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  1. i dont see talbot every week but i dont think there is any need to panic , goalie and central defence are fine , i think full back areas they are weaker but lets face it to replace gordon pope and wullie lyle that were as steady as a rock for many years that was always going to be the case , upfront tucker has an embarrasment of riches , only area that i think they could be a lot better is midfield but as i said ive only seen them a few times this season , bottom line is and i dont know what you all reckon but i think the team that wins the league will lose around 5 maybe 6 games all season so they are in no a bad position nearly halfway through the season
  2. Ive no been at the last few games but I’ve seen all the games against the top teams , and there no far away , against buffs game of two halves , Clydebank Controlled the game and hit with 2 sucker punches and could have been 3 up against pollok who admittedly went on to control the game after the first 20 minutes the biggest problem IMO is some of the parks ours included , we are a team full of senior players and the bigger the park the better we play as it’s no so easy to close down good players
  3. Andy you huffed and puffed , our keeper had one good save which I would expect him to save but that was it , I just felt the onslaught I was expecting last 20 never materialised and we looked dangerous once or twice on the break I thought ref was very fair and wasn’t influenced at all with the normal shouts for penalties late on and he was correct with every one that’s our first win against a top 6 side and was badly needed and I thought deserved
  4. Well deserved win for darvel , Opens up the league a wee bit and talking to Talbot fans the night that’s the way they have been playing for a wee while recently , thought they were poor but give credit to darvel who worked their socks off and second goal was worth the admission money , brilliant move
  5. Well that’s a precedent set , I’ve seen worse often and no one thrown out a competition
  6. I don’t think there has ever been a game off at darvel in October
  7. Aye Andy he did have , thought Boylan was fantastic first half
  8. Honestly 3 penalties and no sure any of them were a big leishman blunder which doesn’t happen very often looked like pollok centre half got red card for choice words with the Talbot support Longmuir was outstanding second half Kudos to both teams for serving that up in spite of the referee
  9. Brilliant £7 worth , best two teams in the league and boy did they serve up a cracker , fair play to pollok for holding on with the 8 men
  10. Brilliant first half at pollok , can only see one winner now mind u
  11. Yes mate I get that but the optional one is the one trophy any supporter would want to win
  12. Ha ha ha darvel enter the west of Scotland cup but no THE Scottish junior cup , beggars belief to be honest
  13. Aye it’s Oor thread and it’s no funny , fwiw I think Talbot will win the league but not win the play offs as I think they will be happier where they are , what’s ur thoughts mark ? mind u I had ardeer to draw with ladeside on Saturday and I was only 9 goals out of my coupon being up
  14. IMO the team that mick brought from Colville park were born winners and all in it together which was evident when they went a goal Down and only needed tweaked here and there to be one of the top sides in the country , there is no doubt the guys who have been signed are better players as their career will back that up but are they as good a team ? Nowhere near it , and results would back that up and yesterday when Cumnock scored there was an air of inevitability about the place ,at the end of the day the guys are contracted so will need to be their this season but they need to start winning games of football and quickly , on another note I was hearing john Redmond has left the club and went back to Troon , a proper junior guy who knew everyone at other clubs and was a gem Of a guy to have around , we have had some ding dongs with each other throughout the years but once the game was finished that was it ,I wish u all the best john
  15. Ask the Talbot fans who are the best junior team of all time and they will all Say they are still a junior team
  16. Aye cameron eadie is injured and Allan and marr were Suspended the day but that’s their fault and to be fair to Daryl Meggatt who is outstanding player he’s playing injured by the looks of it and doing himself no favours
  17. It’s junior football and at this level it always will be
  18. Nop created one chance second half chasing the game , brilliant move but that was it
  19. Disrespectful ? he was outstanding and has been for years in junior football , best player on the park by a distance
  20. With the players signed winning the league , anyone who says any different isn’t telling the truth
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