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  1. aye you just blame yer keeper for the 6 goals!! haha
  2. nah it was the whitehill maulers!!!
  3. Aye dont mention his name, cause it wasnt the manager!!!
  4. Well done the welfare today, as I said, weakened team without the Mbu!!
  5. city seem to struggle in games without the big Mbu at CB. They will need to sign a good replacement for there new season!
  6. dal45

    Team 16?

    6 easy points!! 😂
  7. On second thoughts, Gretna are still the worsed team we played!
  8. nah Gretna were easily worse than vale!!
  9. Have to say worst were Gretna by a mile! They were shocking! Best, well obviously City, they did win the league!
  10. Yip, he will make the step up easily!!
  11. That was said last season!!
  12. do saints want to go up?
  13. your joking??? Ah thanks for pointing that out! I would never have noticed that! What a genius idea!!
  14. What's this got to do with the weather? 😂
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