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  1. For folk that were there, how was Osman?Does he merit a start? It's nice to have someone with a bit of height in the middle with him on [emoji23]
  2. Dobbie's first is really good football from us. We are actually not afraid of passing the ball from time to time. Wish we would do it more often. A hoof up the park does have it's place though [emoji41]
  3. Huge win. 4th is up for grabs if we just some sort of consistent run going.
  4. Don't think we'll see Andy at all unless either Edmund or Evans has a niggle after yesterday
  5. Although he's been utter mince, Cyprus at home apart, I hope Burke gets another chance. There is something there. Just don't stick him up front. Play him on the wing.
  6. England's final to lose. That was brutal.
  7. Fair play to that United fan. Dedicated to his seethe.
  8. Takes the 2nd against Wawrinka. Some boi. Anyone's match now.
  9. He played well yesterday but understandably got a bit nervous. He's make huge strides in his game and looks far more confident in his actions. He believes in his shots again. Hope he gets through today. Every ranking point is crucial to try and get back up near the top 30. You just want take out that risk of getting a shite draw in the 1st round of a tournament.
  10. Huge chance no.2. Fognini shouted as Murray went to hit away a volley. That's why he is pissed.
  11. Really good game from both players. Fognini looks the more likely to win, but you never know with him. Might explode at some point.
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