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  1. Wilson and Frizzell should be our main threat but both were anonymous today. Frizzell isn't doing it for me, think we actually get more output from Crossan, who I dont overly rate either. Cant remember a sons team with so little attacking options that you can mostly rely on.
  2. Jones taking a bit of a hammering on the cup thread. I thought he done alright, made Aberdeen defenders foul him and gave them a bit of hassle. Never a goal threat though and ultimately thats what we are lacking. Probably his previous showings for us going against him, which have been absolutely hoaching. Thought Ramsbottom, Neill and McGeever were excellent, Neill made a balls up at the goal but overall he was good. Wedderburn very quiet after the booking. Good to see quitongo back, Ramsey gave mcalister a horrible first half.
  3. I phone up about rangers under my other alias obviously.
  4. Id fucking love it if someone did. Probably wouldn't be allowed through though.
  5. 100% heading for league 2 just now. Pathetic. Why not punt duffy and have a gamble?
  6. the last loanee from a fellow relegation threatened side worked out no too bad....
  7. Much better. Give us some good lowland league players on loan next please.
  8. 5 goals scored in 11 games. No goals in consecutive games against teams we really need to beat. Lost both of those games when we weren't really threatened at all.
  9. Duffy out. We are so pish, hard to watch.
  10. This game tonight could shape the rest of the season for us - money generated in a game against Aberdeen could get us a couple of players in surely. If we lose then Duffy needs to resign. Regardless of what former players and kitmen say about the Duff, he is responsible for this mess. Sad to think just a few years ago we were drawing at Easter Road and Tannadice, beating St Mirren on the regular, and now we look like a pub team for the most part. There are a few players I wouldn't criticise for where we are, but their jobs are becoming very difficult due to the lack of bodies and the quality of the ones that are there around them.
  11. Looks like his ankle is swollen to buggery. Not sure how long pros take to recover, just know from experience im a crying bitch for 2 weeks if that was me.
  12. So, who's playing right back the next couple of games? Pathetic how thin a squad we have.
  13. Hopeless. We have absolutely nothing about us. League 2 next season for us.
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