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  1. Broughty deserved their draw no complaints from us
  2. I do promote the club but won’t accept any cheap Jibes at the club , unless u know me Uve no idea what the club means to me , I will leave it at that
  3. Well I wouldn’t go and follow talbot after following Hurlford , I’m darvel thru and thru and always will be , u on the other hand 🤔
  4. Helped Andy boy and Anytime I was asked give money to the club
  5. I still don’t agree with what u said but apologies for thinking u were ally gaw who I have already apologised to
  6. Following the club , that answer that for u
  7. At least next week when games videoed I will know what side I am on and also know when I wake up the mora morning I will bleed blue and white , darvel thru and thru doesn’t matter what level we are at , u on the other hand jump clubs like a kangaroo So jog on
  8. Don’t have a go at me then I’ve stuck up for u plenty of Times
  9. Stick to amateur football we are a junior team and I apologised to ally gaw already so move on
  10. Who u calling a clown ? I’ve done more for the club than u ever have so jog on
  11. Ally thought u were having a go at us , apologies
  12. U stick to amateur fitba which is ur level and leave junior fitba to guys who know all about it and were good players , no someone who’s only ability was flinging 40 yard shys , we are still there and we will go to broughty very confident
  13. Listen I’ve said repeatedly talbot are the best team in Scotland and of course it would give us a better chance of winning it if they were out but if we were to win the Scottish I’d rather beat talbot to win it but that still doesn’t alter the fact I don’t agree with sjfa calling game off
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