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  1. Usually people who won a bet can't wait to show it off, unless they are telling lies of course to deflect from their embarrassment at a shameful performance. Johnny, show me the money!
  2. Course you won a nice few quid, didn't all you Celtic fans? Must be a few new names added to the Sunday Times Rich List with all the supposed winners I'm hearing about today. What made you pick 6 goals on your bet? I'd have went higher.
  3. Imagine you trying to tell UEFA and the SFA their own rules. It's like having to listen to some roaster of a taxi driver set the world to rights. The corridors of power at UEFA must be trembling with you on the case.
  4. Not according to those in the know. Calmed down after that hammering you took last night then?
  5. Better complain to the ASA then and they can contact UEFA and the SFA. Take a wheelbarrow with all the saved up Daily Records over to Geneva and ask for a Mr Platini.
  6. "Played with plenty of heart and punched above their weight" P (6) W (1) D (0) L (5) F (3) A (14) +/- (-11) Pts (3) If that's you playing with heart then you must have one the size of an amoeba. The funny thing is Ajax and Milan are two pretty poor European sides, and they still turned you over 3 times with ease.
  7. I'll take the word of world recognised footballing organisations over your thick interpretations of Jim Traynor articles and The Sun football pull outs.
  8. Sooner or later you'll have to accept the reality that UEFA, the SFA, the ECA and the ASA have presented you with. Let us know when you do.
  9. Are you still trying to tell UEFA, the SFA, the ECA, the ASA etc their own rules? Seek psychiatric help.
  10. You're a team with no heart, no desire and no pride. You're trapped in football purgatory, too much for Scotland, woefully inadequate for Europe. Expect Kris Commons and his placard offering you money off next season on the back page of the Record soon.
  11. Maybe you can sign Efe Ambrose mk II and go for a double figure loss in the champions league next year? Barcelona looked embarrassed at how bad you were. You're the new Dinamo Zagreb of the champions league.
  12. Look at you trying to front your way through one of the most humiliating nights in your history. That's what you'll have to get used to with your board not investing in your team because there is no Rangers in the top tier. You might get £110 off a season ticket now though, enjoy that.
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