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  1. ive got to be careful what i say here as i will get dogs abuse because im no longer at the club so first of all what is happening off the park is fantastic to see and great to see floodlights and a new park being done , i dont need to mention figures here but the budget given to the manager would have been the top one in the league maybe bar polloks as i did it but that was including lottery off approx 300 members , 2 sunday brunches and a sportsman dinner throughout the season , that obviously would not have happened and who knows when it will happen again so there would have been a huge hole needing plugged this season , ive no idea who got paid and how long for this season but ive no doubt that would have been covered by john , its great to hear mick and john say the wages are coming from income coming in but ive a feeling its no accurate and there will be a shortfall as who knows when fans will be allowed in and who knows when functions can take place again , will the club go into massive profit as john says ? id say no or little chance and the strange thing being and its great they are ambitious but getting promoted into lowland league would see income coming in drop like a stone as maybe 2 clubs will have a travelling support in that league , and no doubt mick will want a bigger budget to try and win that league , darvel will never have the backing of the talbot , cumnock , polloks, meadows of this world , id say max darvel will get without away fans is 250-300 ,and probably most of them are going cause i spoke pish and got them to join the lottery and they got free entry ! ive yet to speak to anyone in the town who wants to see darvel in the lowland league so its catch 22 as far as next season gos , fwiw i hope they have a brilliant season finish 2nd in the league and continue to play in that league , ive a feeling getting promoted will make the chairman need far bigger pockets than he has already
  2. well gall said darvel dont pay the biggest wages on the podcast so i had to check it wasnt 1st April also , so it must be that time of the year jb
  3. Games a bogey and unlucky to the teams who tried but there was never any chance this season would get thru the winter , get ready for next season , fans back and all the top teams in one league
  4. I would say there is zero chance of restarting the season , I spoke to someone high up at a league club who was saying they would have to test players for the next 6-8 weeks at a cost of 6k a week and no officials from away clubs would be allowed in , what’s the point ?
  5. the only decision that could be taken , but one thing very concerning is the wosfl were going to carry on regardless , i find that incredible
  6. And should be for a while now
  7. anyone know whats happened here ? it was very informative from all the clubs and a good read to catch up at what was happening in all the leagues , but since 27th december not a thing been on and it looks like the guy has had personal abuse which is out of order
  8. Ive a lot of time for Carlo and that is just common sense , my daughter is a nurse and she was talking to her mum today saying they can’t cope in the hospital due to the number of people in and she never moans , when it gets to that stage its time for junior football to call it a day at least till March
  9. Ha ha ha ur no the full shilling , guess what when I can see my mum , my daughters and my grandson then things will be getting back to normal and I might think we are getting on top of this bloody virus
  10. I agree with u whole heartedly , we are at Hogmanay and I can’t see my mum or my grand son but if I was still at darvel I could go and watch a junior team playing football , that just doesn’t make any sense at all but hey ho they carry on regardless
  11. I am and always will be a darvel fan but winning this league this year will mean the square root of f all , like Celtic winning the league without rangers for 4 seasons it means nothing , I’m sure darvel will Win the league but with the money being spent without the talbots the polloks the glens it will hardly be achievement of the season , I also hope they win the Scottish for personal and financial reasons but really how the competition is being played is embarrasing when pollok n Talbot will be playing after a year out and that’s wrong
  12. But he certainly never wore them in a home game at Cumnock 🙈🤭
  13. Great result for Rossvale , they keep doing it year in year out with little budget , well done to them
  14. Absolute gem of a guy , him and my dad were really good friends , i remember going to his house and looking at his scrapbooks , ward was at Celtic with the Lisbon lions squad and was very highly rated reading all the old articles
  15. Mick Darvel supporters and have been for 40 years plus , IMO this was an ideal season with the state of the park to take a year out to lift the park , get it like a bowling green and be ready for next season in amongst the big junior teams but the decision to take was to play on and that’s fair enough , I didn’t and don t agree with it and im Entitled to my opinion , there will have been 20-30 k spent on the park and again IMO that has been money wasted and could have been put to better use goi g the full hog and relaying the park
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