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  1. Bellshill 0 The Gow 1. Wind tried its hardest to waste the game and the first half was pretty even. The Gow were the stronger side in second half and thoroughly deserved the 3pts. Jarvie scoring the only goal of the game.
  2. Been a while but game on at Bellshill today. Mon The Gow.
  3. Without a doubt. Hopefully we have at least spoken to him. [emoji106]
  4. Yous having a clear oot? Seen a couple others leaving recently ? Gracie won’t be short of offers I wouldn’t think.
  5. Heard they bought an orange baw in case the snaw was still deep today to get this game on and get the suspensions out the way for the league. [emoji33][emoji33][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Talk of the steamy. Heard the park was perfect last week. 🤷‍♂️🤫🤫
  7. It’s more what’s coming this afternoon that I’m more surprised it’s on. Gets all the suspensions out the way for the league tho I suppose. [emoji57][emoji57]🤫[emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Can’t see many games making it this weekend unfortunately
  9. Greenock 1 The Gow 1. Absolutely stole a point today as we never looked like scoring. Think we only had one shot at goal and that was the penalty to get the draw. Terrible weather for both teams to play in and hopefully that’s the excuse for both.
  10. Girvan 4 The Gow 1. We were really bad today. Worst performance of the season by far. Fair play to Girvan who stuck in and well deserved the 3 pts.
  11. Anybody at Girvan got any updates on the pitch ?
  12. The Gow 2 Ardrossan 3. Thought we had stole a point but Ardrossan scored a goal in the final minutes to take all 3 points. The away team deserved all 3 points against and probably the best team to visit The Gow this year IMO.
  13. Good luck Weiry. Mr Carluke. Can’t be many players play for the one team for over 20 years? Anybody have anyone like this at their club ?
  14. Carluke getting some decent results since the manager was give the boot. Has Weiry been given the job full time? Noticed he hasn’t been playing much recently.
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