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  1. That's me up to 106. A few of us in work are playing it so got one or two from them but mostly my own work (honest)! It has taken me forever to get some that should be simple but I have some seriously bizarre things. Quetzacoatl has to be the strangest.
  2. How many elements has everyone managed to get in Alchemy? I just downloaded it today and I'm finding it fiendishly difficult but very addictive. I only have 38 so far which is pretty poor I think. EDIT: Make that 50. Still finding it immensely hard though!
  3. Cheers gents! Gordon Marshall was the keeper I'd had in mind as the man Meldrum deputised to for a fair chunk of his spell at the club!
  4. I seem to recall Colin Meldrum spent the vast majority of his Kilmarnock career as second choice goalkeeper. It's really annoying me that I can't remember who the first choice would have been for much of this time, can anyone help out?
  5. I don't really wear Adidas trainers full stop as i don't really find trainers in general suit me however there are so many nicer models of Adidas than them at similar prices (i mean of similar styles also). Look at the post just below yours for a nicer pair straight away.
  6. I'm not sure why but i've just spent about 15 minutes scouring google trying to find evidence of this player around the early 90s (would this be the correct timescale?) and cannot find anyone who fits the description at all in any of their squads for seasons around that time.
  7. Weirdly i came onto this thread to ask the exact same question. The answer below makes pretty pleasant reading (it had better be in tomorrow).
  8. That almost certainly means they are classic fit then which will be too big for me i think. Thanks anyway however.
  9. I 'might' be slightly interested in these. Are they custom fit or classic fit? The best way to find out what they'd sell for is to check similar auctions on Ebay. In all honesty i don't think they'd top £20ish each, Ebay isn't what it once was i find.
  10. I did a bit of Plath poetry at school about 7 years ago or something. From memory the general themes in her poems are death/depression etc. If you google her i am sure you will get LOADS of information as she was really quite famous. You could do far worse than printing a couple of her poems off, reading up on her life a bit online and then sitting taking notes on the poems you have printed. That'd be a very decent start. I'm afraid i have no idea who Alasdair Gray is!
  11. I watched what must have been the second half of that film on Friday night too. I was actually wondering what it was that i'd watched so thanks for filling me in. It seemed okay from what i saw but it definitely wasn't brilliant. It was decent enough to keep me awake until the end however.
  12. That's a matter of opinion. I personally think Barbour make some wonderful coats which are both good looking and functional. They are also competitively priced for a higher end product. I've had an International for over a year and love it, thinking about a brown Liddesdale next. I can understand people disliking them i suppose though, they could be said to be a bit 'farmer chic'.
  13. Red Square does quite a good sale as does ASOS. You'll get the odd utter gem really cheap on them if you catch them at the right time. Virtually everyone has a sale on just now but i tend to find genuine bargains at the above two. Red Square especially can be utter gold if you catch something with only a few left or something.
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