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  1. Think you have took me the wrong way. I am moaning about our playing style, it doesn't make for good viewing a lot of the time but clearly it is working somewhat.
  2. Oh dear.. Maybe the kick up the ass he might need to get going again.
  3. It is 10-12 yards from the goal. Around the same distance as the pen spot, just from an angle. Take your point about playing out the game in our own box. We have the players and ability to kill games off but we know Farrell is keen to see us sitting in. Which has clearly largely worked. Madness moaning about playing style when sitting top
  4. Not harsh at all imo. A stronger hand saves that all day long. Canny grumble too much though, we have had hopeless keepers throwing goals in every week it felt like with Brennan, Adam etc.
  5. More chance of me buying the club and relocating us up the crags.
  6. Lazy transfer dealing by Duffy - something we know all too well.
  7. Same from me ^ - especially on the consistency part, look what it done for Arbroath. If anything, does this now put more pressure on the club to win the league/get us promoted? If we mess this up badly, fans will be quite right to be ripping into this contract extension.
  8. If that was against us I'd be screaming for a red card. Armour trying his best to get the foul in the box too, wee shite couldn't pass the ball 5 yards when he was with us. Terrible from Carswell on the first goal. Foul for the pen looks marginally outside for me.
  9. 3 folk I've seen thinking McLeans effort hit the back of the net. Specsavers required.
  10. That Allan Clarke banger really is something else eh. Farrell fucked us last year, and needs to put it right but saying stuff like this puts him further in the mud with some, me included. He is an extremely lucky man to even still be at this club. Aye the winning run was class and youd have taken joint top at this stage, but we arent playing good football, thats just a fact and anyone claiming otherwise needs their head checked. Absolutely take the wins but with the squad we have I feel we should be playing better and killing teams off. Defensively we canny have any complaints bar the 6-0 gubbing at Stirling.
  11. We are wasting gray playing him in a deeper position. Get him forward in a 8 or 10 position.
  12. Maybe Wyldes concussion was that bad he thinks it was Hearts then! It was legit put to me as Hearts - which I did question at the time.
  13. Pretty much everyone got 45 mins. Hearts had Halliday, Kingsley a few fringe players then mostly their B team.
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