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  1. Yea I get it fm but u look at The teams in that league and think there is hardly a game worth going to , but that’s just my opinion
  2. As a fan im moaning about the pyramid as I’d rather see my club play Talbot , pollok , buffs , Clydebank etc as come November, December this winter if we go up we will be lucky to be playing in front of 150 fans and that will be on a good day
  3. Darvel winning the league and potentially the west or talbot winning sos cup and potentially the junior cup they both had good runs in the senior Scottish but Talbot would have made a lot of money out their run with accies and hearts games I’m a fan of this level of football and some of the games have been brilliant spectacles , and I would rather darvel were in wosfl and did what Talbot have done this season as lowland league is a pile of shite what’s every one’s thoughts ?
  4. Nothing mate dont bother with flat racing
  5. Very young side Kilwinning but very impressive they were , gives the new gaffer something to build on
  6. Thanks pal , my family have been at the club all their days and it’s a special occasion but ffs no need for that
  7. Mate. No need for that , great achievement but don’t bring other clubs into it
  8. Just seen the main sponsor on Ayrshire Twitter page and it’s embarrasing
  9. Champions no that it surprises me and for Michael Kennedy to come up To me and say give my medal To ur mum says everything about the man , wonderful moment and one I will never forget
  10. how fitting it would be if we won the league on saturday as tribute to the best player ever to play for darvel , john leckie rip pal you were simply an outstanding footballer
  11. Look it’s easy to sign players when ur offering top money which darvel are but u need to make sure they have the right attitude and character to go along with it , that’s down to the manager and he needs credit for signing the type of player to go with his ambitions and these players have shown they have the right attitude or they wouldn’t have went on the run they have , don’t be kidded Talbot , pollok etc have really good budgets and because darvel have the biggest one doesn’t mean to say they will win the league , im Sure guardiola was brought to Man City to win champions league given the biggest budget and it’s no happened , it’s no easy to win things and he deserves all the credit for building the squad he has with the correct character
  12. im no saying he could have but pre covid he would have won the championship with a team that mostly he brought from the amateurs albeit amateurs in name only with a few ex pros flung in , ive no idea what they have spent this year to win the league but it will be the most in the league by a mile but if you gave him half of that im no saying he would have won the league but he would have went very close , as for going up thats when it starts to get interesting as the team they have the now would walk the ll league imo but would they win the play offs to get to spl2 ? he will strengthen ive no doubt of that but again it will be fortunes spent to win a play off against highland league champions and whoever is bottom of spl2 so basically spending loads to win 3 games !
  13. guy is just an out and out winner , it took me 6 months of toing and froing before he decided to take the job but i knew he would deliver from day 1 , he took the job then turned it down and my words were im no going anywhere else , the job is yours and when my phone went to say he was taking it i knew the club would win trophies , we have had words along the way but thats because we both care , saturday if it happens should be fantastic and i for one will be thinking of the guys who spent countless years at the club working on a shoestring just keeping the club alive
  14. Mate the biggest crowds don’t win leagues , it’s players over a 38 game season , the team who finish top are the best team and I’m saying that thinking their are twists and turns left in this season
  15. Comfortable first half for us today and deserved 2 goal lead at half time but second half would have got football stopped , but be all and end all when it’s bumpy parks is to get 3 points and at this time Of the season it’s greatly appreciated , still twists and turns to come
  16. Three good draws for Talbot at hard venues , the support must be delighted with the weeks work
  17. Guys brilliant show and it’s been great seeing you at different grounds this season , much appreciated
  18. It must be hard when u watch the type of football darvel have played against u twice this season , I can c u looking for a season ticket Doon the brae next season Andy boy
  19. £500 which i thought was gone in the wind but its far from over now , both teams imo will drop points its just who will drop the most and the talbot can hardly moan about being tired as we have played more games in a short period of time
  20. It was horrendous. The kind of game that would get football stopped. to be fair you must be getting used to it andy boy , surely this title isnt slipping out your grasp ?
  21. It’s hardly under scrutiny but no doubt the money spent would Mean failure if they don’t win the league and mick will be first to agree with that as he’s an out and out winner , second place in first season up would normally be a right good season but there’s no doubt all the money spent was to become champions
  22. Aye but that’s expected and what a Community club is all about and my admiration for it I’ve said loads of times
  23. Mate I’m no but I’d rather watch darvel style of play than Talbot and the only disappointment to me the nite is the support darvel had just because the Talbot were in town , if half these people came and followed the club week in week out it would make it a whole lot easier for the club
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