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  1. The Ethan Ross signing followed with the Community Hub plans taking more concrete form have got me thinking and I have been proper buzzing... After being a national laughing stock, appointing Gary Locke, the John Hughes saga, on 13th May 2017 we lost on penalties to Brechin, getting relegated to league 1. Barry Smith's brutal football and all round negativity followed, and we looked like we could be in real trouble of languishing in L1 for a long, long time. Now we are in the Championship, having had a real tilt at promotion last year (and arguably without a Hearts and over a 36 game season we would have had a very good shout of winning that league). We look good again for a solid play off hunt, and maybe another tilt at promotion without additional injuries and a shrewd January window. A good amount of prize money should come in again from a decent league finish. We are fucking great to watch. The atmosphere at home games is good, and brilliant away. The players and fans connect. And there are loads of other positives, big wins etc. Obviously SJM is the main hero, and we really do need to announce the 20 year deal. But I also think John Sim (and perhaps the wider Board) needs major credit (if this Hub is successfully built). He, without full backing and a lot of nae saying from fans, stuck to his guns and implemented the 4G park to enable the transition to a 7 day a week stadium. Should the Hub go ahead, it is a game changer and sets us up in a really strong position going forward: - Massive boost to match day experience, with a (Rovers themed) pub for home and away fans right at the turnstiles. This is something I have been desperate for for a long time having experienced Queens Park's version, which is top class. (I would hope the Hub will eventually having similar art work to that in the South Stand concourse, fan tiles/walls etc, themed tables 'the coca cola corner' etc.). - It should become a money maker, which will over the long term be excellent for sustainability (the 7 day a week element is key, pitch rental and rooms rental in the Hub, but so is the match day income from home and away fans. For both run of the mill games and milking the bigger sides when they come to town.). - Major boost to deepen connections with the community and town - it gets youth teams, local teams, walking teams, non-football groups all in and around Raith Rovers and creates positive associations. This will really help with overall perception and hopefully provides a good platform to sustain/build the support and do even more good in the community. - It looks good. It looks professional. So it should help contribute to attracting folks in - young players, young fans. It's a marker that we have a bit of ambition and realistic foundations to grow and be a premier league club. There are loads of other things too, but those jump out straight away. Anyway, what a transition this last 2-3 years have been on and off the park. Everyone at the club - board, team, fans, volunteers etc. - should be massively proud of themselves for achieving all this in such difficult circumstances. I fucking love the Rovers!
  2. Amazing, cheers mate. looks like it’s very similar to the one Queen’s Park have, which is brilliant. I am absolutely delighted looking at that! Unreal!!
  3. Obviously the Tait money will have been a factor, but it’s likely that the tie at Celtic Park was, too. Shows how important a good cup run can be. Brilliant signing - and we either have a very good player for 3 years or he tears it up and we get some cash. The kind of signing that makes you think, a quality addition or two in January and we could have another real go at promotion. Buzzing!
  4. Need to be giving away more free kicks on in own half for me, Clive.
  5. Always wondered if White Goodman got over the Globo Gym Purple Cobras defeat at the hands of Average Joe’s. Good to see him back in professional sport and in the Celtic team.
  6. Absolutely brilliant performance in the circumstances. Poplatnik was excellent when he came on. Second goal was a great finish. Tumilty for the last goal roasting a fresh on the park Armstrong was fucking brilliant. What a run and excellent composure. Great scenes at the end as well. Super John eh. What a fucking man. Announce a 10 year deal!
  7. Really looking forward to this. Day out planned and getting to tick Rugby park off the list. Killie fans, could I trouble you kind ladies and gents for some local knowledge? Looking for a pub that does food to have a few beers and get some basic pub style food before the game. Any suggestions? (Also some of the group are driving from Kirkcaldy, so advice on where to park that is helpful for the pub and ground would be class and much appreciated). Cheers folks!
  8. Aye, I agree. I actually think the Zanatta one is a stonewaller. You see it on the slow mo replay that his heels are clipped and he is tripped up (and because of the slight tug on the shoulder, the boy would have to go. He also fully knows he has fouled him, you can see the 'ahh ffs' body language right after it - he thinks he is walking). So in all likelihood it is 2-0 and 11 v 10. So even though Thistle played well and the 3-0 would have flattered us, I don't think there can be any complaints about the result. Even if you want t make the case that both Thistle claims were pens, they wouldn't have occurred if the Zanatta one was given, as it should have been. Anyway, I love Jobby McCall greeting! P.S. Dario's touch from RT's pass that leads to our penalty is pure class. Great technique.
  9. That Hamilton game has scarred me (and the team by the looks of it. f**k me!). Anyway, great 3 points the start to the season looking much better now. A win on Wednesday would be massive! Would give us a bit of space between ourselves and 5th, put us one point behind Arbroath and go to within touching distance of Kille before we play them. Great pen from Bene as well. KYLE BENEDICTUS, KYLE BENEDICTUS HE WINS THE TACKLES, HE WINS THE HEADERS HE LOVES THE FUCKING ROVERS!
  10. Early doors and all that but this looks quite an important game for our momentum and prospects for the rest of the season. Win and we are in 4th, with a game in hand. Add in the cup run and a win against Aberdeen and its been a very good start all things considered. Lose and we are 5 points off 4th and 7 off 3rd. Things in this scenario are starting to look very midtable'y and our start to the season looks average at best (adding in the injury to Vaughan and lack of options up front, a 'let's stay up and build for next year' feeling could set in fast). Hoping for the former! Come on Rovers!
  11. Thought they might open the section behind the goal with the pandemic. Need to get the shin pads out.
  12. Perfect, plenty of time to grab some cans and make the 5:05! Cheers, mate
  13. Also, not been to the Norseman for years. Was in one time and there was a hole to the sky in the gents - was devastating when I turned up next time and it had been fixed! Still, canny wait.
  14. That’s class mate, cheers! One more quick q: Is there another exit to East Crawford street through Cartsdyke via McDougall Street? Or do you have to walk round and along Ratho Street and back round to McDougall to get into Cartsdyke?
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