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  1. 1. Blue cheek. 2. Green cheek. 3. Hibs 4. Aberdeen 5. The Fermers 6. Hertz A mash of Well, Livi, Maureens for 7th, 8th and 9th 10. Dundee 11. Dundee United 12. Ross County
  2. There was something in it with Norwood to allegedly too. Not that I'm having a go at you but until he's standing with a United scarf above his head at Tannadice then ill assume he's on his way to Hibs.
  3. Sounds like this years Norwood. Total smoke and mirrors with no chance of it ever materialising but gets the fans distracted for a week or so.
  4. For the people that think we'll finish 5th, what has changed enough to get us above teams like St Johnstone etc? Can I have some of what you're drinking?
  5. As I said previously, if replaced by a bang average winger we'd forget all about Sporle as we've forgotten about players like Neil Heaney and David Worrell. Nothing against the guy, just think he's very replaceable like at least 6 out of our regular starting 11.
  6. Hes not shite but he's not particularly amazing either. Just...well...unpredictable. Its an attribute in itself but he would easily be replaced by a winger who could hit the byline and cross occasionally. Hes no Jim Patterson. I think the fact we are so utterly lacking out wide he gets regular pass marks for being more competent than Robson basically. That might sound harsh but if we keep signing guys of the standard of Sporle, Robson, Smith and Connolly well be a comfortable bottom 6 club for the foreseeable.
  7. So what are the predictions for this season? Where will we finish? 10th. Just. Who will be our POTY? Edwards Who will be the young POTY? Chalmers Who will dissappear never to be seen again? Sporle and Connolly The biggest disappointment? Pawlett, Clark and Robson getting contract extentions to 2029 with finances raised from Shanklands sale to Hibs on the last day of the window. Biggest surprise? Tam Courts to be here after October.
  8. Had a good week since his second dose. We went out to his favourite park yesterday for the first time since he had his leg off and he was over the moon. Was brilliant to see. Hot, sore and tired this morning though, poor guy 🤣 His hair is growing back well too which is a bonus.
  9. I always tell folk to put half as much as directed down but twice as often. So usually its 35 grams per square meter, ie a handful. So cut the grass, water it, put the feed down then water it again. Repeat the next week. The watering is the bit folk miss out and thats usually why the grass burns. My advice, other than getting a JCB in and digging down 3 meters, is to briuse it to break the waxy coating then spray the strongest weed killer at double or treble dose on it. To bruise it I usually trample it to f**k then spray immediately. You'll have to do it at least a few times over the course of the growing season and probably over a few years as it regenerates but eventually you should get on top of it. Nothing else works as well. Unless you do fancy sinking a few gallons of diesel into it but you'll f**k the ground and the areas about it for years and years.
  10. The fact England got so far in the Euros means my booing has had a great pre season and reached peak condition just in time the start of the season.
  11. Thats now more crosses than I've seen at Tannadice in 5 years. I need a lie down. The man, the myth, the legned.
  12. Yeah probably. Had we played him (more and) in the correct position first time round it may have been a better ending story. I Mostly expect Really poor sIgnings accross thE board...
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