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  1. Yeah he was a regular with us and not many loans at Elgin have managed that. Wouldn’t go as far as Draper but should be able to make the step up.
  2. Pretty fair assessment of things so far. Antoniazzi would be a good signing. Exactly the type of player we are looking for.
  3. Sorry Gordon but have to disagree. The young boys are coming on but nowhere ready for regular Div 2 starts. Our midfield was not good enough last year, nothing has changed. Fraserburgh played a lot of young boys and Peterhead only had a shadow team starting. We can only play what’s put in front of us and results and performance have been good but as things stand can only see lower mid table at the moment.
  4. Pre season so far. Clach 5-0, Lossie 6-0, Fraserburgh 2-0, Peterhead 2-0. Still pre season which really means nothing but on a positive note, four good wins which will up confidence after last season. I appreciate teams are full of trialists which gives a us bit of an advantage given our relative lower turn over of personnel. We have recruited in the defensive area and things look pretty good there so far. We still lack quality in midfield and out wide. The manager has highlighted these as areas he wants to strengthen as well as another striker. Given he has not recruited in these areas already, it would appear he has been unsuccessful in the pursuit of his targets. It will be down to the loan market and his success there will determine whether it’s the top or bottom half we’re competing in.
  5. Season before that he was at Elgin didn’t play much or score much!
  6. He was in Inverness for an Arron Doran testimonial event so maybe just spectating.
  7. 5-0 v Clach. Few trialists. Ross Draper there, not playing but possibly returning for another loan spell or maybe just spectating?
  8. Jake Dolzanski, a young defender from Jeanfield has signed. Don’t know anything about him.
  9. Kieran Shanks, Inverurie Locos to Arbroath. 30 goals in 44 games. Would like to think we enquired about him?
  10. Steven McKay, assistant manager, leaving the club due to work commitments, pretty inevitable with Jim Weir coming back in I would say.
  11. Yeah was impressed with him. More signings like that pls.
  12. As I said a pretty sparsely populated area
  13. I have a pretty good idea of what my own teams budget and income streams are. I don’t see Annan having a big money backer or having any different income streams than us. I don’t see a lot of players from England clamouring to play for you, Berwick, QOS or Stranraer. Perhaps they prefer the Northern leagues in England. My own team have an Academy with teams at all age levels. There are a few local (north Scotland) based players in the team but only two first team players, who have been in the team for 10 or more years who have come straight from the Academy. We have seen some younger ones go to Aberdeen, ICT and Ross County. As someone who was involved in youth football for a number of years I can assure you that it is a big step from u20 football to League 2 first team. The manager is also under pressure, to first of all keep the team in the league and from punters, dare I say, like yourself, so there may but a reluctance to chance younger players. Only my opinion, based on my years of observing the football world.
  14. I’ve no idea what your budget is but I’m pretty confident there are at least 6 teams in the league with larger budgets than you, including my own team. As for location, a bit like us, you are a bit off the central belt beaten track and a lot of players not willing to travel out with their area. This makes recruiting quality players from out with your area difficult.
  15. I would say, looking from afar, that’s a pretty decent return given your location and budget. I have always been impressed with him and surprised he isn’t a target for so called bigger clubs.
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