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  1. Andy 25 u ok pal ? Don’t see any laughing faces anymore which is concerning ? its aw about the banter mate and at least u had plenty warning what was going to happen anyway I hope and I am sure big Andy will get a good turn out today , one of the best if not the best keeper ever to have played this grade of football , just a fantastic goalkeeper
  2. Comfortable win today but thought a young Troon team played the game in the right way and will be disappointed with score line , an error from Keeper , a deflected goal and wee Chrissie had a couple of top saves to keep the clean sheet , on to new cumnock next week where we are sure to get a warm welcome
  3. Rob Roy 1 Cumnock 2 pollok 5 Talbot 2 neilston 2 gartcairn 2 glasgow United 2 wishaw 0 vale of clyde 1 larkhall 1 rossvale academy 3 easterhouse 3
  4. Mark the only one who was eligible to play that day was Meggatt who’s stag do it was , the rest of the players on it were injured and weren’t available for selection , I don’t know but I’d imagine mick rightly would have thought they could beat Tranent without meggat , it’s no as If the player taking his place was a novice , Tranent were good on the day and we weren’t so they rightly went up ,on a side note I see the club applying for a general manager at 25k a year , I’m no being clever here but is that not what committees all over the country do week in week out for the love of the club , I know when we had the fall out and me and the boys all left what we were bringing into the club and it’s never been replaced , to see gall advertising for someone at that leveL of money makes me laugh , it should be done for the love of the club nothing else
  5. A boy from Kirkintilloch who’s a good player but I’d say that’s 22-23 good players doon the brae now and they Cannae all play , what’s worrying for me is I looked the fixtures and we have 3 home games from now to the bells , the 3 home games are Troon, Largs and Rob Roy , now no disrespect to these clubs but they don’t have an away following so the club will be lucky to bring in a grand a game , I don’t know this but I’d imagine the wage bill is between 5 & 6k a week u don’t have to be the chancellor to work out that’s a 57k loss if I take the wage bill at the lower end of the scale I don’t care how much money John gall has and he’s obviously wealthy but no football team at this level can afford to spunk that quarterly . imo half of that could win this league
  6. The only person I brought to the club was the manager , but as another poster said mick does not know the history of the club so he’s no to blame here and even the guy who does the social media who does my head in ! he’s no to Blame either but I find it disrespectful that past presidents ,past players and past managers are not shown the respect they deserve when they pass away and that’s the last I reply to you
  7. They do a lot of good things pal but show respect to people who played and managed the club or have been on the commitee , it’s no difficult , it’s the same reading about qts as that’s all they ever mention sponsor wise , there is around 80 advertising board around the park and if I was one of them I would be far from happy , mind you I’d be surprised if half of them Are paid for
  8. I see darvel signed another player today which is fine if they want to but they would maybe be better posting that a player who played in the only darvel team to get to junior cup final and managed the club has passed away earlier this week , Jimmy gilmour rest in peace wee pal u were different class partnering big Wullie frew at the back on that famous run to hampden and will never be forgotten by the true darvel fans , it’s no the first time this season things like this have been missed and is simply not good enough for a club claiming to be the community club
  9. It is unsustainable but I’d imagine he’s in that deep now another 10k ,12k is neither here nor there
  10. All due to your "bestie" splashing the ££££££££££££££££££.
  11. Whatever micks strongest 11 is his next 11 would win the league also
  12. At this rate pal my season will be over before talbots which will be end of October
  13. Meadow 1 Largs 1 pollok 2 bankies 1 johnstone burgh 2 Cumbernauld 1 glasgow uni 1 Yoker 2 carluke 2 royal Albert 2 Threave 3 Kilsyth 0 shpuld be good for my normal 3 points
  14. No one talks more highly about the Talbot success more than I do , it will never be equalled but it’s history mate albeit some history
  15. Mark clue is in the non de plume pal born and bred played and captained the club , only one man down there I have no time for ,anyway I know A boy who has bouncy castles , they are still available for junior cup final day , get in early and have a day out at beechwood
  16. If u want an annual day out this may or June best organise a gala day cause we will be coming in may to take it away
  17. Hopefully this time the game lasts longer than the last one , I like games that last the 90 minutes no by at half time
  18. Is the Cumnock and doon valley cup still going ? be good if it is to keep ur season going
  19. Beith 2 rob roy 0 arthurlie 4 cambuslang 1 blantyre 1 neilston 2 kilsyth 4 Glasgow utd 1 girvan 1 Lanark 1 glenvale 3 thorn 1 so an accumulator on rob roy cambuslang neilston Glasgow utd and thorn will be up
  20. It’s quite good this and gives the Talbot support something to do every week as the league title won’t be winging it’s way to auchinleck this season
  21. Good first half performance tonight and first goal was worth admission money alone but although it was 3-0 at the break I was quite impressed with arthurlie and they wanted to play the game the right way , second half was a non event and I can imagine mick won’t be happy with that display second half
  22. Rob Roy 0 glens 2 hurlford 1 Troon 1 ladeside 2 gartcairn 1 maryhill 3 wishaw 1 Saltcoats 4 royal Albert 0 kilsyth 2 west park United 2
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