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  1. Raith Rovers do not ever do cruise control against Stranraer. That will be as hard a game as say Falkirk or Airdrie away will be.
  2. Apologies it was indeed Bonnyrigg and not Bo'ness as I stated.🤭
  3. Correct but how embarrassing that there were a quite a lot more at Bo'ness v Clyde. Anyway you're through no matter how it came about. Congratulations. Clyde at your Tony Macaroni should fairly boost your takings in the next round.
  4. What in the name of f*** is a barry pirty?
  5. Absolutely no surprise that's where he's heading. Was there as raw young laddie after being spotted with Wick Academy.
  6. He used to be with ICT when much younger. Went there in his late teens/early20's after a debut season with the Academy (Wick that is). Always was a decent player even in local summer leagues when a youngster. He'll be a good squad player for Robbo. Also it's only 50 miles or so between Inverness and Hopeman where I believe he lives.
  7. Crosses and Airdrie in the same sentence is something you don't often see.🤔🙄
  8. John McG sounding positive enough in post match interview despite loss of two points. Long way to go. Just got to keep grinding out wins rather than draws to match others around us.
  9. Totally forgot about that possible affect on, particularly the Falkirk game, for a decent gate but also others regarding hospitality etc. Total bummer, financially.
  10. We also had some (perhaps unbudgeted ) income from favourable cup draws last season? Certainly not this season unless the 'Michael Mouse' trophy delivers anything later in the season. Part time football can be successful. Arbroath? An awful lot is to do with management and skills set etc., of those in the team squad. I think this might well be our year. No idea, or irrefutable evidence, why I'm saying this, but I just have the feeling things will turn out ok.
  11. Just dipping in and straight back out to wish A Guid New Year tae and an' a' at East Fife. Dinae want to be hingin' about too much in here!😱😋
  12. I was only referring to actual silverware wins. But I take your point that 1938 to 1954 is more than 10. As has been pointed out.....in your sepia dreams 😴😴🏆
  13. What a load of nonsense! Yes East Fife had a very good team for about 10 years over 70 years ago and have a few more cup wins but really! Everything goes in cycles but Raith have always been one of the bigger of the Fife clubs and until last season have had the hex over the men from Methil for around 30 years. And it's good night from me and A Guid New Year tae and an' a'.
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