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  1. Your team will adopt the same tactics in the not too distant future
  2. Probably a point gained but we need some three pointers to get us up the league.
  3. If I had a pound for every post on this forum blaming the ref for losses in various games I would be bankrolling Elgin into the Champions League. I think you’ll find more of the same from others in the League as the season progresses.
  4. You are quite right to hold up Campbell and Arbroath as an example all us Div 2 clubs should be aspiring to but I suspect there is a vast difference in finance made available to Campbell than Bollan even when they were in Div2 and we all know that is usually the decisive factor no matter how good a coach is at the helm.
  5. No where good enough to beat a high flying giant if a club like yours
  6. Think Fort William would have been delighted with a 3-0 defeat
  7. Great that you have the catchment area to do that.
  8. One of the big reasons why SPL clubs don’t want their U21,s going out on loan to lower league clubs is they don’t play the system their home club plays ie play out from the back with about 50 passes before it gets forward. (not knocking this). Surely playing a different system at a different club in must win games will aid their development. Or are we trying to develop clones/robots who don’t play more than one system?
  9. Why would Fort William be at it? Wait till the winter kicks in and you go about 6 weeks without a game.
  10. Should attract a decent crowd whoever we play.
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