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  1. One swallow (game) doth not a summer make. He didn't have much pressure on him. Even then, there were a few times he mis-kicked or was short with a pass or over hit his long ball pass by quite a bit. Still very raw and might still make it but maybe not with us.
  2. Spot on. You might do ok against County but Killie? Hae ma doots. Anyway all the very best for your tilt at the top league.
  3. Absolutely done nothing tonight despite the height of them. Can't challenge, no idea where to take up position etc.
  4. This is so frustrating hitting far too long balls into nobody. Then again it's Scottish Championship level I suppose.😡
  5. We really needed a second in that half to stay in things. Dundee will not be so poor in the second. At least we're going down fighting. We can turn up at Dens again next season knowing that we can match them.
  6. My God! Just about the second. We've started really well but can we keep it going. Shiity surface for playing football on but it's the same for both sides
  7. More shitty refereeing decision making. Nothing new there then.
  8. Stop giving the ball away cheaply Rovers. Passes to nobody just lets Dundee get control. How the f.... did Ashcroft not finish us off there?
  9. 19.30 start with KO at 19.45 on BBC Scotland channel 9.
  10. Everyone loves a good shag. It matters not how many fingers or thumbs are used to help things along.🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕+👍👍😋
  11. You're best bet with either option is to watch the game with the mute button engaged.🤫😉
  12. Calm doon! You'll stroll this on aggregate. We have no real potent threat up front despite the sometimes silky soccer show. It's like looking at Danny McGrain's mooth from all those years ago.... totally and completely toothless 😧
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