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  1. Yeah. To be honest, hes actually not too bad on the ball as a defender so him and Mulgrew in a back 3 with Edwards wouldn't be the worst thing when required. Also means hes not dropping 10 yards deeper from midfield to pick the ball up and the likes of Levitt can get on the ball more.
  2. If anyone starts at right back over Keiran Freeman then it should be a stackable offence. Hes really good going forward and, well, just bombs forward. McNulty is still pish. Watt was good. As I've said eleventy thousand times, Butcher is a centre half and should be nowhere near midfield. No matter what he thinks. Decent performance, thought we'd lost it when we went a goal down but to come from behind with 2 goals from Nicky Clark was tremendous. He gets alot of stick but deserves the plaudits tonight. Thought there could have been at least a couple more penalties for hand ball for each team too. The referee was shite. Thankfully. ETA felt Benji was suspect at the goal and seemed to forget keepers these days are supposed to punch the ball wide and not back out to the edge of the box. (I do prefer a keeper that catches the ball when saving as opposed to punching clear but its the modern way now). Made up for it with a good save later on though.
  3. The fat *** bit is probably the smallest issue. A wafer thin issue, if you will.
  4. Thats what the club said at the start of the season. Again, many fans thought we could make top 6 last season, as younsay, we've brought in 2 internationals and forked out 6 figures on Scotlands top scorer. I'm very curious who will be to blame or at fault if we don't make top 6. Because if its the manager, then he should be punted. If its the players, then who signed them? It would he great if Tam got the finger out and got the team playing the way it was earlier on. I have serious doubts he can but it would be a nice surprise obviously.
  5. Fwiw I don't think well make top 6. Not because I'm angry at Asghar or Courts, because I think we're pish.
  6. And the club told us top 6 is a minimum expectation this season.
  7. I'd rather we just went out and got a decent winger. If Shankland came back that would be good but its supply thats been our problem for about 3 years. Fix that and we'll be fine with what we have imo.
  8. The creative player does not necessarily need to play through the middle...modern football and modern mangers have broadly stopped using wingers and getting to the byline. Wingers can create and actually play out wide at the same time. Remember FFS Conway? GMS? The way we played under Levein and Houston was to be stuffy through the middle with Jimmy and Prince, get the ball wide and then in the box. Why oh why do we not try Watson and Niskannen out wide and get the ball in the box as often as possible? We've tried playing the fashionable way that they play in the other version of football in England and Europe and we can't do it consistently to a good standard. Remember wingers?
  9. Suppose you could put Levitt, Glass and Butcher in there. Either way its not the best midfield and shows up how much we need a box to box player and a creative player (unless we start utilising the young players).
  10. watt won't help you on his own,you need your whole team to start trying Its not so much that he'd change the game single handedly its the fact that he's fit, on form and cost a load of cash. A big marquee signing. Yet he sits on the bench for a guy who's been terrible for us, been out for months and strolled into the team ahead of Watt and the ever present Nicky Clark. Had Clark started id have said fair enough as hes been playing every game and its been his position. Even though he's been poor he's been playing. Actually, what we should have done is played Watt and Clark up front and revolutionised football itself. You know, attack when playing at home, needing a win etc. Maybe that kind of formation hasn't been installed on the Inspiron in the office. Eta i don't even think Watt will make a significant difference over the piece as we are really don't create much anyway.
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