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  1. Interesting - what is it that you like about Forfar? The lack of train station makes Forfar one of the worst away days on my end. Peterhead and east Fife equally brutal for the same reason.
  2. Gutted I will be missing this as away for work. Flying during the first half as well... hopefully turning off flight mode at 4:05 and seeing a good result... I would also be tempted to leave Vaughan on the bench and give him 30 minutes. If the result is in doubt then its a great sub to have. On the other hand, I can see a sound case for giving him the first 55/60 to get more minutes and 'win the game' early and bring him off. The kind of game that is a must win in light of our start and pishy away form. Hopefully a solid win and then on to Airdrie next week to see if Anderson is the magic bullet to our away form (please be the magic bullet 🤪). C'mon Rovers just fucking win so I'm full of beanz for the away day a week on Saturday!
  3. O’Donnell absolutely stinks. So off the level it’s unreal. Looks like boys club player playing with the pros. I also think Mcburnie is gash. Ghost. We are desperate for a CB and CF. And no one on the horizon. Not starting Christie I think was a mistake. He’s a ‘goal from nothing’ man and his shooting/guile would have got us up the park more. On to the play off! P.S wasn’t there tonight after 14 years of home campaigns. Cant hack it with the stupid kick off times etc. The ‘week of football’ can get itself in the fucking bin.
  4. 16 goals conceded in 6 away games in league, league cup and challenge cup.
  5. I’ve had enough as well. Our away displays are absolutely disgusting.
  6. Last week we were horrible at the back and flukily kept a clean sheet. Could have been a couple down at half time. Today you see the fruits of that - you can’t be stinking at the back and get away with it. The fact McGlynn has kept Davo and Bene is fucking criminal. If he doesn’t sort the goals against/away performances in the next month or so he deserves to go. Had more than enough time. And with the fact that the personnel - who mcgylnn chose - are the biggest problem, I have no confidence it will turn around.
  7. Game over. Away performances and goals conceded needs to improve rapidly or Mcglynn - as much as I like him and he really does have the coins best interest at heart - can get to f**k.
  8. Gonay stop being pub league at the back? Ffs, you score away from home after 10 mins. Kill the game for the next 20/30. Dumbarton on the opening day proves the value of a clean sheet. Looks like we will need to score 3 to win based on our defensive display and the wind... cue the defeat...
  9. What a first half. But i’d Be absolutely distraught if that injustice had dealt me a skelping in a derby.
  10. Another 2 goals scored and a game lost. Fucking shambles.
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