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  1. Not on your nelly, my old son. I never drink on.an.empty head. Best not to, keeping company like yours.
  2. If i.wanted to hear from an arsehole, i'd have farted. Next.
  3. Good luck getting the immuno-retrovirus treatment reversed ya fuckin broon hatter. Broon McMaster is still cooking as we speak.
  4. Don't disparage a supporter's viewpoint so readily. You don't know what it takes for people to make their feelings known whence in the circle of 'membership', although i wouldn'nt expect much empathy from the nearest and dearest. Keep on.with your 'watchers' club until you can see them in the one lens if you like.
  5. Present and correct. There was no attack on.officials.....just a lil' trollin' on the disciples to liven up a dull Saturday night without a game to dissect. We're not the only club stricken by civil war....by any degree. But we''re the only one ferlung sorry for itself. Fucking grow a pair.
  6. Absolutely. McCall has only ever been hired to provide instant results. This includes, but not exclusive to, motivating post-generational professional sportsmen to a degree of competitive excellence. I refuse to believe that anyone he's managed, didn't witness, or was acutely aware of, McCall's trophy and caps' haul. So, in turn, the desire to learn, and be taught, is as guilty as the inability of some of the good guys getting their point across succinctly. I speak as a Clyde fan.struggling to see exactly what Barry Ferguson envisages a team in his 'style' is meant to be.....the same Ferguson who.is among the most decorated players in our game.
  7. Careful CfcUk. Half the members let their water drop at the first question. Not cool.
  8. Ought not to give Hammyton the oxygen he clearly craves. That said....he may have fucked off to find a new team. Others have continued to stay and just threaten it, as per whatever course the club decides to take. As for the grammar polis, he might have come up with his own name without the need for an underscore. Very uncouth.
  9. As i thought myself, SLW. I still, however, point blank refuse to acknowledge that any impending resignation is due to the boo boys at all....merely another stick to beat them with. Harry; i'll PM you this phonetically so you can understand.
  10. You wouldn't, by any chance, be telling me that i might be right after all, Spidey??? I'm speechless!!! Truly.
  11. Maybe better to leave diagnoses to doctors, perhaps. If the posts are a problem, don't read them!! I can only ask, why have a go at a director over a team performance, then slate others who are concerned about exrernal matters surrounding the club?? Any credibility your argument against Board criticism may have had disappeared when you telt Gracey 'his' team were a disgrace. Its not 'his' team, or anyone's team. Its yours, mines, everyone's. And there is no personal agenda whatsoever either. Im sure we can find at least one thing iv been positive about tomorrow SSB....
  12. I'm not bothered if its well known or not, if i think its shit i'm not going to insult you, or any one of the rest of our group by saying that its anything else. But i resent the notion.that its all quiet when things are going well...its anything but quiet when the focus is purely on the game in front of us. But no one mentions anything about supporting the team vocally or otherwise when things are fine.....i don't think. The vocal side of the stand is seen.as an embarrasment to many connected to the club, and we certainly get no thanks for it. At least people seem to listen when putting negative points across.
  13. Would you 'understand' better if i posted whilst wearing a director's blazer??? You don't fool me. At all.
  14. I can't believe the paranoia surrounding website members voicing their opinions. If people didn't care at all, why would they bother making their feelings known....and more to the point, who says they are wrong?? There are plenty of ways to skin a cat.....are relatives or acquaintances of individuals meant to turn their backs on people over a football club?? Terrible business, the fitba'.
  15. And the black ones!! Also the white, yellow and orange Adidas Tango balls, and red, black and blue-matching Umbro balls. I had the lot. My faithur also attatched the floodlights to the stand roofs, though the bulbs were the most expensive part if the whole thing. Ground capacity was about 4,000, but it never got more than 2/3 full. Painting the supporters was fuckin murder.
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