for that alone. Astonishing how crippled we are because of him. Mehmet didnt look fantastic but he looked like a solid keeper for this level so hopefully hes back soon - unless theres someone better available in January.
  7. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Just because hes bringing his cheque book dosent mean its getting opened. How'sthe stadium coming along? Not seen any sign of it. Or are they building the monorail first?
  8. Unpopular opinions.

    Thats not an unpopular opinion, thats fact.
  9. Morton v Dundee United

    I thought that was the The Rangers season book cover...
  10. Morton v Dundee United

    I was. Ive also been at the vast majority of games since hes been at the club. Ive come to the conclusion that hes utterly shite. When playing next to a decent defender while up against one forward then hes looked OK like the last few games. Up against two good forwards and hes been reduced to a nervous, shaking wreck of a player. Frans would have dealt with that game much better imo. Dont get me wrong, Edge wasnt the only player to have a howler but he was one of the worst out there.
  11. Morton v Dundee United

    Edgenguele is fucking shite.
  12. Dundee United 2018/2019

    I dont care if hes 33 or 43. He was excellent and compared to the likes of King, McMullan, Loemba, Barton et al hed be worth it. We've not had a player like for years! The ref was stinking. We had a throw in that was turned over to you lot when our player stole a few yards. He wasnt warned to step back or anything. Then the Ayr player proceed to take the throw in from said incorrect position Fyvie had a couple of bad tackles on him with no yellows. Same with Stanton. The ref even waved advantage on one, the ball was hoofed out, he didnt give the advantage and didnt book the player. There were a few that went our way too. He was all round fucking awful.
  13. Dundee United 2018/2019

    I actually agree with this. Our keeper made a couple of good saves and you missed a couple of sitters. Could have easily been 7 or 8 without complaint. Or reply. The good thing about losing 5 - 0 is Neilson will see the utter dross hes got now the new manager bounce is over. Also, after that result and performance id be fucking astonished if Shankland was an Ayr player after January. And a few other players you have were very good. Think it was your number 7 (who looked like a weird Pat Nevin to me ) that pulled the strings for you. Just the sort of player we are missing too. If our minted American overlords arrive as predicted a cheeky bid in January might be a good tactic! Last thing, yes, the ref was also fucking shite. Wouldnt have changed the result much if he was any better though.
  14. Dundee United 2018/2019

    I heard (from a reasonably reliable source i guess) today that it will go through this week. These Americans are apparantly good guys whereas the last rumoured lot weren't. Seemingly want to have a long term project and will invest regular chunks of money for transfers and infrastructure at Tannadice instead of spunking a pot of cash in a oner. The term he used was 'strong, steady improvement rather than an unsustainable jump'. By that I assume will be more like the Levien era of rebuilding the youth system etc. I say again, this is something i have been told by someone who knows someone etc. so dont shoot the messenger when nothing happens and we go into admin on Friday.
  15. Did you give your stash to Watson and Edgenguele before the match? Would explain alot. That was so Laszlo-esque i expected to see him prancing about the dugout at one point. Thankfully i didnt. We need a right back. Have done for 3 years. The fact that we missed Murdoch is criminal. Id even encourage Neilson to play there till we get someone in! We need a new midfielder next to Fyvie. I like Stanton but he should never ever ever play deep like that. Get him further up the pitch or on the bench. King. Jesus Christ. There really are no words. Next time he should just wear camouflage and lie down at the side of the pitch. Wouldnt get in the way at least. McMullan runs about but he truly is awful too. No skill, no end product and built like an anemic child. Curran did ok when he came on but really isnt good enough. Roll on January. The board need to back Neilson. We're in this position because MM was also on the glue when he let Csaba give out 2 and 3 year deals.