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  1. Glad Jamie won to be honest. He and Skupski need a good run in one of the big tournaments a lot more than Andy
  2. Just needs to go for it now. Nothing to lose. The first set was very flat.
  3. Amazon prime is so clunky for trying to watch tennis. Hate it.
  4. Fingers crossed it goes well. He must be confident to comeback to singles this soon. Will take him an age to get back into the swing of things singles wise. All the zoomers will be out of the closet if he loses heavily early doors.
  5. Really enjoyed Kyrgios this week. Love him or hate him, he is probably the most fun player to watch. When he's on it, he is the one of the best out there. It just happens in short bursts [emoji23]
  6. To be fair it was the tone of the question that pissed Konta off. I can see her point.
  7. Good watch. Just nice to see him not limping everywhere.
  8. Such a weird place for Osaka right now. Just doesn't seem to want any attention on her at all. Mind all over the place at the moment.
  9. Yeah been really impressed with Murray. Really confident on the ball. Hopefully he signs up for next season.
  10. Conor Murray is a great wee player. Is he signed up for next season?
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