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  1. How long since the playoff with Dalkeith ? Changed days since
  2. Not that it will make a difference in the grand scheme
  3. Of course it effects them, they are a LL team. A bit early to suggest they are are league two team yet.
  4. Bollocks. If against it vote against. Don’t sit on the fence.
  5. My gut feeling was teams with a reasonable support would. That’s why I was concerned it would be voted through.
  6. Will be denied promotion by finishing midtable
  7. I saw css on Twitter suggesting they would vote against. East Stirling Bo’ness vote against as well ?
  8. A small tribe of same name in Bonnyrigg. I believe one played eos for easthouses for a few years.
  9. Sinnet in goal for Blackburn recently, Jim's son?
  10. Will Kelty be participating in the league cup in up coming season?
  11. Is the assumption that no promotion to league 2 then, Brechin safe. Kelty and Brora are hoping for reconstruction, which isn't going to happen
  12. Nobody suggesting this needs to be played now, but is there an intention to play one. If not i suspect that Kelty will remain in LL next season
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