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  1. Todays scores 19/1

    Got to say second goal looked miles offside, even the Meadow players looked surprised it was given!
  2. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Think for the majority there will be a huge emotional attachment to Abbey Park, certainly for me it’s got almost 50 years of memories. However if it’s in the best interests of the Buffs as a football team first, then we need to be open to change and let the committee put their plans forward. I can’t help but commend the current committee for the work they have done in improving the club. What would be the plans for Abbey Park if the Buffs do leave? From memory it’s zoned for leisure, would it pass back to the council to maintain its upkeep? Is there any way Abbey Park could fall under the umbrella of the Sports Club?
  3. Todays scores 29/9/18

    Buffs 2-0 Beith
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    What music are you referring to? Can’t remember hearing anything contentious played.
  5. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    Fortunate that the Beith squad play for nothing but the love of the club.
  6. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Confirmed on Buffs twitter account.
  7. Talbot's Junior Cup Final song

    Buffs had “From The Banks” for 1999 cup final
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    No, definitely at Kilwinning, Hogg scored a couple on his debut.
  9. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Did Buffs not win 3-1 at Abbey Park last season?
  10. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Totally agree with the above. Couple of seasons ago when Maitland was regularly in midfield I felt it helped out McGuiness and we had a lot more dig about us. Disappointing to be out the cup however we have good runs the past couple of years and some years you just have to take it on the chin. This time last year we could hardly get a league win and it was going to be a fight for survival. Buffs haven’t become a bad team all of a sudden and I think will have a say on who wins the league.
  11. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Nisbets goal was definitely onside, however overall I don’t think it would of made a difference, they seemed up for it more than the Buffs. Like most folk, baffled by the Buffs tactics today. Buffs seem to feel the pressure a bit more playing at home.
  12. Goals, & gossip. Saturday 07 Oct.

    Buffs 1 up. Pettigrew.
  13. Today's Scores

    Buffs won 1-0.
  14. todays scores

    Cumnock came with a game plan, which was basically to get the one point out the game which would make them safe in the league. It worked for them, they slowed the game down and were time wasting from the first minute. Anson, who in fairness was probably the best player on the park, was their out ball every time. If he hadn't been playing I don't really see what else Cumnock had. I thought the Buffs shaded the match as well, and should have taken their chances to win it. Likewise it was probably a game Buffs needed to win.
  15. Games on today?

    Surprised as well, update last night was that parts of Beechwood were under water, and game was very doubtful. Been raining pretty solidly all morning. No doubt committee will have been working hard on the pitch, both clubs have got a lot arranged so hope there's no change of decision.