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  1. No argument. He consistently does a great job there. Every season Annan are written off by a lot of people, me included, yet he consistently finds players and moulds them into a more than decent team.
  2. The line below Edinburgh marks the play off spots. 2nd, 3rd. 4th and 2nd bottom of Div 1. Not sure what other line is about, possibly as previously explained.
  3. A solid squad player but isn’t going to improve us.
  4. It was streamed so will be on Elgin City TV.
  5. He was on our bench as a trialist on Saturday. He didn’t get on.
  6. Great 3 points. I enjoyed the game although would accept there was not much quality on show. Forfar will regret the chances they missed at the start of the second half when we were all over the place for the first 10 minutes. Both sides will probably claim they deserved to win, onwards and upwards hopefully. Thought Harkins played ok but for a man who has played at the level he has, he twice took the wrong option when a pass would have led to a one on one with the Elgin goalie.
  7. I would like to see a creative central midfielder signed.
  8. Why don’t you contact the club and ask them?
  9. Club has decided no away fans as per the majority of clubs.
  10. Club hasn’t announced anything yet but going by previously, when numbers were limited, it was home fans only. We will easily dispose of 500 tickets.
  11. He’s only played for us very sporadically so fitness is obviously an issue. He certainly has the look of a pro who’s body has given up and he’s lost his legs.
  12. Good question. He certainly football wise looks composed and comfortable with the ball at his feet and gives you the impression he is good enough. IMO he is not big enough to be a centre half at your level or quick enough to play wider. Interesting to see how he develops though.
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