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  1. These are things which should be discussed at an agm but gall for whatever reason wouldn’t have one when we were there and hasn’t had one since and it’s not right ! I was always an advocate like u and the other boys who left for giving sponsors a free day out during the season and he said don’t use that word free when talking to them , just seen an advert for player sponsorship and it’s free this and free that , how times change
  2. What was ur record in Ayrshire this season ? I know u never won many but how many did u win out of games played ?
  3. Ur getting a wee bit twitchy and it’s close season , concentrate on the west next season , the league and Scottish we will take care of
  4. I’d imagine to win it and really get the community on board , not a soul In the town could give tuppence for the sos cup , mention the junior cup different story , the club made an arse of it last season no playing in it but the way the park was it’s probably just as well , I’m no sure gall would want to be in it but I’d imagine mick wanted to win it so makes sense to Me as u make a few Bob and the whole town would be at the final
  5. Ur annual trophy lifting day in the sun will be scuppered also concentrate on the west now we mite no be in it
  6. No a great loss u were never we going to trouble the sjfa engraver anyway
  7. Let’s u concentrate on the west as that’s another cup u won’t win next season now
  8. Only way u can have a real Tier 5 is a league consisting of top 4 L L teams , top 4 wosfl , top 4 eosfl and top 4 highland league teams all in one league , I know some might say im Missing out sosfl but let’s be honest it’s a Pish league and no place in tier 5 of Scottish football
  9. If he had been manager of pollok or Talbot they would have won the league this year and that’s no d being disrespectful to the greatest manager the juniors has known or to murdie , that’s my personal opinion
  10. I spoke to mick last week and he gave me his reasons behind it , if he’s told players to take their holidays first two weeks in June and he’s down to 6 players he can hardly play the game , what I don’t agree with and pretty much sums up the club is it’s still no been relayed on their Twitter and fb page which is pretty disgusting and disrespectful to all the fans who have followed them this season , I’m pretty sure they would have loved darvel to win the west , no as if we have seen plenty of silverware over the years
  11. Yea Tranent we’re very good on the day , thought every defender and ur number 11 were outstanding in the day and darvel just never turned up , played more long balls on Saturday than they have all Season and was just a poor performance , these things happen and a word for the ref third time he’s done a darvel game in the last few seasons and he’s a very good official and I don’t say that often
  12. Totally agree , disgrace that it comes to that
  13. U don’t know me so I won’t reply to u you
  14. Did I aye ?? And to be fair way the way he acts that might have been the best thing to do but u will know more than me
  15. Tell us then on u go and then I will put u rite
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