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  1. Why? There was still a few good teams left in the cup. Unfortunately it will be scrapped.
  2. No need to. Nothing has happened yet. All just notes of interest. I'm sure a statement will be released when they have something official to announce.
  3. I watched the video of the Darvel cup tie last week and their fans were also singing about Talbot.
  4. Proud of my team tonight. Gave all again in this cup run. Good luck to Arbroath. Fair play to Bobby Linn, came over to have a bit of banter with the Talbot fans and praised them.
  5. I thought we played ok today. Could have scored more goals with the chances we had. But thought Arbroth looked nothing more than a good junior team.
  6. I disagree, I think this will be Talbots biggest test at home in the cup. Another big big performance required.
  7. The players and club deserve all the praise they get. From players visiting fans and giving away medals and strips.
  8. The team also brought the cup in to my mother's house to let her see the cup. My dad was the Talbot Physio/trainer during the 70's and early 80's and a life long supporter going to games home and away. They also paid her a visit after last year's final. What a great gesture by this incredible group of players.
  9. I don't care if the players get handed their medals in poo poke as long as it's winners medals.
  10. Bluffs 0-1 Talbot. Ross Harvey the scorer.
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