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  1. Agree. Would be some Saturday. Pumped Hibs away, sitting 3rd above the green cheek and as much as i usually don't give a f**k about them, The Fun getting pumped and cut adrift too? Sound tremendous. Get it done, Dolly.
  2. @Twinkle named the thread appropriately. What a visionary you are, sir.
  3. You could nail some more damp proofing to the top of the joists too so when you fix the mdf boards down theres an extra barrier too. Bit overkill but rather that than having to lift the floor again.
  4. Literally building one in my garden right now (no not at 4am but you know what I mean!). I used pallets all screwed together with 200mm coach screws. Once I had my ground level it was like lego, slotting pallets together meant it went down onto the blocks in about half an hour and as they're all screwed together it's solid as f**k. I've also got some chip board flooring to put down and I can batter nice flooring down on top. The frame is (mostly) out of pallets too, its 5m x 2.4m and I just got a hand off a pal to make the roof trusses (with a 200mm overhang). I used 2x6" boards for these and have one side about 75mm higher for a run off. Using 15mm OSB for the roof and lining the inside with 9mm OSB to hide the manky pallets. Im not bothering to insulate as im sticking a wood burner in it, leaving the cavity between the pallets to run electrical cables in and it'll all be hidden. Don't skimp on the roofing felt either if possible - I think i was about £80 for two rolls of heavy duty 36kg stuff. Works out at 20m². The higher side is basically 4 hardwood french doors to let light in, the 2 central ones being actual doors. All built with treated CLS timber and screwed together basically. Maybe overkill but id run DPC damp proofing over the slabs and grass just to help make a better moisture barrier too if you can get your hands on any - the weed fabric is permeable. Also, watch the height for planning permission. The rule is it any part of the building thats within a meter of a boundary can't be higher than 2.5m. If its further than a meter then I think you're good up to 3m for the eves or something and 4m in total. Mine is going to work out about 2.5m I think. I am also working without a plan, plans are overrated!
  5. Can the grammar police please just f**k off.nobody gives a f**k thank;you.
  6. I thought it may have been Swanson at first till I read the bit about battering two bouncers. Could really only be Goodie imo.
  7. They're a part of the family - when they go it hurts just as much and are missed the same way. Sorry for your loss, Jagfox.
  8. You don't need to. Young guy, tall, plays in England for some random nobody team, plays International football and there's some rumour going about that hes played well a few times. That in English football commands at least £15m.
  9. My cold, dead heart caused by the relegation and subsequent banter era is beginning to warm to a few players in the current squad. The new left back has been great so far as has Levitt to name a couple. Im thinking about...well, not sure if I'm going to go that far, im almost willing to consider taking Tony Asghars pus off my dart board. Almost. It will be removed either when we win a cup or finish top 4. That is my requirement.
  10. Depends on how desperate the buying club is and Souttars form at the time. Im not saying he (or anybody) is worth £30m truly but if someone wants to burn that cash on him then cool. And we make a packet out of it too. Happy days. In a world where Jack Grealish is worth over £100M anything is possible.
  11. Thats mental. The comparison would be teams like Dunfermline, Partick or Ayr getting £3 or £4 million for players regularly. IMO. Crazy stuff. I remember when Shearer went to Newcastle for £15 million and I said to a mate at the time that it won't be long till that's a standard fee. I dont think we're too far away from £40 - £50 Million becoming a bog standard fee really.
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