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  1. Agree regarding McGinniesta, looked quality amongst the rest of the shite, hopefully he can provide a spark in the next couple of weeks. Griffiths is really needing a couple of goals, never looked like scoring again tonight though or controlling a pass tbh. The dread for the derby has started earlier than usual. Goodnight.
  2. Unleash 77. At least he’s something new to watch. Assault of the eyeballs is what this is.
  3. Surely Scotty Allan will take a pay cut to get photographed in the sexiest home shirt on the market right now? McGinn even looks like a ‘wid’ wearing it. Thank you.
  4. You would have to be pretty desperate to sign for us in our current state with that balloon in charge.
  5. As much as I agree, it’s a good way of getting the point over that we want him emptied. Sure Everton fans had one out the other week and we know what happened there. Il be in Denmark working but if the winds in the right direction you will be able to hear me booing throughout. thank you.
  6. This is the usual pish we see in the media time and time again before another routine pumping the following week. Sort it out in house and show it on the pitch or stfu Gowser. The fact that half the players aren’t good enough at this level is as big a problem as any lack of effort. Add in the incompetence of the manager and it’s a relegation recipe as clear as day. I was thinking today, are the owners even aware of the discontent among the fans? You would think it would be glaringly obvious but you never know. The time to make our voices heard is long overdue IMO or it’s going to be straight back down without laying a glove on the league and god knows how many seasons more of championship misery. For once in my miserable life I wish we could just have some sort of hope for the club going forward. Thank you.
  7. McPake to make no subs or tactical changes until livi score after the defence shits it’s pants 70-75 mins IMO
  8. The highlight of an otherwise abysmal evening so far. Too many classics to mention. One good thing about there being hardly anyone there.
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