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  1. 3 in each of the gents? X amount in the women’s? Is it that much of an issue? Would the urinals not just have ‘social spacing’ boxes around them to keep the distancing? My thinking is that the toilets will not be that much of an issue if - say for a crowd of 1500-2000 - The crowd has to be spread over all stands to ensure distancing. I may be wrong though, with that assumption.
  2. I think financially a half season would have been far more prudent - and may have been possible without Hearts... With a 3/4 season likely, there are several things I think the club/ McGlynn will need to do: 1) Have significantly less players (with no challenge cup, league cup and 9 fewer league games - say 15-16 in total - this should be manageable) 2) Have players that are versatile 3) Have players with good injury records 4) Make use of the loan market 5) Have more P/T players than we may have otherwise had in normal circumstances 6) Bonus - Attempt to get donations from rich people!
  3. Aye I’ve popped in a few more tickets as well! Important to get through to get another couple of chances to raise more money. Squeaky bum time...
  4. Quite tight in the Donate a Ticket! If you can and haven’t already...
  5. Anyone know or have a rough idea what percentage of kit sales go to the club vs. The manufacturer? 300 already is decent sales!
  6. That was an absolute disgrace today. Strachan has always talked down the game here, but today was a new level. There are generally so many threads I want to pull it is unreal. Mainly, however, it seemed to be an inferiority complex (incredible, I know, from the man who was a successful small player and went full eugenics...) All comparisons and his feelings of shame tend to be directly linked toward the English leagues (a country 10x larger). Surely similar populations (Wales, Ireland, NI - if we had to stick to close neighbours) would make more appropriate comparisons... but noooooo... then we would have to admit that we actually have a fucking brilliant 'product' (get that phrase in the fucking bin) and one of the most successful 'products' in terms of direct interest (attendance to population in Europe, if not the world). Absolute drivel. ETA: As a Raith Rovers fan, we have, and always will be (in the grand scheme of things like most Scottish clubs), fucking murder. That has no bearing on me supporting my team. Strachan, and all these other c***s have no idea what it football is actually about. Waking up at stupid o'clock for away days on trains, singing songs in pubs before and after the games, arranging your weekends/relationships/holidays to follow your team, posting on P&B, doing fundraising for your club, group chats with constant planning/banter about games (past, present and future). In short, 99% of players (and therefore pundits) have no fucking idea what football is really about because they played through the time they would have been following football as a fan. They, the players, are fucking nothing without the clubs - and the clubs only exist because of fans. In a Scottish football context, I found that discussion today sickening.
  7. Second round of the Scottish Cup on donate a ticket campaign up and running folks! ONNNGM https://donateaticket.com/scottish-cup/
  8. Am I missing something or is that one of the worst penalty decisions of all time? 😂
  9. That awards night was absolutely brilliant. Huge thanks to everyone that put it together - amazing work and a really enjoyable watch. Bairdy's message and then wee face with the 'Pump it Up' in the background was class😂 Also, that version of Geordie Munro is unreal - really nice touch doing a tribute to the workers. Feeling emotional - am away to chuck my ticket money for that in the crowdfunder!
  10. https://donateaticket.com/scottish-cup/ in case anyone has missed it, the donate a ticket campaign is doing a ‘Scottish cup‘. Our fixture is going well so far! Just bought a few tickets - COYR!
  11. Also, I am not sure who controls the social media, but it may be a good idea to try and push some momentum today and tomorrow around 'donate a ticket' for the 1600 that were planning on travelling to Falkirk for the last game of the season. Donate a 'Title Party' Ticket 😎
  12. Aye, good to see it increasing a wee bit. Hopefully the end of the month and pay day for those fortunate enough will see a few more contributions over the weekend. Need to get the momentum back up!
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