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  1. If we want second (which in both financial terms and giving us a far better chance of promotion terms is really vital), we just have to win. Dundee are up at ICT on Tuesday, meaning we win and they get a draw/defeat, a draw will do us at Dens for second. Really don't want to be needing anything off Hearts on the last day. With the 12pm kick off, it is going to be either 1) a brutal hangover on Sunday as celebration beers start much earlier or 2) the longest Saturday afternoon/evening of all time wallowing. Mon option 1!
  2. I can see how folks wouldn’t agree. I just feel without a 5 game ban he would have played an important role in the latter part of that game.
  3. Also, it’s hard not to feel let down by Davo. A five game ban has cost us today. We had the young lad on from DU when that last 10 mins would have been his bread and butter.
  4. If Spencer/Musonda deal with that and don’t gift that first goal its almost certain we would have passed them to death and killed the game. Dreadful goal - and so sloppy a goal that it rattled us and gave Arbroath so much confidence. Huge missed opportunity and concerning for what it does for the confidence on Tuesday. The best that can be said is we didn’t lose ground and there is another game down. But f**k me, what a mare.
  5. The least I’ve cared about 3 goals going in all season. Feel like we have a real chance to do something in the play offs and having extra games squeezed in would likely kill us (exhibit A is Gullan today). Good luck to Livi in the next round!
  6. Mcglynn got this all wrong today in terms of personnel and shape. fucking murder
  7. King is a passenger. Formation is brutal as well. Just pumping it up top.
  8. Hopefully last night's win and scoring a couple will get a bit more belief into the attack (as even last night, some of the misses and fluffing of lines in front of goal was getting ridiculous). I hope Tait - who has been poor for weeks prior to last night - stays in the team after a better performance and a good goal. Would also like to see Duku back in. Come on Rovers, just fucking win!
  9. I appreciate how difficult things must be etc. But this camera work is really making is hard to see what’s going on. Be great if someone in contact could ask for more of a wide angle
  10. Aye sound off as well. Brutal camera angle as well. Pish poor service, which is a shame. But still buzzing to actually watch the rovers, even though I’d murder a 1.80 double in the bowling club!
  11. Anyone else’s sound a half second ahead of the picture? Is for a few folks in my group watching in different houses...
  12. Checked the forecast - looking dry, mild and not too windy. Thank f**k. Really looking forward to watching a game back on the 4G. The last couple of weeks have been grim spectacles. Obvious as it is, if we want to finish 4th (or higher), home games against bottom of the league have to be won. Hopefully Duku starts and Musonda and Spencer are back in (we really missed both, especially Spencer as Tait is miles off it just now). Beer will be consumed with gusto.
  13. Really tough test - another 'Morton away' type performance needed. I really hope Gullan is fit. He is quality on the ball, but on a heavy pitch in wind and rain etc. his power and strength will be a big, big asset. For that reason, I also hope we play Ugwu to get us up the pitch. Preferred starting XI: J McDonald Tumility Davo Bene Musonda K McDondald Hendry Spencer Armstrong Gullan Ugwu Also buzzing to get on the beers - Come on Rovers, win and make me pay for it Sunday!
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