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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52813339 BBC sport Scotland at its best. Hearts being relegated to the present 12-12-12-10 league set up.
  2. If people are being advised to keep a distance of 6 foot between them for at least a year, surely football can’t take place. There would be no tackles, players having to wash their hands each time they took a throw in. No more jostling in the penalty box. I would image the scores would be through the roof and would end in a draw. I am sure there are things but can’t think of them at the moment.
  3. Wonder how the the sport pages will continue. Surely they can’t talk about the old firm for weeks on end or can they. Will the sport journalist have to earn a living by reporting on more newsworthy events or will they be made redundant?
  4. If it turns out that the season can’t be completed I would hope that the club would take into consideration its season ticket holders and make some sort of adjustment to next year’s season tickets for the home matches cancelled. I realise that the club will have based its expenditure on the revenue received in advance through season ticket sales and can’t just say we will refund all for the matches that are cancelled. Players contracts, utilities and staff wages will have to be paid and guaranteed income will have been taken into account within the budget. I personally would not be looking for a refund as the club has enough to contend with financially. On a lighter note thankfully the gathering of crowds over 500 won’t happen until next week. The Falkirk fans and those in the temporary stands will ensure we have a few quid in the bank!
  5. Players who are out of contract would have an effect on teams being able to play beyond the season end which in turn would impact upon teams with small squad numbers and give an advantage to those with larger squads. Seasonable solution would be to scrap promotion and relegation for all divisions. The downside of that would be the seethe from those who had built their squad on promotion and it not happening. The SFA should be doing all in their powers to ensure no clubs suffer real financial hardship through fixtures being cancelled, I am sure they have the funds to do so!
  6. Adam Frizell in SPFL team of the week!
  7. For those moaning about our current home strip click on this link to see our strips since the club started. http://historicalkits.co.uk/
  8. He has been hooked. According to the BBC he seems out of sorts. Send him back to us
  9. Could they not move their seats. It’s not as if the stadium is full.
  10. My football experience started with my grandfather taking me to Hampden to watch Queens Park. We travelled by public transport from Dalmuir to the games in the late 60s. I remember if there was a game on New Year’s day my parents and my brother would come along as well to make it a family afternoon out. ( my brother is not a football fans and prefers fishing while my parents watched Aberdeen when they lived there) don’t know why my grandfather supported Queens Park. When I started work and bought a car we started to support Dumbarton and my grandfather and I would go to home and away games all over the country. It was a great time supporting the Sons competing against the big teams. Moving on a few years it took my wife to be to games but she always wanted to leave early so she stopped coming to the games and I could enjoy myself. When children came along I stopped going for about 8 years but continued to keep an interest in how they were doing. When my son was old enough he would come to the games and was a mascot at one of the home games. When he moved to the new stadium he was a ball boy for a few years, his reward for doing this was 50p, a pie and a coke at half time! Once he was in his teens he lost interest in football although he will now come to the occasional game. He wanted to go to Ibrox to see Rangers play so I took him to Walter Smith’s testimonial. At one point during the game a shout went up “stand up if you gate Celtic’, we looked at each other and thought for our safety we should better stand. Never been back to Ibrox and I can see why the ugly sisters are hated. The year we won promotion at Annan my son, my cousin and her son were there. On the way back we had Jim Traynor on the radio going on about whoever had won the Premiership and no mention of the other leagues, so my cousin phoned in and gave him short shift about ignoring the other leagues! Now in my mid 60s I still go to Dumbarton and have enjoyed the good times (being in the Championship and a cup final) and unfortunately the not so good times just now, hopefully things will improve. I have nothing but respect for the supporters outside Rangers and Celtic who are not glory hunters but support their local team through thick. And thin. If only the powers that be redistributed the money to the clubs that need it would be much better for the game as a whole.
  11. Don’t where the reports about Dyer wanting to leave are coming from , but if I was a player reading Pie and Bovril and seeing* all the negative remarks about me it is not surprising that he wants out. I have supported the Sons through good and bad times and although this is a bad time i am sure we will get through this. My opinion of Dyer is that he gives his best and although it may not be good enough for some of out fans he is all we have in that position. I agree that we should have got rid of Aitken when we were relegated and who knows we might be in a better position than we are now, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I hope that we will turn the corner soon but at the moment I see our priority as staying in this division. Constantly putting players down is not the way to get us out of this hole. We have a threadbare squad, ravaged with injuries which I have not witnessed in a long time, players playing out of position doing their best to get us the results we want which unfortunately is not happening. Hopefully Duffy can sort it out but it won’t happen overnight. Isn’t is great to be a Dumbarton supporter
  12. BBC Scotland website has Craig Barr scoring the second goal for us. Duffy is certainly working wonders with our team. On yesterday’s match is was four great goals we scored. One has to wonder what our position would have been had Gallagher started instead of sitting in the bench., never mind that is all behind us now. Onward and upwards (hopefully). A great team performance.
  13. BBC Scotland on the first division report has Craig Barr scoring Dumbarton’s second goal. Not bad for someone who is out injured.
  14. Ray MacKinnon. Only way he’ll get in the Premier league
  15. Is it the banner you’re after or the person holding it?
  16. I assume you are joking. Thought Dowie played well and the others mentioned played reasonably well. I thought we were the better team over the 90 minutes and hopefully this win will give everyone, players, managers and fans a much needed boost. I am sure there will be more scary games this season, but this is what you get when you support Dumbarton.
  17. BBC Scotland news tonight ran a10minutes post saying that the Scottish Premier League starts tomorrow. No mention that the other 3 senior league start tomorrow - shocking
  18. Burke was an embarrassment today with his diving. Also Thomson was shocking in some of his decisions. Thought we played well today with two superb goals. Once our team really gels I hope we can have a great season. Fair play to Boyd for his hat trick but two were down to errors from us. Hope the two Killie players are okay after their head knocks
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