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  1. Downs is far right standing in first one and far left in second one. Joe Mbu can just be seen behind whoever is second left in the second one, and Danny Smith is in fact the one I thought might have been Swift in the first one.
  2. Bryan Dingwall's in both of them. Maybe the guy Swift in the first (fifth from left, standing)? Stadium in the first could be the old Tinto Park? Or possibly old Petershill Park?
  3. If the Paterson (Sauchie) was a goalkeeper, it was John, more usually Jock. I have written a couple of books on Shotts Bon Accord and have never encountered the name Kegman as a player.
  4. Any Thistle fan recognise John Hansen on Money for Nothing on BBC1 this afternoon? He was introduced only as John but it was him, wasn't it?
  5. Thanks, Spud. Never thought of looking under port-juniors but will use it in future.
  6. Doesn't look as though it gets updated online. Shame
  7. OK, guys. No responses received to request for goal details*, so let me be more specific. By diligent digging I've managed to get dets of all the goals scored last weekend, apart from Lesmahagow vs Port Glasgow - don't know what's happened to the Greenock Telegraph, they used to have great coverage of their local Junior teams, not now. Lesmahagow vs Port Glasgow. Any help? *Apart from Wee Baz of course
  8. I'd like to keep the scoring records in this division for my programme and for any other users who'd like the info for whatever reason.. I'd much appreciate any details such as scorers, goals from penalties and even missed ones etc, etc., so I'm grateful for this info but what's Wee Baz's surname? Anyone else with relevant info, pls feel free to contribute.
  9. In 2012 Shotts beat Largs (on penalties) to reach the final of the Scottish Junior Cup. With the possible exception of goalkeeper Craig Brown, the team was still pissed two days later when they had to play Shettleston in the third round of the Central Cup. This is how the SBA website remembers the penalty shoot-out after a dire 90 minutes of football. What Craig Brown did was incredible. No chance with the first four Shettleston efforts, he had to save the fifth from old warhorse Andy Thomson as Tony Fleming had missed the Bon Accord's second, and that's what he did to take the lottery into sudden death. His team-mates - Murray Watson, Ryan Sullivan and Brian Jack - then missed their efforts and each time he had to dig them and the rest of the team out of the mire. He saved from McCormack, Mackay and Boyle, then took the ninth himself, scored of course (fairy tales have got to have a happy ending) then saved Keenan's effort to boot, all of which means we're off next week to Rob Roy for the quarter-final. Five consecutive penalty saves, and the winning goal to boot. Match that! It's on YouTube as well. Enjoy!
  10. We were at school together, Peter!
  11. The club website has now been updated to include only those players actually registered at Hampden. Number now stands at 12 which may not be quite enough to get us through the season. I deduce from this some other signings/registrations may be imminent.
  12. No doubt we'll know more about any other signings by the end of the AGM on Tuesday. According to the club website 16 players have been retained in addition to the four new signings announced on Twitter. I'm not sure how many of those 16 will still be there come the start of the league campaign, given a substantial number of them were out with fairly long-term injuries at the end of last season and nor am I sure even whether the assistant manager, the keeper coach and his son should be listed among the retained players either. I'm going to hold fire on my opinions concerning our prospects against our opponents as, at this time last year most of the fans, me included, thought we had a good chance of finishing at the right end of the table but we all know happened after that. A sobering experience. The manager is confident he will have a better team at his disposal this season and he has cleared out quite a lot of players who underperformed - sorry, guys, most of you gave everything but it just wasn't good enough. The league table does not lie. Not last season, it didn't. I certainly wish him and the team much better luck.
  13. I attempted to research this some time ago but was thwarted after being told by the Mitchell Library that the records for the building of Bon Accord Crescent were in the Motherwell Heritage Centre who then maintained, 'No, they were transferred to the Mitchell some time ago.' Impasse, stymie, dead-end, checkmate. I had been looking to find out why Bon Accord had been chosen as the name and it soon became clear that the crescent begat the football club which was founded in 1944 (they never played anything other than as Juniors though) although fundraising took six long years before the club was ready to start playing. An elderly aunt of mine remembered moving to 70 Bon Accord Crescent (as a newbuild) in the early thirties but the buildings closest to Hannah Park were actually constructed in the early part of the century. The earliest mention I found was of a Lithuanian miner seeking British nationality in about 1906. His address was given as 4 Bon Accord Crescent. I have also read various historical accounts of pits in the Shotts area and have never come across anything that would suggest the street is named after a mine. As I head for my seventies, I suspect I'll never find the real answer but I'm beginning to assume there must be an Aberdeen connection - maybe an Aberdonian businessman who relocated to Shotts in the late 19th century and took on a role in local politics? Fanciful perhaps but I have time on my hands these days.
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