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  1. Tonight's scores

    Bluffs 0-1 Talbot. Ross Harvey the scorer.
  2. Todays scores 4/5

    Talbot 2-1 Rob Roy.
  3. Bankies v Talbot tonight

    Full time. 2.3.
  4. Bankies v Talbot tonight

    Shankland and Pope.
  5. Todays scores 23/3

    Talbot 1-0 Craigmark. Jamie Glasgow.
  6. Scottish Cup semi finals. Your thoughts

    Lochee were at home 2nd leg last year and it never helped. They win the away leg.
  7. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    Worse game I've seen in a long time. Not much happened. Ref wasted it with pointless bookings. It ws also a stonewall penalty.
  8. Scottish SFinals

  9. scores on the doors 2/3/19

    4-1 Talbot. Og and S Wilson for the 4th.
  10. Game confirmed at 3pm kick off on sunday 10th.
  11. Its down for a 3pm kick off on the 9th feb. Hibs and scottish rugby on at the same time. Police might hve a say when games go ahead.
  12. Depends what way you want to look at it. Certainly not mocking him. We are singing with him.
  13. TALBOT have a deaf supporter who couldn't quite pronounce his words correctly. When the fans sang "We'll support you evermore" he sang eekapeekapukapo. This song has been getting sung since the 70s early 80s.