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  1. FTFY. A delicious put down from SandyC. Obviously a bit of a woosher for some lurking along the Halbeath Road.
  2. Scottish officialdom at its finest...yet again! What a trio of tripe in yellow.
  3. Similar to the "chair game" in Methil, Mr McGlynn won't have very far to go if he's sent off from the technical area. However, I'm sure it won't come anywhere near to that. Well let's hope not.
  4. Geez! The Grill. I remember it way back over 50 years ago when it was "MEN ONLY" on the signs on the door and in the window. I used to frequent the Short Mile up Great Western Road back then, but alas it's no more. The Kirkgate and the Prince of Wales were favourites as was the Marischal in its day. Saying nothing about the Blue Lamp! There were a fair few others in "student land" that I'll gloss over but they served a worthy pint in their day.
  5. That's a bit harsh on bawfaced jakies!
  6. Haud the press! Stewart says something relevant. "Hibs take too many passes. That's four and they haven't got past the place where the quick free kick was taken".
  7. Christ that's rough on the cone! What did the cone do to deserve that decision?
  8. Spot on! You only can play as well as the opposition allows you to. If they are sharper in closing down, denying space, tackling, chance creating, and taking them then you get beat or draw at the very best, unless you are incredibly lucky on the day.
  9. In all the posts has anyone mentioned that yet again we've conceded a goal in the last ten minutes. Happened also again to be the winner.
  10. Get through these two upcoming games unscathed with six points and it's yours to lose. You are having a fantastic season with an awesome away record/form. Just get the same out of your home matches and you'll soon have the big boys up from London with the cameras and all the other gubbins to cover the Fairytale of Arbroath......... The 'whatever' choir were singin' Lunan Bay. It really will be yours to lose if you win the next two. Go for it.
  11. Is that from the post match interview (I've yet to watch it) or from walking 5 mins along the road for a blether?
  12. I'm just bringing this forward to remind folk of the actual reality of our season so far. If the truth be told we've been well off things for quite some time. The run of 15 unbeaten games covered an awful lot of cracks with draws rather than wins and now this game has also shown how poor we actually are. To not have any real goal threat for months is really worrying but to play numerous games with hardly any shots on target is wholly unacceptable.
  13. Mid table mediocrity setting in. Probably done enough to avoid automatic relegation but thereafter who knows with this type of shit nearly every week.
  14. And to make matters worse the effin Pars have won a game
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