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  1. Point 1 - untrue point 2- John doesn’t pump Money in willy nilly point 3- no club official is disrespectful point 4 - we beat glenafton comfortably at new Cumnock , talbot would win there easily as well mind u 🤭 point 5 - like it or lump it we are the most talked about team in junior football u will take us serious soon enough trust me
  2. Last I looked we still have a chance of winning both of them 🤔
  3. More than that and more than that to win the Scottish 🏆🏆
  4. So do I , Astro at rugby park , we will fling on another ball so u can get a kick of it 🤭
  5. Eh ? This is our thread 😂😂😂
  6. Nop just idiots like u who don’t like that we will challenge u and trust me we will , saw u a few times this season and I don’t see anything to fear whatsoever
  7. That’s cause u have no knowledge of the game , just keep watching the ball getting humped forward and hear the shouts of win second ball win second ball , the talbot way
  8. Are u thick ? It’s because of him ! no other manager in junior football could have attracted the players he has to Darvel , Tucker Sloan has an easy Job attracting players to auchinleck as they are serial winners , just think when we start winning things which we will the type of player Mick will can attract to the club , that’s why the talbot support canny keep off our thread 😂😂😂
  9. Attracted players to the football club that we could only dream about and let’s get it straight it’s no for the money it’s because of him ,he knows what I think of him Anyway but I feel he will finish up the top manager in Scotland , we undoubtedly have the best squad of players in junior football
  10. the standard of player is tapping up ha ha ha ha ha , u guys have ur own wee agenda , have a lovely xmas and enjoy our progress in the new year
  11. lets see how the rest of the season gos barney and the next few seasons after that , ive a feeling and bear in mind i know the standard of player coming in the summer wee darvel might just be a force to be reckoned with
  12. We were 7 players missing and played nearly the whole second half with 10 men , they really should be better
  13. Trust me he does and he’s no bad at it hence why he got a new deal , best manager in Scotland bar none
  14. We might just have most of our players back for the Scottish at end of January , I wouldn’t like to pick the team as it’s scary the ability of the squad and we have done fantastic this season with what we have had to contend with with regards to injuries and guys working away from home , to still be challenging for the title and still in the Scottish right now we are all delighted doon the brae
  15. thanks for ur opinion , but i dont really care what u think
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