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  1. Hope his recovery goes well and he is back on his feet as soon as possible.
  2. So your saying you should stop tackling in the last few minutes just because your going to win the game, that’s a brilliant tactic, that’s the kind of thing you’d say to the primary school team. The boy was through if Bronsky hadn’t made the tackle. Must have been some Doctor who would diagnose it as a career threatening injury there and then. All and sundry could see it was a serious injury.
  3. Firstly as most neutrals would say, it was not an idiotic tackle. You have undoubtedly been hit by injuries but probably dictated by finances, your club have made the decision to run light with squad numbers.
  4. The Cowdenbeath management team have had issues with numerous referees and other teams benches the past few years. Gavin Price was defending his player as Bollan, as usual, was subjecting the officials to a tirade in an attempt to get his player sent off.
  5. Looks an honest challenge to me. Maybe tomorrow when emotions settle opinions may change.
  6. You must be the clown I can hear shouting and swearing in the stand. Obviously not wearing a mask putting the return to stadium of fans at risk.
  7. I think dominating is a bit of an exaggeration! Stats would disagree with you also. You’ve had your moments but we should have more.
  8. Hope the Pixelott camera follows the ball and does not get distracted by the crowd!
  9. Think it’s virtual season ticket holders only. I have one but live in a tier 2 area. Not sure how that works for numbers ie me not attending, who gets my place? As for game, as I normally say, there will not be much in it, hopefully we turn up and if so I’ll take us for a narrow win.
  10. Wonder if other clubs have been in touch and tying him down to make sure they get a transfer fee. Either way good business by the club.
  11. Unless you can fix things. Don’t think you have any choice.
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