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  1. Sectional Cup Final

    Well done Talbot. Stay classy.
  2. Sectional Cup Final

    Good luck to both teams today. Hope it’s a good match to watch. Ps. And The Gow win.
  3. West Region League 2 2018/19

    With no game for The Gow this weekend and the way the fixtures are, we could go from top of the league to 5th. Always said this will be a hard league to get out of.
  4. Could you please help out. A couple of weeks ago we contacted the Gow to see if they would be interested in joint publishing a match programme for the final. We would publish and print the programme (200 copies) if the Gow were willing to split the price, with both clubs given 100 copies each to sell. Unfortunately the Gow decided to pass up the offer due to having such a small committee so our Building committee has decided to print a commemorative edition (100) copies as they feel this is a momentous game due to it being a new competition. I would like to incorperate the Gow squad into the publication and wonder if you could help. We won't be selling the programme at the game, only giving out copies to the folk who are regular readers and who have ordered a copy.

  5. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Great result in the cup for you today as well.
  6. West Region League 2 2018/19

    The Gow go top of the table with a 2 nil win at home against Ashfield.
  7. Todays scores 6/10

    The Gow 2 Ashfield 0
  8. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Hope you enjoy your long awaited trip to Craighead but not too much. Haha.
  9. West Region League 2 2018/19

    You hoping for a draw? Haha. Tight league so far. Will be interesting to see who can cope when the suspensions, injuries, etc. kick in.
  10. West Region League 2 2018/19

    Back to league action this weekend with top of the table Ashfield coming to The Gow. Could be a good game.
  11. Wishaw - Where has it all gone wrong?

    Your first post as a Larkhall Thistle fan and its about the downturn in Wishaw's form ????
  12. Where will we see the Scottish Cup giant killers

    Bit of a trek up to Aberdeen to play Sunnybank for The Gow. Anybody know anything about them ? Good pubs near by? Etc?
  13. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Thanks mate
  14. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    How’s Higgy getting on? Noticed he hasn’t been on the score sheet lately.
  15. Larkhall Thistle 2018/2019 Thread

    If you are going to pull anyone up on grammer, please get your own right first....... you’re