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  1. The clubs had the opportunity before the season started. It was staring them in the face that there was no guarantee that the season was going to finish. My own club didn’t even want to start! The whole lot just buried their head in the sand and are about to reap what they sowed.
  2. Those scenarios were the same as would have been voted on at the end of last season and we all know what happened then. At the moment QP will vote for the season continuing or finishing it with positions standing, as long as that means promotion, Brechin and Albion will vote with whatever scenario keeps them in the League, whether that’s ending it, continuing or reconstruction The others with whatever scenario benefits them best. A consensus within the current voting system is highly unlikely to be reached.
  3. At Primary School age kids have been playing 4v4 and 7 a side for 20 years.
  4. I would think that outside football they will have to maintain social distancing, keeping within family bubbles, maintaining protocols at shops, wearing masks etc, attending house parties is in breach of government protocol so in the end a breach of club protocol.
  5. Stop the season, continue the season, the question is, who is going to make a decision that the majority are going to agree with? That is the problem and should have been agreed before the season started.
  6. They will do everything they can to avoid scrapping the season hence the plan they put forward to the SFA. As you said farcical that that there is not a season ending plan in place considering the farce of last season.
  7. At the beginning of the season Doncaster asked the clubs for a consensus on how to end the season should the season have to be halted. No consensus was reached therefore the season went ahead with no contingency plan. After last season, complete madness. Doncaster and board haven’t the power to make an executive decision so it’s anybody’s guess how they are going to sort this season’s end.
  8. The whole point though it keeps the season interesting. A lot less meaningless games.
  9. Don’t think they have much option as a drop to the HL would be financially disastrous but a financially dangerous game to play as well.
  10. Think above is absolutely the way to go forward and now would be the time to implement it.
  11. For the record I’m all for football in all the Leagues continuing but was trying to look at it from a Government perspective. I’m sure the general public are not too bothered about where Dumbarton and the like are travelling but the vast majority who are into fitba follow Premier League teams and can you imagine the grief the Government would get if they now stopped that League. There is an election coming and a lot of the policy now is about keeping as many voters happy as they can.
  12. Problem is they won’t hit their vaccination targets by mid February and schools won’t return till Easter holidays at the very earliest. Your points are valid but put yourself in the Government’s shoes, imagine the stooshie with the general public if they allowed fitba back with the restrictions currently in place which will continue long after the schools are back.
  13. Personally think stopping the football will do little to quell the spread or not of the virus but we can’t justify starting playing fitba when the schools are not even back by then. It goes against all the stay at home and no travelling message, whether you agree or not with the strategy.
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