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  1. Aye, seems poor planning to have started selling tickets right next to each other based on likelihood of selling out the allocations. Surely would have made sense to keep the 2/3 nearest the middle for the Rovers to spill over if needed. Shame that some fans will miss out. But good to have the sections we got full. Should be a good atmosphere. Also its great to see how much the fan base has reconnected after McGlynn and co fucked us over. Think last year we only had about 2.3k sold by kick off! Looking forward to the day out!
  2. Aye really disappointing. Football is all about memories and the draw was opening up - a real chance of a trip to Hampden and a potential semi against a non 'top 6' (or even top flight!) club. The fact its going to make us a fair whack is a silver lining. Hopefully use it to tie down players and recruit well. So maybe the 'memories' can be made next year... but aye, shite.
  3. Don’t think the second goal is anywhere near a foul tbh. If McDonald did that and got a free kick I’d be looking at the boys next to me laughing that we got away with it. Proper mistake from the goalie and punished. Also, I love the Rovers.
  4. Mother ‘no taken it well’ Boys on the walk from the ground GET DOON More seriously, away support was great today in the context of how shite that team is. Hard to see how they don’t drop. For the Rovers, huge win and a good looking amount of beatable sides in next round. Couldn’t ask for more! Canny wait to get (even more) pished!
  5. I’ve got through from Glasgow to Kirkcaldy this morning on the train. Edinburgh was where the problems started for me. Lots of cancellations and the ones running are running about 20 mins late. Problem is the bridge apparently. They are only using one side of it because a track issue on the other side). So trains being let across one at a time. This will be the situation all day according to the guard.
  6. Looking at the Motherwell tickets it looks like we have not given over the lower blocks (the ones if you come out the stairs and go down). I think without the lower section that stand holds about 2500/2600 - so looks like about 2k sold which is great. Hopefully the rest get shifted and they do get to 2500ish. Harder to tell with our own tickets being more spread out. Doesn't look fantastic at the moment though. Hopefully there are a lot of folks going to sort it out today and before the game.
  7. Cheers mate, that is a shiter but not a major surprise. Hope the decision is nice an early as a lot of folk (self included) are on pre 10am trains! I can make it Tuesday but know a few who can't. Will lose the 'magic of the cup' atmosphere of a Saturday game. Also I love 4g pitches. Games getting cancelled is fucking murder!
  8. Looking at the forecast, doesn't look like the lows will get above freezing until Saturday. Grass all round me at the moment has been frozen solid all week. Game most likely off, I would imagine? Unless Linlithgow have a good track record of getting games on and their covers work well etc.?
  9. Bored at work and fantasising that its Saturday... It got me thinking about Rovers song roster. It's fair to say that with the departure and muddying of JMcG, we lost what was a defining song over the last few years. It would be good to get a song about Ian Murray. And get a song about Micky Cameron as well. Any suggestions? Hopefully the young team or anyone else can come up with something good! Also, having not been able to get the Lyndon Dykes song out of my head for weeks after the big man done the double against Ukraine at Hampden ('ooow baby do you know what that's worth, Lyndon Dykes is the best on earth, he's from Australia, who gives a f**k, he's gonay win us the Wolrd Cup')', my brain is now constantly playing this is my head: Ooow baby do you know what that's worth? Lewis Vaughan is the best on earth He slayed the Townies, in the cup He's gonay take the Rovers up f**k sake is it not Saturday yet?
  10. A shame the ticket nonsense (pricing and hoops) will inevitably take a bit of the away crowd. Got my ticket though and really looking forward to it. What pubs are the Rovers fans thinking about pre game?
  11. Cheers folks, really good of you and really helpful. Always like sampling the Norseman but fancied something different for a few hours first - these options all look ideal!
  12. Thinking about staying on a stop past Cartsdyke and sampling Greenock for a few pints before the game (probably half watching whatever offering is being served up by THE GREATEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD). Any Ton ladies or gents got any recommendations? Cheers!
  13. Thank f**k. I've been going to games after he was effectively banned from playing, but withdrew all my other financial contributions (including the supporters fund). I'll be starting that up again now.
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