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  1. Great bit of bounce back ability for Ardeer thistle today.
  2. Don't normally post but obliged to today was up at Lanark which is a cracking wee set up but unfortunately the bar had run out of beer[emoji482][emoji482] by the time the teams got there really disappointed in Lanark and hope this will be rectified in future. [emoji38]
  3. Ardeer v greenock is now off
  4. Prob best bet would be toryglen they usually have at least 1 park free other than that you have to take a crazy kick off time.
  5. Ardeer v Hulford.....friendly 11.30 kick-off is on
  6. f**k bullshit thread and demeaning to all conected to muirkirk which is a good club run by gd people
  7. f**k it I restarted this thread and not commented on it till now as I'm affiliated to a certain club....However we have now played everybody except wittlets and after today I feel winton are uncatchable at least for promotion now....no mater how i feel about there team personally.....I do believe it's going to be a hard few months ahead for any team with asperations to get promoted with them.....However on current form darvel should be second fav.
  8. Great signing but unfortunately hasn't played many games due to the amount of call offs we have had recently. He was outstanding in the recent game against Irvine but lack of match fitness forced him off after about an hour which IMO changed the game that day. He also brings a great wealth of experience to what is a relatively young dressing room. We'll no doubt see the best of him when we get a run of games.
  9. First I've heard of them was plans submitted for a 60,000 all seater stadium though.
  10. Haha is it Scottish or English premier league teams.
  11. So you Condone standing in front of away dug out celebrating and shouting obscenities? I've always been a firm believer in winning and losing with dignity..vics showed today they are a good team that can grind out a result even in adversity and proved why they are one of the favourites for this league however the lack off class they showed on the park with the second sending off and the unsavoury seens at the end of the game with thier supporters leaves a bad taste in the mouth....it's that bad I would see Darvel promoted ahead of them.
  12. John you have went right down in my estimations instead of coming on here and voicing your displeasure why not do your bit for your so called team rather than slagging them. Todays result flatters the vics the game was tight until the ref have the softest pen I've seen in my time in football.
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