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  1. That was absolutely fucking dreadful.
  2. Such a negative approach from us in our pressing again. Fucking put it on c***s
  3. These c***s are murder. Get them pumped.
  4. Apologies for the daft question, but want to avoid a mare - to confirm, it’s the same tickets that were originally issued (The ones with the March date)? Cheers!
  5. Pitch seems sticky as f**k. Ball not rolling or fizzing. Needs a big soaking at HT!
  6. Canny believe we never beat the Big Team this year. Fucking minter from us. Get Doon
  7. Hope all the **** in airdrie that have thwarted the pre game pub sesh for Rovers and Queens fans are enjoying their day
  8. Also doing this to me. Have you folks found a solution? Edit: Worked on the 23rd try across 4 different cards. Joke! Seems to be a lot of folk struggling looking at the twitter thread on tickets.
  9. Do friendlies/this game count towards loyalty points, does anyone know?
  10. No no fucking a million times no. He pulls on the shirt and it’s game over for hundreds of fans currently (me included). He is finished at professional level. He is toxic for the club, brand and long term future prosperity. Edit to add - as soon as he is on the bench the volunteers go again and it’s game over. And forget getting the supporters find money back of the many that stopped it. The club is not viable, correctly, with him there. The directors need to stump up and pay for their mistake. Get a line under it and move on.
  11. Really hope it’s the Saturday and hope the venue is one that isn’t murder for pubs!
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