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  1. The pitch cut up really badly when the Uni last played at home against that group of Donkeys called Gretna.
  2. The Doctor prescribed some medication for me earlier this week, said I had to look out for side-effects. I'm sure I just read 2 posts from Gretna fans saying Stirling deserved their win. I think it must be the tablets, I'm away for a lie down, will have to read them again tomorrow to convince myself that its true.
  3. Cicero, I think you slightly missed my question, firstly I am neutral when I go to games I tend to roam the grounds rather than follow one team. I was pointing out the disappointed Gretna fans having a go at the ball boy, when their frustration must have really been with their own teams lack of firepower in this game. Also pointed out that a Stirling Uni official didn't comment either way, was he happy with the ball boy? I would have thought at 0-0 both teams would want the ball back in play as quick as possible.
  4. I'm going along to this game on Saturday, expecting to see a good game, especially looking at recent results. I was at the game last season which finished goalless,not entirely down to the players missing chances. End of the game and I saw a small bunch of 'greetin' Gretna fans airing their views towards the..........ball boy! apparently he was being either slow to the ball if it was a Gretna throw or maybe even left the Gretna player to retrieve the ball himself. As I listened to the complaints a Stirling official went past without a word either to defend the boy or otherwise, which makes me wonder whether there was some bad sportmanship going on or not. It wasn't something I noticed at the time, I believe the fans were especially complaining about the final 15 minutes. Not having been at games this season I wonder if the boy is still helping out? What do other supporters remember about it? Do you think the University should have the ball boy there at all?
  5. Thats true, doesn't blame the Ref's, most are on his side anyway!!!!!!!! No his favourite moan is the opposition pitch, esp Alloa. Of course Ibrox has the best playing surface in Scotland, so he was stuck for an excuse when failing to beat Alloa there.
  6. Still hasn't walked away. Given notice now so that if they do fail to get promoted he will still leave without being sacked. He has two Championships 'BIG WOW' given the advantages they had should have walked both without hardly a point dropped. THREE Challenge Cups have by-passed them that should have been another three trophies bagged, so really fail marks there. He also took a 'massive' wage cut, but even at that still grossly overpaid considering the level they were competing at. If the 'old pals' act of signing such as Boyd, Millar etc on excessive wages hadn't been given the go ahead could have saved the club losing thousands of pounds every week. Save yourself face Ally, walk away, don't wait for the big pay-off.
  7. Typical Rangers v Raith live game, could have seen more appeal had it been at Raith, but another easy home tie, yes I know Kilmarnock were the so-called opposition from higher division in last round and also ICT before them but you just know at Ibrox these teams just don't play as they might and just roll over. Not many will expect Raith to compete either. All you hear from Rangers is all Scottish football is against them yet money is thrown their way ie TV coverage, at every opportunity yet the actual tie itself doesn't warrant coverage. Spartans v Berwick with a place in the last 8 is real story of cup football, but the way Scottish football is covered lack of interest will be reason for non selection of the live TV game.
  8. Scruffy

    HL vs LL

    I questioned officials of a LL team about the possibility of promotion into the SPFL, the response I got was Yes they are poorly supported and that would be unlikely to change, but apparently the lump sums paid to the club through the season by the SPFL would leave them with a profit at the end of the year. Anyone know more details, on how this works.
  9. Garry O'Connor first to get paid? From all the write up's he has had in the paper's they suggest he is playing for FREE, Led to believe its his way of regaining fitness.
  10. Personally I would like to see a team like Motherwell finish in the relegation spot, because the SFA/SFL would probably, yet again! reconstruct the league therefore preventing their relegation, if Hamilton or Partick are going down the powers that be won't care less about them anyway.
  11. If O'Connor is such a great signing for a LL team, why is he not being hunted by a team that will be at least challenging for the title. Preston should bring in O'Connor's partner from the Hibs days, Derek Riordan, the two would work well teaching all the younger exactly what not to do. Can't see how either of them could be a role model for any young player. Really no roles for players that have totally wasted their own opportunity, they missed out by not making the most of the chance given to them, let's give young players a chance rather than waste time on has-beens.
  12. I like the look of the website. But the important bit is keeping it updated, which was very poor last season. Let's hope you make a good job of it, then it will keep the supporters happy. Best of luck with it.
  13. Great coverage, enjoy seeing 'that' goal v Spartans, keep it on..
  14. It was useful in finding that James Drummond played, a young boy who follows Stirling Uni has his own 'supporters club website' and included a mention about James and the St Andrews result. He likes to include news on ex-players of the Uni. So I passed the info on to him.
  15. Thank You for the line-up information. Thats proved useful for me. Cheers
  16. Can anyone give me the St Andrews line-up, I see scorers have already been posted but interested in seeing the full line-up.
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