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  1. It was an enjoyable first half but the defending was chronic from both sides , the challenge for the penalty is just stupidity and a good second goal from pollok then as nicotina has said pollok defending criminal and I felt sorry for Macca and especially Wullie returning from a long lay off as they were getting outnumbered in middle of the park but I understand mick has to go for it , second half was scrappy from both sides and couldn’t see anyone getting the winner but glad we got it as it keeps our slim hopes alive because if we hadn’t got it with beith winning it was curtains 

  2. 28 minutes ago, The viper said:

    You’re contradicting yourself. Why is he signing players from league 1&2 if they aren’t up to it? Was that the plan for the rebuild from last season?  How are you going to get rid of these players? Darvel signed good junior players and they have been benched, loaned out etc ( or in Symes case loaned for a couple of weeks) are Darvel an attractive prospect for players? All he has achieved is blowing a load of cash. The league isn’t over yet, but the players haven’t given him 90 mins since the Aberdeen game.

    He would Think they were up for it , he might still think that , I don’t but it’s f**k all to do with me that’s just my opinion , im Sure the last two signed are on loan but I might be wrong 

  3. 21 minutes ago, Shanner said:

    He's really not a winner if you examine his objectives v's his achievements. They were meant to be polishing off the last few wins to secure the Lowland League by now but shat the bed v Tranent and now we are where we are. 

    You can dismiss the importance of the cups but fans love winning them and his sides have been abysmal in all the non-league competitions since covid. 

    When have I ever dismissed winning cups or mick for that matter , trust me I spoke to him today and he’s hurting big time about lack of success this season 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Wile E Coyote said:

    You keep calling him a winner doesn't make him one. 

    If the budget gets cut he will either leave or you will drop down the league as he is a poor manager and a poor judge of player

    If he leaves that will be the case as gall will have no idea what to do or where to turn to  I agree with u on that one 

  5. 1 minute ago, andy25 said:

    He's a chequebook manager.  I'd like too see how he would get on at a club with a smaller budget.

    As previous poster said he's a fraud.

    Ur entitled to ur opinion , let’s see if he can turn this around , it won’t happen this season unfortunately , I think I know what the club needs so im sure he will know but the problem is if he’s recognised players from other junior teams the problem will be  we will have to pay thousands more than any other club in the league 

  6. 1 minute ago, Wile E Coyote said:

    How will he rebuild- By chucking more money at it. That's not management. The guys a fraud

    I said last night if I was gall I’d be cutting the budget dramatically but I’ve no idea if that’s the plan or not , guy is not a fraud he’s a winner and second is no use to him , I don’t know but I’d imagine this will be his first season in management without silverware , it won’t happen again and u can come back to me if im Wrong on that one 

  7. 3 hours ago, jimbaxters said:

    That's impossible. Mick knows how to get players playing for him.

     But the problem being is the signings come from  league 1 and league 2 and sometimes certain players cant  cope with junior football , and by that I mean no time on the ball getting closed down rapidly and Troon did that brilliantly yesterday , iM no saying they are bad players but for me they won’t do at this level and would be amazed if they were there next season , in fact I will be amazed if 10 of that squad will be at darvel next season on what I’ve seen recently but trust me on this mick will rebuild as second is no use to him , he’s a winner and im pretty sure he will say this season has been a disaster , no silverware for the money spent is shocking 

  8. 22 minutes ago, Shanner said:

    I reckon points will be dropped all over the place in the run-in.  There are enough points up for grabs in the remaining head-to-heads to change things dramatically. For instance I don't think Beith or Talbot will take 6 points in that particular head-to-head, and could easily end up with a point each - 

    Talbot v Beith x 2

    Darvel v Talbot v x 1

    Darvel V Beith x 1

    And there's also the matter of matches v other teams on very good form such as - 

    Bankies v Talbot x 2, Darvel x 1, Beith x 1 


    Yea I agree with u but we can’t afford to even draw a game now , no ideal 

  9. 33 minutes ago, Shanner said:

    It would need 9 wins from 9 matches and both Talbot and Beith to slip up a couple of times. Possible but looking less and less likely by the week. 

    Beith just need to hold their nerve in the run in and they'll do it IMO. 

    9 wins in all probability still wouldn’t do it , Talbot for all I’ve seen them loads this season and not been that impressed apart from the thumping they gave us in the Scottish have lost two in 15 games , will they lose 5 in their last 15 ? Highly unlikely as they know how to win and their fans will get them over the line however if beith were to beat them they would be in a very strong position ,on yesterdays display we look a team going thru the motions and on that showing we will lose more games than we win on fixtures left , very very disappointing 

  10. 16 minutes ago, andy25 said:

    Managers position must be looked at surely. 

    Spunking thousands of pounds every week and looking like they've blew a very poor league plus out the cups.

    Glorious viewing though 🤣

    Not winning this league with the money spent Is not good enough and I’m sure he will know this , his last two signings have been terrible and if they have played senior the standard in the Scottish leagues must be worse than I thought , if I was gall I’d be saying the budget will be reduced dramatically for next season as the spend spend spend method has been a failure 

  11. That today was unacceptable but credit to Troon who fully deserved the 3 points , they were hungrier and better all over the park and wee Chrissie had two really good saves to keep the score line as it was  , I honestly don’t know where we go from here but season over at this stage with the money spent is a disgrace 

  12. 18 minutes ago, Thejackdaw said:

    Darvel very pretty patterns today but when it came to true grit and desire beith produced the goods,  our second goal today will probably not be bettered all weekend In our country . 


    And that pretty much sums it up , some strike from Carlo 

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