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  1. Brazilianlex think you need to chill a bit about Cove, you need to get the blinkers off before it damages your health.
  2. Is that not where Shane should have been, up front.? Played far too deep for me and left Hester battling three giants. As for outstanding! Never lifted his head and continually ran into a forest of players.
  3. Important to get a win. Still playing catch up after our poor start. Confident of a win if we keep up our performance levels and don’t do anything daft at the back but anything below par and it could be a different story.
  4. Yeah agree with that. Would be great if he could get promotion to mark his time at the club. Have heard that he has turned down moves to other clubs in the past. His loyalty is a rarity in modern times.
  5. Would agree with a lot of the above two posts. Thought Alloa were a pretty decent footballing team.
  6. He clearly moved his arm towards the ball. No debate.
  7. Edinburgh 2 Albion 0 Cowdenbeath 1 QP 1 Cove 5 Brechin 1 Stirling 1 Annan 1
  8. He’s got one hell of a long arm if that was his shoulder it hit😂
  9. Should have been 2 2 at HT and stone wall penalty turned down we could have been up. Raith were only cruising when we were down to 10 and then still not good enough to kill it. Never a sending off either.
  10. Yeah good now but as with all early season predictions was made before they overhauled their squad.
  11. It’s a valid point undoubtedly but if they have wads of cash don’t think they will be looking to recruit many of the players we can recruit. They traditionally use the strong junior game around them for recruitment so it they are not going to use that there will be players there. It will make them a stronger opponent IF things go as they plan. Don’t think they will get a good deal from SFA and depends how much the spend on lesser Hampden. They have got a transfer kitty from Haughey to get them started though.
  12. No, but most teams at our level if not playing out from the back set up at one side of the pitch and goalie accordingly kicks it to that side. Maybe your goalie is just crap at kicking!
  13. No modern day keeper kicks it down the middle. They go either side of the pitch.
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