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  1. Absolutely not the case. You'll find that by the late 1890's football clubs in the top two leagues in Scotland were all professional with the occasional amateur player on their books. Indeed the Scottish players were greatly sought after by, especially, northern English clubs that had gone professional. Early top clubs such as Preston North End, Darwen, Blackburn Rovers were desperate to get the "professors" (name given to Scottish professional players) into their clubs. QP chose to stay amateur for so long because it was part of the whole ethos of the club. They were last in the top league in 1957-58 season being relegated with East Fife. As far as I can recall the club is/was structured around members who voted for a committee. Said committee and members of the club voted narrowly to go professional when Willie Haughey decided to bankroll them. I await to be to be corrected by a Spider's fan.
  2. Tam likely to have a better grasp of the tactics on tonight's showing so far. Christ! Even Isa would!
  3. Could be Dundee but if St Johnstone contrive to get relegated then it's likely to be Arbroath if they are still in the Championship. Hell, it might even be Cove Rangers depending on how things work out.
  4. Well done guys on acquiring the services of John and Smudger. Two top guys in general. I doubt you'll regret it. He'll have you playing "McGlynn ball" by September, October if not before and then you're on your way. Indeed there's every chance we'll be passing each other at the end of next season. But please be patient with the two of them. They need time. Miracles don't happen overnight.
  5. That will not happen. What happens with discussions between the manager and the club stays private until any statement is formally released by either party, normally the club in these cases. And so it should be, despite everyone and his dug thinking that they should be in the know and have the right to demand that they be told.
  6. John would have made sure he'd have had plenty of staff on duty that evening while he was off invading the pitch with Jimmy and Martin at the end of extra time . The chippy at the west end of the High Street was certainly hoaching that night. Met the late Bobby Reid there and had a great blether. He'd just returned from dropping off Willie Polland at his home in West Lothian. Happy happy days indeed
  7. Geesus TX! 6th to 9th? 3rd to tenth? You're all over the shop. New manager to possibly get us relegated? All the more reason for letting John McG continue. He'd certainly make sure we avoided relegation and associated playoffs. Why not just be sensible with with your"predicting"and say 1st to tenth?
  8. Is the famous Fergie still alive? Maybe it was a descendant of the famous Accies' walloper?
  9. I'd prefer if you hammer them providing we can get three or four against Killie. No' gonnae happen, methinks.
  10. You were told that when you appointed him. Thanks again for your efforts today. Just for once could you not have tried to put on a show? Totally useless. Just like Hughes.
  11. You were four down with only a quarter of an hour to go in the first game of the season and we all know what happened then.
  12. But it was the Killie players suffering from cramp. That's part time fitba' for you.
  13. Shite and mair shite! Damp gussets in the commentary team
  14. John Beaton having a fine game. Ooft! Donnelly what a sitter. Hope it doesn't come back to bite the 'Broath on the bum.
  15. That's the Killie Pies at a peep. Makes for an interesting game now.
  16. Ach well! At least with Compo you know that the ball will get a good wellying and Clegg should have a bit of bite about him.
  17. Majic again! We're just hingin' on by the coat tails but hingin' on we are!
  18. All you need to know about Low? https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/15269178.life-less-ordinary-partick-thistle-director-jacqui-low-talks-politics-bereavement-smashing-glass-ceiling/
  19. Please, pretty please, Partick, just gonnae let us win this one to keep things a little interesting for another week until we let the arse fall out of our season against Accies, then, finally, in the final fixture, capitulate against Killie. You know you want to. The play off place is Partick's.
  20. Maybe the £500,000 we got from the Covid business payment (it's in the figures) went towards the lights? If it wasn't for that payment we would have been in a real financial hole.
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