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  1. Personal connections is taking him away nothing else. Why would he want to go to a team thats just as bad as the one your playing for? The difference is, if he leaves for Tayport then thats a step in the wrong direction. A bit of a stale move unless he thinks he will be easily beating the other first team striker candidates at Tayport to that coveted slot. He would be as well staying and seeing out his contract, do his testimonial and then leave with pride. But to leave a club after all these years just because he is connected to the recently departed stand in manager and now new coach at Tayport would be stupid. Leave your personal life off the pitch and use integrity to decide playing matters. On the flip side he did help st andrews get relegated by not performing as well as he needed too throughout the season so fresh legs upfront could do them the world of good. Strikers need to score and keepers need to save balls. Neither did well at either this season. If he does go then only the end of next season will decide if it was a good move. Just a pity that its so obvious why he is leaving. Only another year to see out a contract with integrity in stead of trying to run away to Tayport.
  2. Well there isn't much to report about Saturdays game. A bit of a let down to say the least. And Lochee never even played that great but St Andrews lost the lead to lose again! The turning point in the game was Flyer having a tussle with a Lichee player. The Lochee player kept a hold of him and wouldn't let Flyer get up so he leaned in and heads clashed. Resulting in Flyer getting sent off. And quite rightly so. Its a no brainer. When you play football things can get heated but surely the teams priority to win would conquer any instance like this. And to lash out just because he was getting held down is pretty shambolic. Man up comes to mind. Not acting like a mindless thug and bring the team down with you! Literally! Hopefully some integrity will be shown and this kind of action gets some sort of punishment to deter it from happening again. St Andrews has always been known as a fair team that usually plays a good clean game. Well used to. Im sure Jim would of been mighty pissed off with that second half performance. I feel we should of won that game and we managed to let it slip away. Disappointing result and disappointed in the behaviour that was shown on the park. St Andrews players need to get a grip and stop flying in with overly aggressive tackles. Makes them look like amateurs. Just go watch highlights from the likes of Auchinleck or any of the other big names in Juniors to see how a team should play. Silky, skilful and with a great amount of professionalism. St Andrews are going backwards at the moment and its this attitude that they must prove a point with aggression. Prove a point by skinning them and dancing over tackles not flying in whenever they see the chance or retaliating like a school player. I have always lived watching them and hopefully i will continue, but its getting painful and frustrating. Management need to sort this shit out and get them concentrating on the skill of the game. After speaking to a few fellow supporters i am echoing the sentiments of a fair few. Get well soon Jim. Your missed and our thoughts are with you mate.
  3. And i think it did hit his arm. James went down and the ball looked like it took a bounce then hit him on the arm. His arm was by his side and it looked like he went down to take it on the belly because it was low. His arm never moved from his side so it wasn't deliberate. Not that it matters. The ref was not in clear sight of the actual incident. Hi view obstructed by many players darting about in the box. The linesman was slightly behind James and was on the opposite side of the said arm. No clear vision made the ref make the right decision in my opinion. To give a penalty when you know you definitely never saw it would be unprofessional. And luckily for us the linesman missed it too. Unlucky to Thornies, if only he saw. Things might of been different.
  4. Well played both teams today. Thorniewood played a pretty physical game. I feel the saints had to raise with strength and determination to match them. Which they did and held there own and came out fighting for every challenge. Thornie's keeper played a blinder and was unlucky to lose 2 goals. Pulling off superb save after save. Seeley hit a cracking free-kick that looked like slotting in the top left shelf when up popped the keeper from behind the wall to pull off the save of the game possibly. I thought he was going to take them to penalties. Jamie Mackie made sure that didnt happen. Making a nice run and feeding a nice pass that created the first goal, then bursting through the away defence to collect the ball, hit a shot and go in off a deflection. And he wasn't even on the park long after coming on a sub well into the second half. Super sub support when they need it. Richard in the saints goals had the best game i saw him have this season. I must admit i had my hands raising up to my eyes on a few occasions but he done the job every time. Applause to his performance. Wasn't impressed by Kamils performance on the other hand. He lacked the precision in his play. Losing the ball far too much. Trying to keep it too long and getting mugged by Thornies heavies left, right and centre. Strength and precision missing in action. Sibanda done well to stay on the park. I thought he was going to crack but he kept it together. He was taking a lot of heavy attention from thornie defenders and was right to stand his ground. A wee bit chest pumping that could of easily escalated. But kudos for using the heed. Progress in mentality after coming up from amateur will be his key. He can only improve. Great prospects. Every body else played a good solid performance and should be happy about how they played. The victory was well fought and well deserved.
  5. Big Craig Wedderburn is a machine. Playing good games and even scoring on quite a few occasions. Im sure he is on about 5 goals in all competitions so far! Better than some midfielders lol. He is a asset to the team when his head is in the game. Definitely one of my top players in the team. Good to hear Ryan putting one past the keeper. Need some more of that action from him in the league. He has the potential to be a solid midfielder. Work rate is spot on. Be it sometimes over the top on tackles, just needs to learn to keep the heed! Sometimes its worth not putting your foot into a hopeless challenge and take it on the chin rather than building up a persona of being a wee pitbull. Refs remember well. Dont be a marked man.
