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  1. the only decision that could be taken , but one thing very concerning is the wosfl were going to carry on regardless , i find that incredible
  2. And should be for a while now
  3. anyone know whats happened here ? it was very informative from all the clubs and a good read to catch up at what was happening in all the leagues , but since 27th december not a thing been on and it looks like the guy has had personal abuse which is out of order
  4. Ive a lot of time for Carlo and that is just common sense , my daughter is a nurse and she was talking to her mum today saying they can’t cope in the hospital due to the number of people in and she never moans , when it gets to that stage its time for junior football to call it a day at least till March
  5. Ha ha ha ur no the full shilling , guess what when I can see my mum , my daughters and my grandson then things will be getting back to normal and I might think we are getting on top of this bloody virus
  6. I agree with u whole heartedly , we are at Hogmanay and I can’t see my mum or my grand son but if I was still at darvel I could go and watch a junior team playing football , that just doesn’t make any sense at all but hey ho they carry on regardless
  7. I am and always will be a darvel fan but winning this league this year will mean the square root of f all , like Celtic winning the league without rangers for 4 seasons it means nothing , I’m sure darvel will Win the league but with the money being spent without the talbots the polloks the glens it will hardly be achievement of the season , I also hope they win the Scottish for personal and financial reasons but really how the competition is being played is embarrasing when pollok n Talbot will be playing after a year out and that’s wrong
  8. But he certainly never wore them in a home game at Cumnock 🙈🤭
  9. Great result for Rossvale , they keep doing it year in year out with little budget , well done to them
  10. Absolute gem of a guy , him and my dad were really good friends , i remember going to his house and looking at his scrapbooks , ward was at Celtic with the Lisbon lions squad and was very highly rated reading all the old articles
  11. Mick Darvel supporters and have been for 40 years plus , IMO this was an ideal season with the state of the park to take a year out to lift the park , get it like a bowling green and be ready for next season in amongst the big junior teams but the decision to take was to play on and that’s fair enough , I didn’t and don t agree with it and im Entitled to my opinion , there will have been 20-30 k spent on the park and again IMO that has been money wasted and could have been put to better use goi g the full hog and relaying the park
  12. There was a rumour and don’t laugh at me here that they were going to play home games at Motherwell on Astro for a few months so I believe they did want the game on , what is surprising is that Darvel’s main sponsor is also the kit sponsor at Kilmarnock , so why could they no get rugby park at some point today to get today’s game on ?
  13. It’s no a must win for Darvel tomorrow but it’s a must not lose as with the league being weakened greatly this season I wouldnt like to give bankies a 9 point lead even at this stage
  14. they have spent a fortune on the park and quite frankly its a mess , it would be two good teams playing on a cow field after 15 minutes , feel sorry for the company doing it as the rain that falls down here doesnt give them a chance and oh playing 5 games in a row on it didnt help matters either dan
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