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  1. Hope it's the same ref thought he handled the game well
  2. Thanks we have stuttered at the start of the season but hopefully now we are going to turn it around great performance today and a few boys coming back from injury soon so it's looking good good result for Irvine vics today also staying up in this league is priority we had set our sights higher but when you see what the meadow are going through sometimes you have to crawl before you start walking
  3. That's what happens when you give a manager a 3 year deal he should have the decency to walk if he cares about the club
  4. Good victory today another 3 points on the board onwards and upwards we go
  5. Pleased for the boys to get their first victory of the season yesterday against a neilston team who will be disappointed not to take something from the game hopefully this kickstarts our season and there are a few more victorys to follow
  6. Old manager has only been gone 24 hours and at least 8 current managers have applied for the vacancy someone will be loosing their manager soon so much for loyalty
  7. He wasn't heard from for nearly a year as u said pop's up when winning not much of a supporter
  8. In all serious things I love the banter but I here there was someone took ill at the Renfrew meadow game and was taken to hospital I wish him well and a speedy recovery
  9. I still think when the keeper came out and took the darvel striker out that was a deffienetly penalty the one that was given was not imo
  10. I was going to leave it alone as one of my previous comments said one thing i ain't no liar as u suggest there is also nothing wrong with my memory as u suggest I could go deeper into it as you were the one who forgot where things were misplaced but I will leave it at that as your memory might have lapsed at that time and to ask to meet up you have been invited down to recreation park several times and have declined several times that tells it's own story I am there every other week
  11. Thanks for that, but today we didn't play as well as we have been playing. Darvel will be fine when they get their first win, decent team. I think we are decent can't fault their effort today just need it to click into place I am sure it will happen soon
  12. Ok if that's what you say then that will be correct I do however you telling me something different but I will leave at that and be wrong again???
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