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  1. I didn't say their opinion was in any way valid or reasonable. I know I'm very much on the negative and demanding side of things (and yes I do sit in the George Fox) but I'm not daft enough to think my opinion matters a jot to the manager or the club. But then their opinion isn't as important as mine! There were a good few were times last season where Neilson was blatantly out smarted, out thought and just plain old got it really wrong and it was painful to watch him stick by his poor decisions and Peter Pawlett. I'm glad we now have a manager that (by the sounds of it) changes his system to suit what he's got and who he's up against. We've missed that for years and I look forward to maoning about his constant tinkering with the team. Hes already dropped Shankland ffs. Get him oot!
  2. Fans have the right to complain. You pay in, you get an opinion. If people don't realise this then they should go watch the private school boys play piley on while chasing eggs. Fwiw I was stunned into joyous laughter and thunderous applause when someone paid us nearly a quarter of a million for Robbie. He got us promoted but by christ it was painful to watch the majority of the time.
  3. Unless Budge isnt satisfied with just taking our manager but she's planning on taking you lads on a longer jolly in the Fudesliga than even we've had. Competitive woman. I salute her.
  4. It was £200k (allegedly) The Gorgie money tree has had a good growing season apparently.
  5. They should feel even more at home now. Enjoy the Massey Fergie, lads.
  6. I'd rather we saved the fiver. Or burned it. Or gave it to charity. Or fold it into a paper plane and threw it off the Tay Bridge and watch it fly away into the sunset. You know, do something of more value than fritter it away on something absolutely worthless.
  7. Its why Mellon didn't play him today. Unfair advantage and poor indicator of where the rest of the squad are in terms of quality. Imagine the purchase he'd get on a header wi that helmet?!
  8. Naismith? Nah. Too old and wages would be a stumbling block.
  9. I agree. McMullan wont be good enough to be our main attacking threat on the right. We need an upgrade on him and an out an out left winger too. McMullan would be more suited to coming on late on in games to run at tired defences. ETA a centre half and creative midfielder is more of a priority though.
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