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  1. He’s been steady enough. Is battling with Lewis Nicholson of ICT for left back role and is 50/50 between them.
  2. I’ve said on here before, it’s finance. Peterhead now couldn’t afford to look at the calibre of player Cove are signing.
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the game and great performance and result. It has to be said though, that is a seriously poor Peterhead team. The poorest I think since they moved up from the HL?
  4. What’s happened to Francesc Fabregas’ in depth analysis of this game?
  5. Yeah good result and deserved I thought, although Bonnyrigg will probably feel they deserved a point. We were hanging on at 1-0 for a while though and if Bonnyrigg had scored then we would have got beat. Soapy was my Mom but you could see the influence Draper had on the defence.
  6. Can’t understand when Mailer came on he put Soapy back to sitting centre mid and we dropped deeper and deeper, surely if ever a player is a sitting midfielder it is Mailer who can’t pass or beat a player but can tackle and break up play!
  7. I agree we have been on a downward spiral from the season before last. I don’t know what we can change? A lot to do with finance or lack of it. Look a Peterhead they don’t have the same oil money coming in and they are in free fall. Interesting letter on the Peterhead forum from their chairman explaining their recruitment problem which I think a lot of pertains to Elgin as well.
  8. Where have Arbroath fallen from? They were well punching above their weight last season. IMO another season in the Championship is a result for Arbroath. They are an example to us diddy clubs of what can be achieved.
  9. He won’t be. Last I heard Omar was at East Fife.
  10. Yeah good win. Could have went either way, the same as every other game this season. I suspect the striker went to Montrose and it’s not Mcallister I’m speaking about.
  11. Brechin are doing nae bad though. HL the way to go maybe.
  12. I’m afraid playing Darryl up front is an act of desperation, if that is what we are resorting too we are doomed. He is as slow as a cart horse with a touch to match! His place is in defence, throw him up front for the last 10 maybe.
  13. Fck me the knowledge that the so called expert pundits have of the lower leagues is embarrassing.
  14. If we score 2 we will win but goals are going to be a problem for us. Could be a bottom of the table clash early on! What happened to the three players that were supposed to be coming in this week? 2-1 Elgin.
  15. Hasn’t been at his best for a while but was struggling injury wise.
  16. Why do you ask that. He played on Saturday.
  17. Yeah, no way are we scoring enough goals with our current squad. JW was saying last week that they needed 4 strikers and since then they have let Peters and Loveland go so can only assume they have got somebody coming in.
  18. Exactly where it was. Between the dug out and pie shop.
  19. That will free up a good wage. Hasn’t happened for him at Elgin. Thought he was a good signing when he came. Good addition for Buckie.
  20. Would be a great signing but at 35, £10000 + for a transfer fee and £400 plus per week wages is a huge gamble, not that Elgin has that kind of money in the first place.
  21. This will be Hesters last season with us I would think. We won’t sell as we don’t have a replacement but don’t think there will be many takers with his court case hanging over him. No way is he Championship level. A one trick pony who any decent defender would handle with ease.
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