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  1. John leckie what a player and the best left back ever to have played in the junior game would have been a millionaire born 40 years later
  2. I come on when I go to the games and praised the team when they played the Talbot and deservedly won , I cannot comment on games that I don’t go to and they were all games I expected the team to win no disrespect to opponents , the games that have been off would have been on with old park I have no doubt of that
  3. The guys that did the Park a few years ago do the Talbots , their games are never off and ours weren’t either at that time so it’s no been a great switch from the powers that be
  4. Game off again today which is strange as the president said on Monday night our park is far better than this that might be because they play on theirs , loads of money spent on new surface and it looks great u just Cannae play football on it when it rains
  5. Brilliant display from Talbot , apart from Ryan missing a sitter in first half and leishmans double save accies were woeful but maybe that’s down to Talbot who never gave them a second all afternoon but no shortage of ability in amongst the work rate biggest compliment I can give is it’s no even that big a surprise now
  6. What a lot of utter pish. thats talbot at half way stage in season and lost one game in 19 , so second half of the season they would need to lose 3 in 19 and darvel win every game , as much as i would love it to happen there is more chance of me being next pope !
  7. an agm , mentioned every year about one of them at darvel , yet to have one
  8. i dont see talbot every week but i dont think there is any need to panic , goalie and central defence are fine , i think full back areas they are weaker but lets face it to replace gordon pope and wullie lyle that were as steady as a rock for many years that was always going to be the case , upfront tucker has an embarrasment of riches , only area that i think they could be a lot better is midfield but as i said ive only seen them a few times this season , bottom line is and i dont know what you all reckon but i think the team that wins the league will lose around 5 maybe 6 games all season so they are in no a bad position nearly halfway through the season
  9. Ive no been at the last few games but I’ve seen all the games against the top teams , and there no far away , against buffs game of two halves , Clydebank Controlled the game and hit with 2 sucker punches and could have been 3 up against pollok who admittedly went on to control the game after the first 20 minutes the biggest problem IMO is some of the parks ours included , we are a team full of senior players and the bigger the park the better we play as it’s no so easy to close down good players
  10. Andy you huffed and puffed , our keeper had one good save which I would expect him to save but that was it , I just felt the onslaught I was expecting last 20 never materialised and we looked dangerous once or twice on the break I thought ref was very fair and wasn’t influenced at all with the normal shouts for penalties late on and he was correct with every one that’s our first win against a top 6 side and was badly needed and I thought deserved
  11. Well deserved win for darvel , Opens up the league a wee bit and talking to Talbot fans the night that’s the way they have been playing for a wee while recently , thought they were poor but give credit to darvel who worked their socks off and second goal was worth the admission money , brilliant move
  12. Well that’s a precedent set , I’ve seen worse often and no one thrown out a competition
  13. I don’t think there has ever been a game off at darvel in October
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