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  1. Is the assumption that no promotion to league 2 then, Brechin safe. Kelty and Brora are hoping for reconstruction, which isn't going to happen
  2. Nobody suggesting this needs to be played now, but is there an intention to play one. If not i suspect that Kelty will remain in LL next season
  3. No mention of a play off to get into League 2 for Kelty/ Brora? Or hoping for league reconstruction to go up?
  4. Who played for whitehill that season? Must have had a cracking team
  5. Sorry to hear about big Kieran. Big game today and 3 points for rose would make it difficult for EK to make ground back up. Also a big welcome back to NDP to EK keeper Aldo Martin, who last visited with Dumbarton.....
  6. Marco andreoni play fir you guys next season?
  7. Hj did this have a bearing on their shafting by stirling albion ??
  8. Aye right Donald Trump. Seen for myself and Dalkeith landlord agrees. Alec Higgison says you were murder too!!!
  9. To be fair, i think you ruined it yourself with a lack of talent.
  10. I dont have beef with the clubs, i am delighted that 3 will be in scottish cup next year, point bs and auldheid are making is it puts these clubs at a whopping advantage.
  11. I can fully appreciate teams like Broxburn getting these facilities which are widely used and available to wider community, but the midlothian teams mentioned are grass pitches, which are infrequently used and not available to be used by public, while now looking to close down a widely used 3g facility.
  12. Point being made is that council spunked huge sums of money on floodlights at these grounds which are for the benefit of the teams involved- not the wider community. Yet midlothian council is looking to shut 3g at poltonhall as it cant afford to replace the surface, Poltonhall is used by community, not like the other grounds mentioned.
  13. The ground improvements at ndp in the last few years have been very impressive. A new changing facility, corporate lounge, terracing amongst many others. Well in excess of 100k spent, if floodlights had been a requirement before application had started, they would have been installed by now. I also look at list of teams who have floodlights and notice most have had them paid for by local authority (wee rose an obvious exception) unfortunately as Rose own the ground, this isnt an option
  14. I reckon there was 2500+against talbot in the semi of junior cup in 2012
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