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  1. Thought he might be backup for Dipo, but worrying if there’s a requirement for him to play.
  2. Get what you’re saying and technically correct, but stretching it a bit here That said we may as well be speaking a foreign language.
  3. Just a little odd he openly said going out on loan last season was a mistake, hope it works out and not another Bruce Anderson. Before you reply my memory of Anderson is a guy who categorically didn’t want to be at Ayr or in the Championship, worse than the Cammy Smith outcome IMO.
  4. Thought it was a joke when someone suggested the 3rd strip was due to our ‘relationship’ with Burnley. Not sure what the fans have got out of it. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/ayr-united-launch-new-third-27861162.amp
  5. WTF did Hoppy live on, avocados and coconuts? Guy looks like he barely steps out the chippy.
  6. Ou est le video? Righto, twitter, seems like old Allan might be getting more involved at the club.
  7. Feels like a new signing at this point. At least he should take some of the wrong type of pressure off Murdoch, hope to see him as a sub soon.
  8. Proven to be complete moon shots that anyone on this forum could’ve named.
  9. Has he actually signed though? I can only see the FS article saying he’s been offered a deal. Might even be a last ditch leak to get something better.
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