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  1. Definitely looks like we are getting Gary Bowyer. Simon Grayson looks close to be named for the job in India Bowyer was being linked with
  2. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/peter-leven-still-dundee-manager-27148528 Peter Leven - can’t say I’ve followed his coaching career so far but sounds not bad really from overview but little as a manager. Dave McKay - plausible but little to speak of in experience in charge again. Gavin Rae - don’t see that happening he really wanted a move out there. He didn’t move out there for his job he moved to the Oz for his wife’s didn’t he?
  3. We’d all love the triumphant return of Jocky Scott, again but is he not claiming his pensions now let him enjoy his retirement in peace the last thing he needs is running our shit show again .
  4. Who can we even be linked with at this point if Ross, Maloney and Thomo are all out? In seriousness? The likely candidates in order of who’d likely take the job IMO. Gavin Strachan? - cause his da’s leading the hunt for manager. Barry Smith? - most likely to take the job due to his love for the club, has he learned enough to not rely on passion alone? Jim Duffy? - might be convinced to go back on his no more full time management if it’s for Dundee but would he risk his health after his recent scares. Tommy Wright? - can’t see why’d he’s come to us but still more likely than the others springing to mind as he’s not completely hated by us and respected for what he done with St. Johnstone. Giorgi Nemsadze? I don’t think his record is great as a manager but he is well loved by us enough to give him a chance. Would he come back? Have we asked? He’s probably still in Georgia since living Tbilisi so expensive to tempt him here. David Hopkin - done well with Livi before leaving and then his stock dropped after poor spells at Bradford, Morton and Ayr maybe more likely than Tommy Wright. Rarely gets mentioned by us. Steven Pressley - we seem to hate him even though he’s desperate for a job, no thanks never rated him as a coach and manager. David Martindale - doubt he’d drop a division and is doing a decent job at Livi. Weighorst? Ketsbaia? Ivano And Dario? - All unlikely especially the first two, Weighorst I doubt would leave his assistant head coach job at Denmark willingly. Ketsbaia has a good job back at Anorthosis Famagusta and Ivano and Dario have a business. Honourable mentions - Jocky Scott? Archie Knox?
  5. f**k imagine having Gowser as a manager. Proper old fashioned manager I reckon he’d be. Bad game? Screams bloody yaldy in your face spitting like a pissed off cat, a 2 week fine and polishing the under 20’s boots for the duration as recompense. Maybe even helping out the groundsman and kitman too f**k. I could see an appointment like that going one of two ways: 1. Skin the league cause every player is shite scared he’ll batter them. 2. Lose our first cup match and he loses the dressing room immediately cause Cammy Kerr telt him to jog on and the players all laughed at his beet-red face.
  6. Well I’m happy for all you that aren’t keen on Maloney, if the Kompany story is gonna come true. If we seriously lose out on our final candidate, where do we go next? … Ivano, Dario? Dave McKay? Jim Duffy? Jocky Scott’s last hurrah? Thomson? Hartley back?
  7. Other than he’s not Jack Ross, what’s everyone got against Maloney? Yeah he’s inexperienced in his own right and wasn’t given much time at hibs but it’s been acknowledged he should have had longer. Prior to that he’s been an U20 development coach for Celtic and Assistant Head Coach for Belgium under Martinez. I’d say his coaching pedigree suggests he could be a promising appointment.
  8. Now that a wife beater has joined The Rangers, I'm hoping that some of the Dundee faithful might want to coin this wee chant first. "Flanagan's a wife beater, wife beater, wife beater. Flanagan's a wife beater, oh dear Stevie" You're welcome folks.
  9. I don't think Ferrie will be number 2, I think it's more likely to be Gourlay he's had more first team experience out on loan than Ferrie's sub appearance and start with us. He's spent the last eighteen months out on loan firstly with Clyde then Airdrie then Clyde again and had something like 15 starts in that time. So he's been actively battling for a starting spot rather than getting lucky and thrown into the deep end. Edit: Plus before he went on loan it was him rather than Ferrie on the bench.
  10. "Does not even own its own ground and has to rent one from an Arab" - Building a new stadium, no point buying Dens back which is dated and costing too much in maintenance, and when we are gone that Arab will have to have good luck if he hopes to sell the "prime real estate" next to the biege dump. "Fire sale?" We've sold one player for a club record fee and can hold out for decent fees... "Ned Shed" - How very dare you... Long Town Saint - that's our beloved Derry, as much of a crumbling wreck that it is, you would do well to leave it alone. Go back to being strange and supporting a club without a proper Derby that likes to try and barge in on other clubs rivalries. Go home.
  11. Welcome to the Premiership lads looking forward to trips to Almondvale The Tony Macaroni Arena next season. Well done.
  12. Nope, we banked a load for occasions like this.
  13. Surprised nobody in here hasn't brought up Madianga is close enough to Mandingo that it could be a typo, and we've just sign a pornstar. I gave you guys time as well
  14. Yeah I don't see it either, Gourlay will probably be back-up next season, he's had some game time down at Clyde and Airdrie over the past two seasons and Ferrie looked solid enough against Partick.
  15. Quite impressed Declan Gallagher still has a club, never realised he was still playing for Livi after all the shit he got himself in.
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