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  1. Disappointing. A bedsheet could easily have covered that wee bit of wall between the gates.
  2. Bedsheets! A'm tellin' ye all! Buggering about with emails disnae do it. Bedsheets is the way tae get noticed!
  3. Just need to "awrange" your trip to give them a wide berth. (Ooft! That's grim. Coat's already on )
  4. Easily. We have form on this particular approach to football.
  5. Well done Queens. Fully deserved. Shafted us again at home when anticipation of moving on from a good result brings everyone down to earth.
  6. Any hope of a draw? Never likely today. Results elsewhere really showing us where we really are in this league.
  7. Looks like it's going to be one of these awful frustrating days. You know there's a half decent team there but the likelihood of scoring today is highly unlikely. Home games really are the ones that should be won.
  8. As long as he scrambles a goal or two, what's not to like?
  9. Missed that to be honest. But no great surprise with the Donkey still at the helm.
  10. We shared it with Caley Thistle last season. Is this no' the year of the teacake?
  11. I may be totally wrong but did he actually promise top tier and European football or was it just perhaps an ambition to try to get to that level? Maybe setting a bar to aim for? If he did indeed make an actual promise then that was maybe not the best thing to have said.
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