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  1. The guy on the committee known as "the wee fat coonter" likes to spout his pish on here a lot, why not ash him?
  2. I'm in a cooncil hoose, so don't have a say in the matter. Oh and it happened all right!
  3. I'm sure some of you have had this happen with your neighbours too?
  4. Saint Johnstone beat Queen of the South 5-1 this morning if that counts
  5. I got new neighbours yesterday and I guessed they were celebrating their new house. They are in their 40s, but obviously still at. I was kept awake for hours by her moaning and him grunting. I reckon she came at least five times, never heard anything like it in my life. They must have known that I could hear everything, either that or she's sex mad. She works in Tescos, so I'm going to buy some condoms to see how she reacts, the dirty coo that she is!
  6. But Sally is so fuckin' shagable!
  7. I hope we do better than 4th. I'm sure we will be top half of the league though
  8. Is the "J" on the right hand of the logo supposed to be greyish white? Looks like it has been washed too many times
  9. I would imagine Queens would shift around 800 season tickets going on their recent success over the past 10 seasons or so.
  10. My new top is spreading good vibes, I'd advise the same remedy for some posters on here lol.
  11. PS: just to state that I'm a bit of a snob
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