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  1. Ryan Tierney also on it as being without a club..
  2. Not sure if this is common knowledge, but Jai Quitongo is training with us. Hopes to get a club in January..
  3. Wild. Can't believe he got a deal at queens this year. One of the worst players we have ever signed.
  4. Shiels family cheering when falkirk scored. Shite fans/shite team they were giving it for 30 mins cause andy Galloway said something along the lines of “thank goodness it’s McMillan and not Sheils”. Triggered
  5. He never jumps, doesn't even do that thing that some players do where they pretend they are going to go for the ball in the air. Few of his goals were tap ins and I'm sure there was a penalty or two in there. Not a fan at all.
  6. I think one of Laynes weaknesses is his hold up play. Never wins a header and never jumps/attempts to jump. Big strong fella like him should be doing better. The things I would do to get a 15-17 Gary Fleming up there....
  7. Excellent debut, steady ever since. Far too comfortable in this league. Hope we can keep him but I can't see it.
  8. Badly need a Striker in January. Would be looking for a left back as well, Quitongo is pretty hopeless. Is Frizzell and Tumilty only here until January? Hopefully we get enough points to secure the title before they go........😀
  9. Madness. McGeever was great on Saturday. I worry about players running at him but long balls he will scoop up all day. Both him and Neill have came a long way since day 1.
  10. Great keeper but clearly a knob of a guy.
  11. Offers more protection than McKee. Therefore we missed him. We let Clyde roam the middle of the park with f**k all pressing. When we started trying to press it’s no coincidence that’s when our shots, and goal came.
  12. Our team are full of weaklings. We missed Hutton today. Sat back and let Clyde dominate easily for the first 30 mins. Once Clyde scored we didn’t kick a ball. We need a hard b*****d up front.
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