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  1. Mark , for the record here is why i resigned from the football club - i was lambasted for the following decisions by the chairman 1- the lottery which i worked really hard over the years to bring in 25k a year to the club needed new members so i went to the Galston YC chairman a good friend of mine and said you guys go to the mums and dads of galston and coaches and bring in a 100 new members i will give you half of it and half to us - that was lambasted by the chairman but i would have thought having an affiliation with the club that was quite a fair deal for everyone ? so why have the affiliation if you cant help each other ? i think we all know the answer to that 2 - i came up with the idea of a juniors wall to commemorate the guys who have played a part in the clubs history over the years and now we have became a senior club it was the ideal time for this , at the same time the local rangers supporters club approached me and asked if they could have a bust for sammy cox , an ex darvel , rangers and scotland player and i thought yea thats a good idea , again i told them any bricks we sell would be ours but any they brought in would be 50-50 , bearing in mind an e mail was going out to every rangers supporters club in the world , 12,000 of them it could have been a huge money spinner - again this didnt go down well 3- i did a deal to sell eddie ferns to cumbernauld which involved us getting 100 match programmes from cumbernauld chairman for every home game and a really good programme at that for this forthcoming season , no hard to work out at £2 a pop plus sell advertising spaces which myself and some of the guys on the commitee had already sold that it would have brought in approx 7k , they sold him for £1500 ? this gave me no option to resign from my role at the club but i and the other boys who have left are steeped in the history of the club and will still continue to follow darvel home and away and we all wish the club every success in the future , and luckily for you guys we are now allowed on here to talk pish so will make saturdays more interesting for you all if and when the season ever starts , and as for your point re talbot getting mentioned in their post which has disappeared for some reason there are plenty of massive clubs who will pose a threat to darvel and im sure mick and the players will know that
  2. Should it no have been out 2 weeks ago ? We are just about to announce phase 2 , shambles of an association
  3. Best of luck to jamie , top boy and brilliant attitude
  4. Darvel have made wide man Eddie Ferns available for transfer , any available requests can be made to the club or DM myself
  5. Be interesting to see if other east Ayrshire teams get the same grants , precedent been set I’d say
  6. They seem to think not mate , time will tell
  7. I doubt it. oh looks like we are coming up markie , double dunt for talbot papped out scottish senior cup and darvel being promoted , its no been a good few days over auchinleck way 😄
  8. We all know talbot will come out with a statement saying they don’t want in Scottish senior cup next season 🤭
  9. Yea broughty were better team on the day and I think we thought it was over going up 2-0 as early but the same mistake would not have happened again , good luck to u guys whenever football starts again
  10. But, if you're not taking up SJFA membership for next season, surely Broughty will get awarded the tie? If that’s the way it is so be it
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