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  1. I honestly think it’s been about at least 4 years since I posted regularly on here. How in the f**k are you still on here [emoji23]
  2. Absolute canter expected for the league leaders at Tannadice tonight. Must say, the pitch is looking splendid.
  3. The 411 club was utterly tremendous. I’m sure The_Kincardine took a screenshot of who was on the match thread of yet another time we gave them an absolute bodying. BoredomGuy’s post of the week involving biscuits from Aldi? Always had me pishing myself. Andreas Kelvera mocking Alan Stubbs for having cancer was a particular lowlight, along with a rant about @The Grass Is Greener. and the majority of Hibs fans being tramps/aids victims.
  4. What a thread. Drifted away from the site in the last year or 2 but reading this thread has brought back plenty memories.
  5. Can you point out what players in the current Belgium squad are from ‘colonies’?
  6. Fucking hell Forrest why is he no just leathering that!
  7. Absolutely not. I want to see children in Hearts colours crying their eyes out for the entirety.
  8. Oft that Hertz team. Levein coming home with nae medals once again it seems.
  9. Telfer telling Borthwick to f**k off Thoroughly enjoyed the series and delighted it’s been commissioned for next season.
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