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  1. Totally agree mate, as long as they give him their full support and are patient. Ian Paterson who's heart was at a club, brought them youth, vision and new ideas but he was soon added to a long list that includes the likes of Halliday, Wysie and Kirk shafted by Fat Bob and his gang the moment someone with a big ego came on the scene and look where it has gotten them. PS, I am not one of the afore mentioned or their sidekick before fingers are pointed and threatening text are sent to yet another innocent man who gave many years to a once proud club.
  2. Johnny knows his stuff, of that there is no doubt but I think you are being very disrespectful to Lochsmelly.The head coach at the Berts who was sacked as number two by text from bawbag at the big team has put together a young squad who it appears are now starting to gel.Heard yesterday they were also without a few players including their captain and after losing an experienced left back very early in the game played a back three with an average age of nineteen. Dunbar like Blackburn the previous week have also failed to beat them so they might be a team to keep an eye on in the coming months. #teamness #trueblue
  3. Very well thought out and put together post mate. Yes Rose made my day, yes football moves on and yes I have a gripe with Fat Bob and Soapy Soutar.BUT Where were you when I was being chased by a large group of people on their high horses with hungry dogs? PS The Illustrious master of hounds won't be blowing on his hunting horn to signal victory this time. # forfoxsake
  4. Wasn't there mate, why don't you ask Wullies moose Jeemie? or is he wee Eck on here? (even I'm confused now) he seems to be the expert on all things Thornton at the moment. Now back to the feckin fitba eh! Another win for Downfield who welcome the chase.
  5. Names are now being taken for next weeks day out at the Ryder Cup, oops I mean Scottish Cup
  6. That's my point, Martin not been producing but still the first name on the team sheet.
  7. Cele couldn't get a game though Wull, only ever going to be one striking position available mate.
  8. The "Big Team" of the Premier League in Fife. The defence have an average height of something like five foot two. # Hihohiho # Northleague # Theywillgo
  9. Darren Thomson returned to Australia and Garry Leighton back to Kelty are the only two of any significance.
  10. Twenty-three goals conceded in ten games, i'd say the loose players are still there mate.
  11. Thought the referee yesterday had an excellent game in what was a very entertaining goalless draw. The away fans were brilliant and I hope you all had a safe journey home and those attending last nights fundraiser enjoyed themselves. PS Was Murray McDowell asked to play the part of Mathew Kelty?
  12. Enjoyed the banter yesterday Kinky. Agree Big Murph was the man of the match and the best taunt I heard was when he made his second save with less than five minutes on the clock. Someone obviously aware of Kelty's Stars in their Eyes fundraiser said "Today Mathew he's going to be Alan McGregor"
  13. Well done Lee, hope you enjoyed your night out mate. PS I'm sure if someone here knew you were going to be on Victoria Road he'd have popped in and bought you a bottle of beer.
  14. Lee Evans was fecking hilarious but a look at the league table still makes me laugh more.
  15. Don't normally do Saturday evenings due to spending them with the family but we're on our way to see Lee Evans and it's her indoors turn to drive and I just couldn't wait to congratulate Roselea on their win today.
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