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  1. there is no such thing as intl class, every team just picks their best players, we are talking about some of ours here. Should the Faroes just never field anyone as they don't have any intl class players? Don't be so stupid you play your best ones, Griffiths, Rhodes and Mcormack are some of ours.
  2. This is how an idiot speaks, there is no such thing as intl class, you just pick your best players these are amongst our best players, you people really should take up another sport you don’t have a clue talking about
  3. I think an intl football manager is slightly better placed actually, and he picks him, also tube94 saw Griffiths years and years ago when he was a teenager, which is hardly relevant.
  4. sigh it is, there are hundreds of videos of him saying the same thing and he mentions it in a couple of books. Do you think I faked the video? That is unmistakably his voice btw, very distinctive.
  5. Shut up, I can't be bothered with you. You are a clown and don't know any more than anyone else on here what it takes to play intl football. Our intl manager picks him I'll go with that, that and the fact he tore our top league a new arsehole.
  6. I don't know how to embed videos but here is Chomsky, the most quoted living academic in the world, discussing why it is illegal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmLUgrxHDL0
  7. Way too much of a risk for what? This is what I mean speaking as if you know something the rest of us don't. If you read back you'll find I said against teams we are expected to beat and at home, its no risk at all. Griffiths is also extremely hard working and Mcormack a very mature and intelligent player nowadays. It has great potential, good players can always play together, they are 3 very good players who would compliment each other very well.
  8. Its illegal cause its naturally subversive, it encourages lateral thinking and causes people to question a lot of things the powers that be would rather you didn't question. Its nothing to do with harmful effects thats not the issue. Read what Chomsky says about it thats why its really illegal, it appeals to certain subsets of society and has a subversive effect on the young.
  9. I just can't be bothered with clowns who dismiss things out of hand as if they have some insight the rest of us don't. Its all relative, there is no being made for 'that level', it depends who you are up against for a place, so both will be involved and both already have been. You make no pertinent point, if you had said something about lack of width I might have given you 30 seconds of a serious reply about fullbacks giving that, apart from that its all nonsense.
  10. what about him? He is our first choice I just like the look of that 3 together would like to see it tried in the right games
  11. I didn't say it was, or ask if you agreed. That's a tremendous front 3 with balance and quality. This place tires me out, debating with children who have no clue is very draining.
  12. He's fantastic, quite a few premiership clubs could do a lot worse than come in for him this month, though personally I think he would be as well to finish the season where he is then go to the premiership in the summer. He is very close to 150 career goals and not yet 24, outstanding player. Btw for home games against teams we should beat, 4-3-3 with a front 3 of Mcormack, Rhodes and Griffiths would be tremendous, so much talent and so many goals there, night and day from 10 years ago.
  13. Tubes like that don't want convinced they want to justify their prejudice, and my degree is entirely relevant to this
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