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  1. Clock wrong now, score wrong earlier. How is this so shite? Shite as our performance so far amiright
  2. We have been brutal here. Need half time at 1-0 (or a lucky goal)
  3. Problem was that I wasn't logged in - despite having to login in earlier. If people are struggling, try a re log in!
  4. Sorry mate, I'm desperate to see the Rovers! And this service is a joke
  5. Has the stream started? Can any ICT fans confirm? This if dreadful
  6. What the f**k is this????? How is this so fucking hard? Has the stream started or are the boys above correct?
  7. https://spflpayments.streamamg.com/account/checkout/c50c6b03-178f-4153-8d12-0921bb5f5839?lang=en I bouught it here - but have no idea how to watch it...
  8. sorry folks - I have bought the game and can't see where to access the stream? Any Help!?
  9. McBurnie has looked a real threat since he has come on 💩
  10. Even though it is shite, I canny believe they didn’t show the build up and then highlights against St Mirren. Was a huge game and the final reason why hearts actually ended bottom. It’s a massive hole in the narrative. It’s almost as crucial as a series of sharp dressed sun-glass-donning gentlemen engaging in rambunctious coffin carrying. Surely they won’t cut that out as well. But you wouldn’t be surprised, would you?
  11. Shirley the back 4 has to be Tumilty and McDonald at full back with Musonda and Bene in the middle? Would expect the midfield to be the same as against Morton, and the Count coming in for Loko. Regardless, I’ll be pished by 3pm. Mon the Roverzzz!
  12. Team name - Rubin Azkaban Oxlade-Chamberlain of Secrets Super John McGinnagall The Half Blood Prince Buaban Lee Wallace as the snitch, obviously.
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