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  1. Your supposed to be a Professional Football Club hoping to attract the brightest players in your and wider area.
  2. Could also say this club is inclusive for everyone except...
  3. To quote Duncan Shearer, it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for parents who were asked to pay a tenner a week to have their kids train with Caley, then they appoint a Director of Football on top of a Manager at a mid table Championship club who are as near as dammit skint?
  4. Think if Leanne Dempster thought him suitable for the role that would be a big vote of confidence in his rehabilitation? Give the man a break.
  5. Take your point but he’s mostly played midfield.
  6. Great effort by all Elgin players but at the end of the day we gifted Edinburgh the two goals by poor defending/ decision making which has been a theme since the restart. I think the Manager will be quietly raging.
  7. How long before Aberdeen seeking entry into the HL? Cormack won’t take this lying down.
  8. How are they going to finish 1&2 if they are only playing friendlies?
  9. As I understand it the Colts are only there to play friendlies so you will have a LL team finishing top? Before anyone has a pop I’m against the whole Colts idea.
  10. Most players will travel if the £ is right.
  11. He’s from Montrose, just signed a 3 year contract so won’t come cheap, there are a few clubs enquiring about him. An added complication is his pending betting trial.
  12. We started the game well and if we nicked a goal it could have been a different game. I thought we tired second half and ran out of ideas and wouldn’t have been surprised if Edinburgh scored a second. At least we are still in the game but we still don’t seem to have figured out how we go about beating Edinburgh.
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