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  1. The Gow v Larkhall off, waterlogged pitch.
  2. Yeah take the points all day as everybody can beat each other in this league.
  3. Seen that clip before and the reports are the boy looks good in training, just wondering what kind of striker we getting here?
  4. The Gow have signed former Patrick Thistle and Cumnock striker Jordan Kemoe. Jordan will be in squad for Friday night game at Port Glasgow. Anybody heard of this boy? Decent ?
  5. 2 nil down after 15 mins against Wishy but The Gow take the points with a well deserved 4.3 win. Bit of a scrappy game but wins a win.
  6. That’s exactly what I was trying to find out from the teams that host these games. Is the gate, hospitality, etc greater ?
  7. Because I have an opinion I’m negative? I understand the romance of playing under the lights and awe that but I prefer my Saturday afternoon games. That’s my opinion and asking for others. Maybe because our night games so far this season are going to be Ardrossan and Port Glasgow on Friday nights at 7.30pm. We certainly don’t take as many supporters, youngsters, etc. to these games.
  8. Why ? Can’t see bigger crowds going on a Friday night rather than a Saturday afternoon. Especially in the winter. Not as many kids at games (future supporters, players, etc) Costs must be higher with floodlights, security of opening grounds at night, etc?
  9. Port Glasgow v The Gow is now being played on Friday the 29th of November at 7.30pm. What’s your thoughts on these Friday night games? I’m not that in favour of these games being played on a Friday night as I like my football on a Saturday and can’t see the benefit of switching. Ardrossan have one of the best if not the best set up in this league but there floodlights are not suitable for night games. Our last game a couple of weeks ago on the Friday night was ridiculous and should not have been played.
  10. Big man wins everything on the air and played well today as did Jason. Thought Jordan played well today.
  11. The Albert 0 The Gow 2. Should have been more but again we missed too many chances. Good 3 points tho as we have played better and dropped points this season.
  12. 2 pts thrown away as Lanark come from 2 nil down to take a point at The Gow. Game should have been out of site for The Gow who are struggling in front of goal at the moment.
  13. Heard Johnny Boal wasn’t too happy and confused why he was dropped for cup final after playing all games leading up to it.
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