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  1. Saw that lol, I’ll never read another Keith Jackson story
  2. lol looks like up to £50k maybe times two according to the ‘rules’. Not enough for a winding up order?
  3. Must have been bad given your current form is marginally worse than ours.
  4. Thanks chief, no implications for him then. Youth team or not still Greenock Morton FC, not sweating just a wee bit? 😉 guess we’ll find out today. We can but hope I’m sure it’ll come to nothing though lol. Looks like it’ll be some sort of fine.
  5. Was Hoppy manager at Morton for the Trial-gate scandal? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/morton-facing-sfa-hammering-unapproved-23915395 interested to see what the consequences may be for a team with no money
  6. Happy with it, 7pm kick off for me, might even buy the stream!
  7. If the players we did actually sign, ie Innes Cameron were given a fair crack maybe we wouldn’t be in this position and a gamble on wright wouldn’t have been required
  8. regression to the mean please stop saying this it’s not catching on lol
  9. Hold my hands up to this, I guess we shouldn’t expect consistency from McKenzie at this stage, little unfair to judge wright as he never appears to have been fully fit. Ultimately they’re the only playable strikers in the squad though so that was the motivation. Moffat and Wright my current preference.
  10. Given they’ve beaten us twice already and our squad is significantly worse it’s unlikely.
  11. Lol like saying Craig Beattie or Kevin Kyle is/was better purely based on their past history, Doolan inferior to both at Ayr
  12. Hearts win 6-0, either they’ve clicked or Alloa have chucked it, I’m guessing the latter. Expect Morton will roll them now.
  13. This is all a bit cringe boys, I’m sure everyone’s trying their best. Ultimately up to the club to cough up if they want to improve things.
  14. In this septic tank of a league I doubt that’s actually the case.
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