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  1. On the late break away - I had a bad view, but it looked like he stopped play because of an off the ball incident (which he booked the Arbroath player for ) - so I expected a Rovers free kick but it wee t to Arbroath! Was there an advantage already being played for Arbroath? Or what happened?
  2. Arrived half an hour ago. Rain is constant but not torrential. Dry in the pub as well. On a more serious note, I love our plastic pitch. Never any worries that a game will get called off for rain, surface the same week in, week out. Braw min!
  3. Hi folks, hope you don’t mind! But me and my pals have come up with what we think would be a great addition to the Tartan Army repertoire. Posting it here so folks (if they like it) can share it with their local TA’s or even just amongst their own groups of mates who go. Inspired by the various ‘Allez Allez Allez’ songs that clubs have and that our own team (Raith Rovers) do a cracking version related to John Mcglynn. Anyway, hope you like it and we can get it going! We follow Bonnie Scotland We come from near and far We are the Tartan Army Our Home is Hampden Park We’ll drink your beer and whisky You’ll find us in the pub We are the Tartan Army We’re gonay win the World Cup Allez Allez Allez Repeat!
  4. Aye, I’m one that is only interested if it’s a new ground for me. Been to Cove and it is brutal for watching a game. The other 4 in my group are the same. So it may be that the fans that would turn up for the game at Spain park will not necessarily all transfer over to a game at Cove. Big gamble then to move it!
  5. Hopefully they move it (as long as it’s still a Saturday!). But it would still be disappointing if it was cove (their ground is brutal as well for watching football) as I was hoping for a new ground!
  6. Was buzzing with the tie… then googled their stadium! Absolutely gutted. Even if we get 300 tickets and we have a ballot for season ticket holders, it’s unlikely the folk you want to go with will get one as well!
  7. Looking at Banks O’Dee and the stadium seems to only hold 800odd. Shite!
  8. The three sections closest to the main stand were closed off when I bought tickets last week. Good to see them open now, should hopefully remove any fuckery of folks getting annoyed at folk sitting in seats they thought they had reserved etc. Ticket sales look not bad so far. Hopefully add a few hundred more before the weekend and get a good atmosphere going.
  9. I posted this last week mate, the Mill Inn looks the closest (I think). But no idea about what it is like! If any kind individual would be able to offer pub advice that would be much appreciated, cheers!
  10. Hope that ‘the Nairn chosen few’, the ‘insert town nowhere near Glasgow Loyal’ and ‘the minority’ enjoyed the game. A lot of sad quiet bigots the night I think!
  11. Songbook in full flow here. C’mon Hibs, silence these bigots
  12. We went to the Brass and Granite when we were down. Pretty decent. Very much a 'football fans going to game' atmosphere and loads of TV screens,
  13. 5 tickets bought today - looks like a decent amount shifted so far! Looking forward to this, should be a good atmosphere. Hopefully we can go into it on the back of 3 points vs. Morton and keep this momentum going. Question for the Bairns among us (and any ITK Rovers too) - anyone kind enough to suggest the best place for a few beers before the game? Will be getting the train into Grahamston (although some of our group are driving from Kirkcaldy, but joining us in the pub around midday). Years ago (2014?) I got recommended Behind the Wall. Still a good option? I see that the Mill Inn is probably the best location in terms of moving the right way toward the ground, and likely decent parking for my mate. Any good? Or is there something else folks recommend?* Any advice will be much appreciated, cheers! * if its a town centre bar, like BTW, assuming it would be best to park up (where? is the train station car park free?) and then drive nearer the ground at kick off? Cheers!
  14. Aye, it's not going to be easy. But we are in good form and the team have to be confident. Agree with the folks above. A 'must win' in the context of our next run of fixtures. I said before the Hamilton game that it had to 6/6 from the next two. 3/3 so far! Just going to be driving to this, I think. Been a lot of days out lately, and making a day of the Falkirk, Arbroath and Killie games (down south for the Partick away game which I am gutted about!). Team-wise, I can't see McGlynn changing a winning team. He is loyal to players that come in and take their chance - and that is key to players buying in to it. Ideally, I'd like to see Bene back in for Lang (even though lang has been solid). I can see why folks would want Dick back in, as a natural fullback. I do think Frankie had a good defensive performance at Hamilton, though. He is much bigger and quicker than a typical fullback - rarely gets done and stops loads of crosses. Lost count how many times he made blocks on crosses that ended up as throws, corners. He is very composed and tidy as well. Would be happy with either playing.
  15. Two questions for the locals! Is the Accies Vaults still the best place for a pre match pint? Can you still walk from the Accies Vaults down the path behind the main stand to get to the away end? Cheers folks! Really looking forward to it. It really wasn't too long ago it was watching on a (sometimes shite) stream in front of zero fans, sitting in the house myself, chatting on zoom with boys at half time and after the game. Absolutely fucking loving being back at the football! For the game, we are 4 games into the second quarter. Unbeaten but only have 6 points. Last 3 games of the quarter (away at Arbroath, home to Killie, away to Partick) are very tough. Really feels like we need 6 points from this game and next week at home to Morton if we are serious, so I would put this down as a 'need to win' game.
  16. A game where we were lucky to get a point but it’s a sickener because it’s disappointing we didn’t turn up - pish we didn’t step up and put it on them.
  17. Kennedy is so bang average it’s unreal. Had a few flashes with us but was generally ‘tidy’ only. That becomes passenger sooooo fast when a team isn’t dominating. Delighted he is not a Rovers player. Generally a signal of a huge problem if other teams are delighted your players don’t play for them!
  18. Haha, caught me out - that is the main reason the off licence is the preferred option
  19. Cheers mate, much appreciated! If anyone is able to confirm re: the Devorgilla, that would be great cheers (or recommend an alternative if needed!). Good to know about the Morrisons, cheers (although does that have a cold fridge?). Thanks for the nod about Scotrail, too!
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