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  1. Try locating the closest saw mill and you'll find you save hundreds if they deal with the public, which most do. I use James Carr sawmill a bit, out in Inchture if you are based in the Dundee / Perthshire area. Really good prices. Orchard timber are also really good, based up in Forfar. Use them a fair bit too.
  2. Its terrifying reading at times. It's a United forum and its basically populated mostly by raging nut jobs and people who still think its the 1980s. Some normal folk on there but they seem to he muffled by the fruitcakes. Aye, more or less. Also full o boys in the know wha type oary and ahing. And its no even fur a joke.
  3. I'd have Cathro nowhere near the first team as a manager or Head Coach. As an academy manager or assistant manager then yes I probably would say yes. But neither of those will happen because he's probably on half a bazillion more than what we could dream of paying him. Even during the time when we were even more of a financial basket case.
  4. Dunno. Asghar would have needed to sanction that contract - strange when you consider he wants to blood the youths his son is bringing through at all costs as soon as possible.
  5. McInnes won't be a yes man though. I feel Asghar wants somebody more, well, open to instructions.
  6. Agree. Sadly, someone will always buy the rights at crazy money.
  7. Id love to see what state English football would be like if Sky etc went tits up. Man City, Chelsea and Leicester would revert to bottom half at best filler teams, clubs like West Brom, Brighton and Burnley would fritter away to Championship no marks again and there would be a chance to turn football back into a sport and not a billionaires pissing contest.
  8. Its true though tbf. We'd have Dundee, Hertz, Dunfermline and Raith. Id maybe even put ICT in there. All decent sized teams over the years and id have them back in the top league. Second tier would have more of the community clubs like Hamilton, QOTS, Morton, St Johnstone, Arbroath etc.
  9. Maybe he's using the Peter Pawlett tactic for a new contract?
  10. Is he gone? Or going? Can't wait to he linked with Pressley, McIntyre and John Hug...oh, wait, at least hes got a job now. Thank f**k.
  11. Ok, heres the way I roughly calculate. 1 ton will raise 25m² by an inch/25mm. I usually would do 40/ 50mm of sand under slabs. So 1 ton at 50mm deep, youd have enough for 12.5m². You have about 5m² to cover so you'd have at least half a ton left over. Unless you want to dig down 100mm to use up the sand and dispose of the soil some other way or you have a lawn to top dress, a sand pit to top up or live near a beach id go with individual bags. Shouldn't work out too expensive but you'll have less waste.
  12. I agree. Personally, i think he's done a really good job with what he's got. While some games have been awful, we can't say "Neilson needed to get us up however terrible it is, no questions asked" and then say "Mellon needs to keep us up this season with Neilsons squad but its got to be enjoyable football". The young lads will get a chance, I think this season was too important to rely any more heavily on them. If, however, we don't see all that many from now to the end of the season and into next season, I'll be very disappointed.
  13. Obviously a manager will need to bring in players to fit a system but our squad was so imbalanced from last season youd need 2 or 3 normal transfer windows to sort it out. Never mind having Covid to f**k everything up. Maybe he felt McNulty could cover all forward positions because we didn't have the funds to sign a left winger, right winger and a forward. Why he didn't play Sporle earlier and give Chalmers more game time is weird, however. I heard before the Hamilton game that we have agreed to mutually terminate his contract at the end of the season. The rumour is that we have already lined up a young coach who will play the youths more regularly and Mellon is annoyed at not getting the backing he was promised, regardless of Covid impacts, from Asghar and the board. Asghar has also overruled him on some players he wanted to bring in earlier too. Allegedly. Sounded like the usual rumour shite thats been going about to me but maybe there's some truth in there somewhere? Is MM is lining up his next job back down south? Ho hum.
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