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  1. But still a great result for Clydebank. Well done.
  2. Talbot win v Hamilton. They were in the premiership 6 months ago.
  3. Great result today. Best team won over the 90 minutes. Talbot could have had a couple more goals. I had them down to score 3 goals. But still up £230 on my win and correct score bet. Happy days.
  4. Come on Talbot. Let's do this. Tough game ahead. EPPP
  5. Wouldn't think so. Wind to die down overnight.
  6. Car park on the Barony Road 2 min walk to the park.
  7. I'm not. Cumnock could beat Brechin in at the fortress............ then again, maybe not[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Hamilton fans playing mind games on here. Surely they must be confident coming down to Auchinleck.
  9. Long way to go yet. A few twists and turns before the end of the season.
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