  6. Lol he was a character and a half. How did the boys get on today at Forfar? Anybody know?
  7. The St Andrews website did say Falkirk at first though. Hence the question. Should be a good game but sadly i wont make it due to work. Hope the boys do well. All the best!
  8. Someone said we are playing Forfar this weekend but the club website says its Falkirk. Any idea which one it is?
  9. Glenrothes definitely brought the game to St Andrews and made them work for the win. In my opinion the defence was not to blame. I was going to say Craig Wedderburn was man of the match as he thwarted many attacks and made a good few runs up dragging the midfield with him at times. Craig even scored. James in defence done a good job too. Seen him steal the ball more times than i can mention to prevent crosses or decisive passes. Glenrothes turned up with everything to gain. St Andrews looked complacent at first. Then they were made to fight to win. And what a battle it was. Glenrothes showed us that we are sitting where we are in the league for a reason. But on the flip side we proved we have what it takes to come back from behind. Nothing can be taken away from Glenrothes, they performed just as well as the saints but lacked the ability to steal and keep the game. All credit to them though. They put on a great show and gave us a good run for our money. Even funnier was the Glenrothes support. Colourful language would be me trying to be nice. With the woman shouting louder and dirtier slurs than the males. And what was with the Glenrothes nutjob pacing the saints supporters side shouting his repetitive nonsense! I bet he was committee too lol. It was so hysterical and odd to see this that it must of been a ploy to affect the players or the bench or both. You would surely hold your own support at your side. He was the only glens supporter at our side and he was louder than all the saints support. Well until the goals which we gladly rubbed in. Funny times and good result for us. Well played glens but no cigar this time.
  10. Good all round game considering the first half weather. A pity about the the penalty, but to be fair it was a good save. Saints defence played a good game. Stealing a lot of balls off of the toes of players. Big Craig Wedderburn played a strong game and so did James in defence. Flyer controlled his side of the pitch with ease i thought. Ricky and Ryan in midfield played good and shut out a lot of possible attacking opportunities. Seeley played great and Kamil played one of his best for the amount of skinning he done down the wing. Should of been 2-1 but Armadale held strong and played well. Pretty equally matched game with maybe St Andrews inching ahead in my opinion. A draw seemed like a fair score and signs of improvement from the team. A lot of nice passing on the ground and a relatively clean game.
  11. I predict a 3-1 victory for the Saints. Sibanda 2 and Sutherland 1! Hopefully get our first home victory in the league. Any other predictions?
  12. 1.Richard Cargill 2.Kevin McMullan 3.Chris Seeley 5.Craig Wedderburn 6.James Drummond 7.Matthew Morgan 8.Ricky Patrick 9.Sam Buchan 10.Gary Surherland 11.Barry Sibanda 12.Ryan Sloan 15.David Shields 16.James Mackie 17.Michael Duncan 19.Allan Ramsay 20.Ryan McInnes 21.David Hannah 22.Kamil Kadela According to match prog.
  13. Great performance from the Saints. Good to see the team actually stringing nice passes about. Man of the match is Gary Sutherland in my opinion. Scored 7 goals and played well, Sibanda with 6, Mcinnes with 2, Kamil with 1 and Ricky Patrick with 1. Sibanda scored a nice free kick. All goals where pretty nice. It was great to see them taking chances. Hopefully use this high to take to the next game against Armadale next Saturday at home. Well done boys!
  14. Away support is not the greatest. And to be honest i don't travel up with the regulars. Or stand with them. I dont usually visit the clubs for a drink. Have been known too but not that often, only when my bro comes along and drives. Usually a nice pie and a tea at half time. I know theres a few that travel up and watch family members play most games. Closer to home the crowds are a bit larger but not the biggest fan base. Home games can be hit or miss depending on weather. A good few old timer loyalists just like most clubs. Nothing compared to Linlithgow. You have a superb setup and a great bunch of fans of the many. Good to see fans wearing the teams colours and so many of them. Especially in the juniors. Look forward to returning.
  15. Aye they played strong but like you say quality showed through. Linlithgow played a great passing game which lead them to score. Nice close one touch passing in and around the saints box created the opportunities that took the game. Kamil for St Andrews looked quick on his toes and got the one and only goal for his side. He has a super mentality to the game. He took a slap in the face that the ref never saw, he just gave it a rub and chased the player to gain his position back, when most would of fell the floor rolling and peaking out of the top of there hands looking at the ref for his oscar. All in all a well fought game, the difference between Linlithgow and St Andrews is very apparent, at the moment. Nobody had a bad game i would say. Just taught a lesson. A lesson on passing, possession and more passing. The main aspects the saints are lacking, at the moment.
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