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  1. He's got to have something wrong with him.
  2. Correct, but when you turn up with tools and more numbers what do u expect.
  3. he was only highly rated as he was one of our own. kerr is in that group as well imo He's shone for the reserves so far, maybe that's his current level. Jack Hamilton could have been good but let down by current goalie coach at Hearts.
  4. You cannae say that you will be prosecuted. And possibly hung from the gallows.
  5. Any chance yous can have Wighton back? He's absolutely brutal.
  6. Nae flags from me, although the murder of Lee Rigby was ordered by a recently released islamic hate preacher if you want to get into that chat.
  7. Wasn't his bedsheet and this was from a few years ago. Same still stands.
  8. Celtics mob got it on sunday, jumping off buses and quickly running them back on then we had celtics mob hiding behind a police escort. Nice to see a tim sticking up for there wee sisters tho.
  9. I presume you've not seen previous derbies? 6 years they've not beat us at Tynecastle, he is an ira loathing rat. And he always acts the hardman after something happens to him... How he'd love to meet said person for throwing a coin at him. He'd get skelped about.
  10. Obviously it's not a sidey, it's a birth mark..
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