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  1. Hope you don't take it to work with you. Eta didn't see Jacksgrandas post.
  2. Would be very United to f**k that up. If so, i hope the whole club gets the sack.
  3. If we get £4m for an absolute rondo youth lad the game really is utterly fucked. Yes £4m is peanuts for that league but fucking hell. There's no point in having a first team.
  4. Tempted to cast this thread into the fires of Mordor tbh. Crowdwanks are minteriffic.
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again. f**k off United.
  6. From BBC website f**k knows. In fact, I don't even think f**k will know either. Discuss.
  7. Archie turned 8 yesterday. Spent it just how he likes it!
  8. I hope not. I know its new ownership etc but I'm still not over the fee we got for Armstrong and GMS.
  9. Just seen (albeit on another forum) that Galatasaray have bid £400k. If true its a difficult one for the club - off the back of a good World Cup his stock is about as high as it could really get. Hes out of contract end of next season when he'll be 33/34. Do we play hardball for more dosh and risk an unhappy player who may want to go now for a last payday? Do we take the £400k (if true) for a guy we got for nothing a few months ago? Or, preferably, we get £1m and do a whip round for Aziz's taxi to the airport and wish him all the best for his fleeting time here? Fingers crossed it's the latter.
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