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  1. Was in Riga for the weekend but unfortunately their football season is finished. Took my boy a short walk from our hotel on Saturday morning and stumbled across the Riga FC youth tournament. Held over 3 days, it involved 12 teams at under 14 level from mainly Latvia but had teams from Lithuania and Estonia aswell. 40 minute games and played in a round robin format. We managed to catch 3 games FK Auda 0 - 4 SK Babite JFK Daugava 0 - 11 Sparta Tallinn Marupes FC 0 - 6 FK RFS The Estonian team absolutely destroyed their opponents. 11-0 going on 20+. All teams play from the back with, similar to our youth games from a younger age, the first pass from the 'keeper appeared to be free. Decent football on show from the boys. Cracking indoor facility joined onto the stadium. Similar to our Oriam or Toryglen. Minus 8 at the time we were there so great to have indoor facilities for youth teams.
  2. John and Dara save this series imo. Munya is an unfunny, smug wee p***k and Fern is one of the worst contestants ever. Don't know if it's an act (doubt it) but constantly acting like a teenager is getting boring now. Sarah not been too bad actually which is surprising coz she usually grates me whenever she is in TV.
  3. Picked my boy (6) up from school on Thursday last week. He was learning about "what's in you pants". By the time he went to bed that night, I was called a big penis 8 times and his mum a wee vagina 6 times. He is allowed to show his family his penis but not "the strange men" in the street or playground. Anymore questions? Ask your mother......
  4. Met Ian Wright at Heathrow Airport. Spent 5 mins or so talking to my boy about all things football. Got a pic as well. Absolute gentleman. Aparantly knows who Morton are although had to ask where in the league we were haha. Was on the same flight as Wille Collum and Bobby Davro. Spoke to Brian Graham a few weeks ago when my boy was playing against his boy. He asked if I was one of the ones that shout abuse at him when he plays against Morton. Probably was my answer. Sound guy. Austin McCann is one of my boys football coaches at St Mirren, always pleasant enough to talk to. My mum works alongside Jim Goodwin's Mrs. Never got to meet him myself but he signed my St Mirren League cup final shirt for me which had added £3 to the value.
  5. Summer recruitment will be key for Fulham but I'm hoping this time as they're are up as champions, they have an extra 3-4 weeks to prepare this time that it'll make a difference. The first season they went back up, Via the playoffs, The director of football, Tony Khan (Owner's son) was playing real life football manager and signed guys like Seri, Anguissa, Le Marchand, Markovic and Mawson for well over 100million. They bagged Slavisa Jokanovic way too early aswell. His replacement (Ranieri) was a complete disaster. Think they tried to get Wenger but he told them to bolt! The season they returned, again via the playoffs, was slightly different. This time, The money wasn't spent as much as the previous attempt but was spent much more wisely on Tosin, Reed and Robinson for example. The problem that season was the amount of loan players brought in, again using the DOF's databases. Players like Lookman, Loftus-Cheek, Anderson and Areola. Decent players but are loan players up for a relegation battle? The biggest problem for Fulham that season was the manager. Scott Parker was out of his depth with a sense of arrogance around him. He played the likes of Abou Kamara, Ivan Cavielero and Josh Maja instead of Mitrovic who it was rumoured he didn't get on with. Speaking to Fulham fans I know, "Parkerball" was dire as well, possession football but with no end product! He isn't well thought of at Craven Cottage. Next season with Marco Silva I'm hoping is totally different. His time at Everton not providing much confidence but it is Everton I suppose.
  6. Just the 38 goals, so far, for Aleksander Mitrovic as Fulham steamroll their way to the Premier league. 2 more wins guarantees promotion.
  7. Managed to secure not only 2 tickets, but 2 tickets together. Unbelievable scenes.
  8. Meat tasty enough, not too dry, Chilli sauce, too mild and sweet for my liking. Solid 6/10 though.
  9. Wordle 207 6/6 I share the seethe on this one today
  10. I have appeared in a film alongside Michael Keaton and Robert Duvall.
  11. Wordle 206 3/6 Disgusting first effort. Happy with that!
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