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  1. They certainly have fans from a large area but a sparsely populated area.
  2. I’m sure the club knows who has been betting on their own clubs results and if the rumours are true some are already signed, so to get rid you would have to pay up the remainder of their contracts. Agree that we need an influx of decent players and it is worrying when you see other clubs signing players but as you say it’s early days. I’m sure we will be speaking to players and making them offers. I’m sure Elgin is not the number 1 destination for a number of these players who will have offers closer to home.
  3. The Elgin team that took 9 points off Stirling Albion
  4. That has been on the cards for a while. Sorry to see him go, a good solid signing for Brechin, if he can stay fit.
  5. Yeah he is still contracted. Has struggled the second half of the season partly with injury. The court case hanging over him may put potential suitors off. IMO he is not good enough for higher league teams but would obviously hope he stays. No chance Shane will be leaving ICT either. On another player, before you ask, Ross Draper, he has returned to Cove, I was pretty scathing when he first appeared for Elgin but when he went back to centre half he put in some decent performances and by all accounts was good in the dressing room. You can see he is carrying is dodgy knee and is finished at your level but would happily see him back at Elgin for another season. Not that we could meet his probable wages mind. Jevon Anderson also looked decent in his few appearances for us but I don’t think he would be a regular starter in the Championship.
  6. A few ambitious signings there. Is Considine nae looking for 150k a year!
  7. True but I think it will be a couple games suspension or fines only.
  8. Yep. Said at the start of the season I thought we punched above our quality last season and we were no better than a mid table team. This year we have been unlucky with injuries to key players which has affected us but still say we are a mid table team at best. I hope the management realise this as the table doesn’t lie. I think there is a nucleus there but need at least 4 decent quality players in, in key positions.
  9. With the results New Elgin have had these last few years you wonder why bother with another junior team in Elgin!
  10. Trial has already started several months ago but adjourned to a later date.
  11. Peterhead had big backers in the Oul Industry. They are starting to struggle financially due to the oil downturn and the emergence of Cove. Agree things are a bit stale.
  12. I think they have been trying to get a more local core. In previous years the wages paid to the better HL players was inflated and out of Elgin’s budget. Nowadays I think they are more affordable but a lot of them are comfy in the HL and don’t want to be travelling to Stranraer, Annan etc. Not sure there are that many good enough HL players but was disappointed when Jack Brown went to Peterhead. I thought he was ideal for Elgin. I think the nucleus is there but need 3 quality players to compliment then. The likes of Soapy needs better players to play off. We definitely need the input of some central belt players as they are generally more street wise than us northerners. Definitely a big season for Elgin next year. Another season like this and we will be in trouble.
  13. I personally think the club is pretty vibrant. A thriving social club, youth academy and there seems to be a higher profile commercial activity. All this in comparison to what I see at the majority of clubs at this or even higher level. It is too simplistic to say a clear out from top to bottom. Clear out for who? What Elgin need, like every other club at this level to get out of this league, is a major financial backer. If such a person/company out there exists, I’m sure that they would be welcomed. Without the investment we will find it difficult to attract that better quality player, which is more difficult for us, given our geography. We all want to move upwards but it’s easy to rant and rave after a shit performance/season.
  14. Think I would have a look at the players. It makes a big difference to the club financially whether they finish 7th 8th or 9th but not the players, they get paid all the same. As far as the were concerned there was nothing to play for. Severe lack of quality unless addressed its going to be a real struggle next season.
  15. I also fancy Cowdenbeath to stay up but I personally think it’s better to go into the play offs “battle hardened” rather tinkering with the starting eleven in the lead up and I can assure you that Fraserburgh and I assume Bonnyrigg have already watched Cowdenbeath several times.
  16. Ha Ha you right, anything definitely possible when Elgin are involved!
  17. I agree it’s not comfortable but Cowdenbeath are the ones in real trouble.
  18. Likeable wholehearted player who always gives 100% but not a lot of quality. Will run and tackle all day but won’t create a lot. Think that’s the best way to describe him.
  19. Elgin in the first half looked as though they had indeed gone on their summer holidays. Second, worked a lot harder and probably deserved something from the game but never really got the break of the ball. Two pretty mediocre teams with Stenny being slightly less than us. Have heard a lot of players being hyped up by various sides supporters over the years on this site and when I’ve seen them they have failed to live up to expectations. Stenny been bigging up O’Reilly of late and I have got to say I was very impressed. I’d be surprised if he isn’t plying his trade with a Championship or Premier club next season.
  20. Stenny played well last week by all accounts just didn’t get a result while we looked as though we were ready for our holidays!
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